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Since the dawn of time, Android has had a call recording feature. The caller is now informed that the call has been recorded thanks to a recent update, nevertheless. But in some cases, recording calls isn’t done for this reason. For instance, given that she is recording the conversation to support her argument, may the other party suddenly appear to be lying? For this reason, you can use Android to secretly record calls without the other side knowing.

On Android, the call recording function has always been accessible. The other party on the call, however, is now aware that the call is being recorded as a result of recent modifications. In some circumstances, it does, however, defeat the purpose of recording calls. For instance, what if the other person now just lies because you’re filming for evidence? So, here’s how you secretly record phone calls on an Android device.

Record Calls on Android Without Anyone Knowing

Not only does recording calls without the other party’s consent violate their privacy, but depending on the nation in which you reside, it may also be against the law. You are not allowed to go any further if it is illegal in your nation and verbal proof is required by law.

1. Use OEM Dailer App

Many OEMs, like OnePlus, Oppo, and others, use the same feature as the default dialer app although though adoption is only available within Google Phone and the Google Phone app. However, other OEMs, including Samsung, prefer their own dialer software. However, if your phone has a built-in dialer, it won’t alert the other party while you’re on the phone.

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Simply hit the long button on the dialer application and select the App Info option if you’re unsure whether your dialer program is from OEM or Google.

On the app’s page, specifics To choose the App Details option, scroll down. Users will be redirected to the dialer app on the Play Store, where you can look for the developer of the software under their name.

Your App Information option is probably an OEM dial-in application if it looks to be disabled or greyed out.

2. Use a Third-Party Dailer App

Installing an external dialer from the Play Store is the most efficient approach to disable call recording notifications if your phone is using the Google Phone app. Although there are several third-party dialer apps available, I would suggest the True Phone Dialer and the Drupe Dialer apps. The former is a conventional dialer software with call recording features, whereas Drupe is feature-rich and includes options like call reminders or taking notes during calls. It also interfaces with other apps, including WhatsApp, Duo, Telegram, and email, among others.

After downloading the program, you must set it up so that it acts as your phone’s default dialer. Go through the setup process or select Apps and settings from the Settings menu. Make it the default phone app by selecting Phone app > Default apps.

The True Phone Dailer app does not by default provide the capability to record calls. Start the application, and then click the three dots in the bottom right corner to enable this feature. select Settings from the menu.

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Select “Record Call” from the drop-down box under Incoming/Outgoing Calls on the True Phone Settings screen. recording choice

Make sure the switch next to the Enable Call Recording choice is turned on. You will now be able to see the Record tile pop up on your dialer’s screen anytime you are on the phone.

3. Use Truecaller

Before you call, use Truecaller to find out who is making calls. However, they do provide a complete dialer that supports call recording. Simply download Truecaller from the Play Store, install it, and then make it your default phone app.

Call recording is enabled by default; however, in order for it to work, you must provide specific permissions. Start Truecaller and select the hamburger menu in the top right corner to allow authorization. From the menu, select the Call Recordings option.

You can turn on call recording by tapping the “Set up Now” button on the next screen.

Then allow storage and access permissions so that you can record phone calls, save the recordings to your device, and play them back later.

The Truecaller call recording function has been successfully enabled.

4. Use a Third-Party Call Recording App

Try a recording app from a third party in place of the built-in app if you prefer using Google’s phone app and only want the alerts to be disabled. An great option is Appliqato’s Automatic Call Recorder. Open the Automatic Call Recorder software that you downloaded from the Play Store. After that, finish the configuration by granting the necessary permissions.

By default, all calls are recorded without any input from you. To record calls exclusively from specific contacts rather than all contacts, you can modify the app’s settings. Select Settings from the More menu after clicking it.

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Turn off recording contacts by selecting the recording mode on the Settings screen.

Now, you may choose the contacts you want to record using Contacts and do so secretly. It also includes Contacts to Ignore, which serves as a white list. Every call is automatically recorded; there is no way to pause or resume recording while on the phone.

5. Use the Google Phone app With TTSLexx Installed

The TTSLexx program is another way to record calls when using Google Phone. The text-to-speech service provided by Google broadcasts alert messages. You may switch off Google’s text-to-speech function on Android in favor of third-party programs. By using the TTSLex application, the text-to-speech function is essentially turned off.

Download the TTSLexx program from the Play Store. View the Text-to-Speech output settings in System Settings > Language & input.

Select TTSLexx after tapping on the selected engine selection.

Record calls with no one knowing

Calls should be able to be recorded right now without the caller or the recipient even knowing. In addition to Google Phone, I prefer to use a third-party call recording application. In this manner, I may use the auto-call recorder without having to consider how the calls are recorded.

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