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Amazingfood4all: Everything You Must Know

The sector’s future depends on #Amazingfood4all. That’s how easy it is. We keep getting healthier thanks to delicious food. It helps us reach our full potential.

We are bringing everyone together – farmers, Indigenous Peoples, young people, and citizens from all around the world – to pave the way for a world where Amazing meals for all are a reality.

We desire a world in which farmers in each of us grow food in a way that safeguards the environment, in which Amazing foods are less expensive and convenient, in which governments and organizations collaborate to provide them.

Everybody will want to unite and make bold actions to bring about the changes that the world so sorely needs.

What is our famous main component?

Eggs and beans are two often used items, but each one is very potent.

That’s because each of them is an illustration of an Amazing dinner. They fuel our futures because they are useful, nourishing, and have limitless potential when it comes to humans as a whole.

Our magnificent new films tell that tale. What are your favorite ingredients? Beans and eggs are only two of the sector’s notable individual ingredients. Inform us on social media and use the hashtag #Amazing Food4All.

Conference Watch & Do Parties

Host a #Amazingfood4all – Watch & Do Party to support your grid during the UN Food Systems Summit on September 23, 2021.

How? Create an online assembly using your preferred platform, and move the summit consultations in the morning, such as the People’s Plenary. Through the chat feature on the Summit digital platform, you may also express your thoughts and views.

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camera averse? No issue! Instead, build up a dedicated chat to keep feedback and responses in sync with your networks. Keep checking back for function updates here to gain invitations!

Become a Food Systems Hero

We want people like you to become Food Systems Heroes and decide to study, share, gather, and work towards changing food systems.

We will send your plan to involve your network in the global movement for safe, sustainable, and equitable meal structures before the Summit.

Check out the countless Food Systems Heroes from more than 185 countries that are here supporting their local communities and history.

The Best Photographer Competition

The UN Food Systems Summit, which was established in 2021 by Were The Leaves Fall, the Chefs’ Manifesto, the UN World Food Systems, and OmVed Lawns, is being supported by the #Amazingfood4all Photography Competition.

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The Photo Competition presents stories about Amazing Meals for Everyone Who Passes Past the Plate. These stories highlight various elements of our meal structures, such as love, inventiveness, and resilience.

Photographers from around the world provided images that spoke to the Summit’s 5 Action Tracks and captured personal moments of our groups’ interactions, creating windows into our meal structures.

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