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5 Pirate Tactics To Hide Their Tracks

Are you looking for 5 Pirate Tactics To Hide Their Tracks then this article is for you with all the necessary information.

Pirates are a fascinating group. They had a reputation for being merciless pirates who stole from the wealthy and gave it to themselves, as well as for having colorful personalities. But how did they evade detection? What strategies did they employ to avoid being apprehended by law enforcement?

In this article, we’ll look at some of these issues as we examine how pirates conceal their booty and evade authorities.

Pirates Didn’t Use Their Own Names

The method used by Caribbean pirates to maintain their anonymity was very different. They used titles or nicknames that were clearly associated with someone else rather than their own names. Using a mother’s maiden name as a alias was the most typical method for accomplishing this. This can be attributed to the ways in which people used to change their names when they got married; for instance, it’s likely that if you married your cousin, your last name would also change.

The use of pseudonyms, or fake identities made for particular purposes, by pirates is another strategy.

For instance, “Captain Jack Sparrow” might have been born John Henry Sparrow and began his career as a regular seaman on an old ship before later becoming the captain of his own ship when he became well-known enough to amass both personal wealth and millions of dollars.

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They sometimes went by their mother’s maiden name, a nickname or a title.

Pirates occasionally used a nickname or their mother’s maiden name. This was due to the fact that they frequently attempted to cover their tracks, but it also had a positive side effect: if you knew your enemy’s real name and residence, you could approach him without fear of being overheard and ask questions.

The pirate would go by the names “Black Jack” or “Blackbeard” instead of using his real name if he didn’t want people to know who he was. Pirates occasionally adopted titles like “Captain” (or even worse), which made it even harder for pursuers to figure out what transpired during any given adventure led by this specific pirate crew member. This was in addition to changing his appearance so that no one would recognize him as the same person from before.

The Jolly Roger flags pirates flew weren’t always the same

There were various Jolly Roger flags flown by pirates. They were employed by pirates for a variety of reasons, including:

so as to identify their ship
to announce their intentions and what they planned to do to other ships
to terrify and intimidate other ships

The most common flag was the skeleton drinking wine, standing on two skulls over crossbones.

This was a token of respect and camaraderie between pirates who had previously engaged in combat or entered into agreements. It wasn’t always the case that a pirate flying such a flag would be dependable or friendly; some of them were just as dangerous as the namesakes of their ships.

Other Flags Included Crossed Swords

There are more pirate flags besides the Jolly Roger. Other symbols employed by pirates included a heart pierced by an arrow and two crossed swords. They also used versions of the English flag, which was topped by a skull and crossbones.

In order to keep track of who was who when they were captured by merchant ships or naval vessels in battle zones (who wouldn’t want to know? ), pirates occasionally used their own names or aliases, such as Blackbeard or Captain Kidd.

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Pirates Didn’t Always Bury Treasure

Pirates frequently hid riches in covert compartments during the 18th and 19th centuries. They did this to protect their loot from any enemies who may assault them when they were on land. The easiest method to accomplish this was to bury the treasure in a location that was challenging for others to find; occasionally this required burying it well below earth or inside a rock formation.

Pirates would also split up their booty among themselves and depart from various ports so that there would be no suspicion that one bunch of scoundrels had stolen from another group of scoundrels if one ship’s crew discovered another ship carrying stolen goods.

They sometimes stashed it in secret compartments

Treasure is typically hidden by pirates in hidden spaces on ships or buried beneath trash at the bottom of the ocean in chests. Archaeologists refer to these as “tumbleroos” and use them to keep valuables like gold coins or jewelry that are too big to fit in regular storage compartments. Tumbleroos were also used by pirates to quickly transport large amounts of loot, which could be risky if other ships were nearby or on the lookout for them.

Pirates are frequently shown burying treasure in safe locations, such as islands, where no one else will find them. No one has ever discovered any buried chests containing gold coins on islands off the coast, despite the fact that this may sound like good advice.

The same is true of pirate maps that pinpoint the precise location of your hidden treasure.

But once more, no one has discovered any such maps.

Pirates Would Sometimes Divide The Spoils

In order to escape capture, the pirates occasionally divided their loot among the crew before scattering them to various ports. After that, pirates would attempt it once more, this time with a bit more success.

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Criminals who want to be caught but can’t afford to buy off every police officer they come across while committing crimes like robbery or burglary frequently employ this tactic. It also makes sense when you consider that most people have trouble remembering faces or names, and even if they do, it’s simple enough for criminals to alter their identifying features so that they don’t stand out when compared to those of other people who don’t have them (for instance: if your nose was broken in several places before surgery so that it looks crooked now).

This Teaches You How To Be A Pirate

This is an excellent way to pick up pirate skills. Along with avoiding detection and having an adventure with your friends, it’s important to learn how to distribute the loot after a battle. You can either bury the treasure or exchange it for something else, as you see fit.


The pirates were a band of individuals who sailed the seas in search of valuables to steal, concealing their crimes from the law. We have learned some facts about pirates in this lesson as well as some of the strategies they employed to cover their tracks. We must all understand what motivates these criminals in order to better understand them and determine whether or not they would be successful in our own lives.

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