4 types of mining activities to supply a lifetime people needs hobigame

4 types of mining activities to supply a lifetime people needs hobigame
4 types of mining activities to supply a lifetime people needs hobigame

4 types of mining activities to supply a lifetime people needs hobigame Mining is turning to become a world class productive activity as mining is turning out to become one of the most lucrative occupation in the world.

The types of mining are considered by the position of the minerals, mineral execution and location a with full understanding of the estimates volume of the minerals.

Types Of Mining Activities

There are several types of mining activities if you must know but we will only list the main 4 types of mining activites.

Surface Mining

Surface mining is a way at which soil and rock are been removed from the mineral before extraction takes place, this process is very cost effective as it is mostly used for bauxite, iron, coal and other minerals.

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Surface mining makes use of some heavy machinery which makes the no use of tunnel or shaft needed during this process, this kind of mining is used for minerals that are located on the surface of the earth.

Types of Surface Mining

  1. Open-pit mining
  2. Strip mining
  3. Mountain top removal mining

Underground Mining

Underground mining can also be referred to as subsurface  mining, this type of mining process goes down below the surface of the earth . Some experts said that underground mining is as deep as three hundred meters and the deeper as three kilometers.

Silver , gold and lead extraction are majorly used for this kind of mining .

Types of Surface Mining

  1. Block caving mining
  2. Longwall mining
  3. Room and pillar mining

Placer Mining

Placer mining is basically the systematic way of separating diamond, precious stones and silver from sediment using the sifting method.

This type of mining is done in sand, riverbeds environment, this process has little or no environmental effect and less effort is needed compare to other types of mining.

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In-Situ Mining

This is the 4th types of mining and this is totally different from the 3 that had ben mention before because this process minerals effortlessly without any form of iron ore or rocks. The mixing of iron ore and rock does not come to place during this process at all.

In-situ type of mining is mostly used for the extraction of  Uranium and does not affect the environment or surface area.

Wastage is very low likewise there is absence of noise during the process of In-situ.

Supply A Lifetime People Needs

Minerals are no doubt need in people needs which in some cases lifetime minerals have helped a lot, minerals like zinc, iron, copper, & aluminum have a way of satisfying the needs of people for a lifetime or beyond.

Iron is used for construction, automobiles, tools, and appliance

Aluminum is mostly used for window frames, beer kegs and aeroplane parts

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Copper is used for roofing and plumbing and its a good conductor of heat and electricity

Lead is used for weights for lifting, weight belts for diving, lead crystal glass, radiation protection

Zinc is used on metal object in order to prevent it from rusting.


Apart from the 4 types of mining activities to supply a lifetime people needs hobigame that we have listed, mining has several types based on the location and the minerals which they all meet the lifetime people needs.

Mining is actually an interesting occupation and a lucrative business that the world is embracing

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