ASUU Strike Is Sweet 2023/2024

Are you looking for ASUU strike is sweet 2023/2024 then this article is for you with all the necessary information that you need about ASUU strike.

In February 2022, the academic staff union of universities started a strike that had a significant impact on the admissions process for public universities. And it’s possible that you’ve come to learn about “asuu strike is sweet 2023/2024” Right? Yes? Read the article to learn some important details about it.

ASUU Strike Is Sweet 2023/2024
ASUU Strike Is Sweet 2023/2024

ASUU stands for Academic Staff Union of Universities, and it is a body in charge of attending to the many educational needs of Nigerian tertiary institutions, excluding private universities.

ASUU has been on strike for several months and is still on strike at the time of writing this article. Nigeria‘s federal government has yet to respond to the cries of Nigerians whose children/wards are enrolled in federal and state tertiary institutions.

While this is appalling to say the least, it is also annoying because it has left many students confused about their academic future and wondering if their decision to pursue education in the first place was a huge mistake.

Several students have abandoned education in order to learn skills only, while others have turned to crime.

Asuu strike is sweet 2023/2024

The ASUU strike wasn’t pleasant; it caused the government and students a lot of issues.

The government was extremely frustrated by the students’ strike, and the students were uncertain about their admissions.

Let’s learn more information about the strike now:

For many students, the ASUU strike is an opportunity to relax in the midst of a hectic schedule, and the announcement of the ASUU strike is usually joyful for several students until it becomes prolonged and irritating, as it is right now.

There is nothing sweet about the ASUU strike, but if the truth be told, we need to join our voices to the Union’s yearnings, which are primarily three in an agreement signed in 2009.

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The government has been adamant about answering their question, and it is not appropriate for anyone to get involved.

If you ask any of the students who are currently at home about the prolonged ASUU strike, they will not say it is sweet any longer because if it was rest they desired, they must have had the most pleasant rest and, whether we like it or not, this shit has to be called off immediately so that students can run back to their classrooms and complete or continue their programs.

On the 15th of October, 2020, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), ESUT Branch held its Emergency Congress Meeting at the Faculty of Engineering, Enugu. The Congress, which had over 164 members in attendance, deliberated on the Registrar’s recent circular, which directed all staff and students to return to campus for the resumption of Academic activities, including revision classes and the CBT Examination.
Congress noted that these directives are deliberate attempts by University Management to shorten our branch’s ongoing national ASUU strike. The Congress also stated that any attempt to sabotage the current ASUU National struggle will result in severe consequences for the branch, as has been the case in the past.
As a result, Congress passed the following resolution:

  1. that line with the directives of ASUU National, no member of ASUU-ESUT shall participate in any form of teaching or revision classes, be it physical or virtual until the ASUU National strike is suspended; 2. that no member of ASUU-ESUT participate in any form of examination, including submission of questions to HODs, Deans or Directors pending the suspension of ASUU National strike; 3. that no member of ASUU-ESUT shall participate in any academic activities until the current National Strike is over; and 4. that the Chairperson of ASUU-ESUT, on behalf of the congress, should covey the Resolution of the congress to the Vice-Chancellor.

Skilling up because of the ASUU strike 

Admission to universities is a hope that hangs in the balance. And for this reason, a lot of UTME candidates are concentrating more on finding temporary employment and honing their skills. The students are working to hone their skills that they already have.

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Candidates who are upgrading their skills include

Faith is a student who is enrolled in a hairstyling program.

Opeyemi = assists a business with sales.

And many others are working or upgrading their skills to keep themselves engaged and make the most of their time, just like these students.

Why did ASUU suspend its strike?

ASUU’s demand completely infuriated the Nigerian government, who then took the Union to the National Industrial Court.

In its decision from September, the Court commanded the Union lecturers to continue their duties in the classrooms. But it wasn’t successful. The Industrial Court’s order was granted by the Court of Appeal with a conditional leave for the Union.

However, it mandated that ASUU start classes as soon as possible in October. Following this directive, ASUU put a stop to its eight-month strike.

Threats from ASUU regarding “no-work, no-pay” – the situation isn’t yet normal

The government has been coerced by ASUU to skip the backlog of classes that were postponed owing to the strike. Many ASUU members contend that because they are catching up on backlogs of work, the no-work, no pay policy should not apply to them.

The chairman of ASUU called parents and students to inform them of what would happen following the suspension.

“Since the Court suspended their strike, they are working hard and eliminating the backlog of workers,” he said. There is not a lecturer in the world who accepts the federal government’s “no work, no pay” policy, and they are all outraged by it.

They were carrying out all of their duties as lecturers during their strike, with the exception of teaching. And they are currently correctly completing the leftover work.

Also, he urged parents and students not to see this struggle as being solely about ASUU. In addition, he added that they would stop working throughout the strike period if the government did not pay them, which would result in the complete cancellation of the work from the remaining sessions.

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The government will start working again in the 2022–2023 session if this ruling is upheld.

What are the alternatives for students?

Because of the government’s “no work, no pay” policy, the situation is still up in the air, making admission to universities a mystery.

However, there are other options available to students. They can enroll in a private university or move abroad to pursue their education. But most students cannot afford this.

In private universities in Nigeria, the cost of a single session of an undergraduate course ranges from N800,000 to N2.4 million.

The cost of attending a foreign university also varies by the nation that a student prefers to study in. But for the majority of students, this is also not a great alternative.

There are alternatives, to put it succinctly, but most students are unable to use them. They only need to pray for things to return to normal so they can apply for admission to public universities.


This is all about the beautiful 2023–2024 asuu strike. If the government continues to enforce the “no work, no pay” policy, the union has stated that they will start working again in session 2023–2024.

And because of the same, admissions remain questionable. We can only hope that everything return to normal as soon as possible.

WE hope the above information on Asuu strike is sweet 2023/2024 has helped you and if you want to know more drop a comment below and our education team will reply you fast

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