60 days english speaking course pdf

Are you looking for 60 days english speaking course pdf then this article is for you with all the necessary pdf download.

Most people find it difficult to speak English, and they believe that in order to learn the language, they must attend special classes. However, in my opinion, this is not the case; if we want, we can learn the language on our own, with the right tools. There is a “60 days English Speaking Course PDF” that may teach you the language correctly and quickly. English Speaking Book PDF will prove to be very beneficial for students of all levels. Through the use of this book, you can learn to speak, write, and read English in less time.

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60 days English Speaking Course PDF

We have made a PDF version of this book for your convenience, so you can read it without having to take another English Spoken Course. We are all aware of how crucial it is to study English now and at any time. The 60 Days English Speaking Course pdf is providing you all with a fantastic opportunity to learn English, so why not take advantage of it? If you’re applying for a job someplace, English is required in both private and government agencies.

Spoken English Course Book PDF Free Download

Greetings \sManners
What a time sentence is and what types there are
Items in a Sentence
Numerical Structure and Pronunciation (Numbers and their pronunciation)
Persons 1 through 3 Use of This, That, These, and Those in Singular-Plural
a week’s worth of days
Vowel pronunciation
a year’s worth of months
Different Pronunciations
Exercise for Vocabulary and Pronunciation (Vocabulary and Pronunciation Exercise)
Parts of Speech for the WH Family
Apostrophe usage (Use of Apostrophe)
Pronoun \sAdjective \sVerb \sAdverb

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English speaking book pdf free download in Hindi

Preposition \sInterjection \sArticles
Continuity of Comparison
Punctuation Marks \sDeterminers
Basic Sentences
There Sense Tense Position
It \sModals
Critical Sentences
Causative Verbs, please
Voice, Active and Passive
Individual Cases
Tag questions
verb phrasal
Using Prepositions
Contradictory Words
Simply put, substitution
Complex and Unique Sentences (Special and Complex Sentences)
Long-term Translation Exercise Goal Exercise Mixed Rehearsals Exercise Mixed Exam Papers
Language Practice
Hindi to English and English to Hindi translation
Conversation in writing
Several Passages
Proverbs and Idioms
English Certification- Written/Telephonic/Recording Assessment (English Certification- Written/Telephonic/Recording Assessment)
Dictionary of Written Interviews in English and Hindi


Details Regarding the English Speaking Course Book:-

Name of the BookSpoken English eBook
Number of Pages400
PublishedEnglishWala, Spoken English Guru
Language (Medium)hindi and english

English Speaking Course in Hindi:

English Speaking eBook PDF

English Speaking Course in English:

English Speaking Book Download PDF Now

Details Rapidex English Speaking Course Book: –

Name of the BookRapidex English Speaking Course
Publishedbook palace
No. of Pages771

Rapidex English Speaking Course PDF

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