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The 2-in-1 Nail Care Polish from ALVERDE dries very rapidly and has a delightful fruity aroma. As a base coat, it stops fingernail yellowing and effectively fortifies brittle, thin nails. It offers your manicure a sparkling shine when used as a top coat. Your fingernails will also benefit from organic chamomile extract and organic orange oil.

base and top coat, a delightful fruity aroma, quick drying, natural cosmetics that have been dermatologist-approved, and skin compatibility

Application: Paint your nails with a thin layer of the nail care polish and give them a moment to dry.

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Shellac, Aqua, Glycerin, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Parfum, Limonene, Linalool* * from natural essential oils; ** from certified organic agriculture

Whether you wear nail polish, skip it, or prefer bare nails, having strong, healthy nails has a special kind of power. One of those less obvious confidence boosters, like wearing a fancy pair of underwear just because or spending money on amazing socks to wear under your boots, is having healthy nails (and even the results of good nail cuticle care).

Whether you use nail care as a self-care ritual, a treat, or just regular maintenance, it’s an investment that will pay off. And here’s the good news: Time, not money, is what you need to invest in healthy nails.

Simple lifestyle choices, rather than expensive nail care products, are the greatest way to achieve stronger, longer nails. The use of your nails as a built-in pocket knife is one bad habit that must be broken in order to have healthy nails. We asked the professionals about the common dos and don’ts of nail care to get practical, useful nail tips. You’ll soon grow longer, stronger nails if you follow these instructions.

Moisturize your nails

Although moisturizing is a known secret to healthy skin, it’s frequently disregarded when it comes to nail care. Even though there are many causes of dry, brittle nails, they are ultimately a cry for moisture, so think of proper moisture as the cornerstone of your nail care regimen. Pay special attention to your nails when applying hand lotion. Although there are many moisturizing nail products available, applying moisturizer is really only half the battle; strong nails require more than just a pricey cream or serum.

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Leave your cuticles alone

Cuticles are frequently trimmed, pushed back, or attempted to be removed entirely, yet they are not harmful. In actuality, according to board-certified dermatologist and nail specialist Dana Stern, MD, the cuticle is “the nail’s natural protective seal.” Even if a nail technician is doing the work, messing with your cuticles can cause more harm than good. According to Dr. Stern, a damaged cuticle can leave the nails exposed and susceptible to infection.

Cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green, MD, concurs that neglected cuticles may have a cascading effect. According to Dr. Green, when your cuticles get dry or damaged, it may damage the nail bed and influence how your nails develop. To protect and strengthen your nails, she advises hydrating the cuticles with cream or cuticle oil.

Avoid contact with water

While you shouldn’t stop washing your hands or taking showers while wearing gloves, you should consider ways to cut down on the amount of time your nails are in water because too much water contact can weaken the structure of your nails. (Wet hair is particularly prone to damage; when handling wet hair, treat it with the same caution you would treat wet nails.) Consider using gloves when doing wet work, like washing dishes.

Do you recall how flexible and soft your nails become after a long bath? Think about this “A sponge is like the nail. Since it absorbs water 1,000 times better than, say, skin, water can easily diffuse into the nail “says Dr. Stern. According to her, prolonged exposure to water can put a great deal of stress on the delicate nail cells (known as onychocytes), which can cause brittleness, peeling, and breakage.

This is another reason why soaking nails prior to a manicure is not a good idea. Dr. Green claims that this not only increases the risk of infection in your nails but also reduces the adhesion and durability of nail polish.

Be gentle

Susan C. Taylor, MD, a board-certified dermatologist with expertise in treating skin of color, believes that the best nail care is delicate care. Dr. Taylor first advises against prying invasively under your nails. She explains that some individuals use the pointed end of a nail file to dig away the dirt from under their nails. You shouldn’t do that since doing so could cause the nail plate to split from the nail bed, which would lead to a bacterial fungus infection.

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You should repress the impulse to use your nails as substitute tools, despite how easy it may be, for identical reasons. (There are plenty other inventive ways to open a Coke can.) Additionally, it’s crucial to remove the nails properly after getting an acrylic or gel manicure, which you should only do occasionally. Dr. Taylor advises against peeling off acrylic or gel nails because you are actually weakening your nails by removing layers of the nail and nail plate.

Treat your nails like you treat your hair

The new golden rule is this. Given that keratin proteins make up both hair and nails, it stands to reason that many of the same treatment guidelines would be applicable. According to Dr. Stern, over-processing can cause dehydration and damage to both hair and nails. What dyes, chemicals, and heat application do to hair, acrylics, gels, and frequent polish removal do to nails. Hydration can help with dry, brittle nails just like it can with hair problems like frizz and split ends. Although there are no strict guidelines for how to wash, care for, and use your nails, acting as though there are can help keep them in the same good shape as your hair. There is no nail care equivalent to second-day hair.

The importance of hydration cannot be overstated. According to Dr. Green, “I would condition your cuticles as well to promote healthy, growing nails, just as you would condition your hair with a leave-in or rich conditioner.”

Watch the weather

It can be difficult for skin, hair, and nails to survive the winter. Dr. Stern claims that extreme temperature swings from being outdoors to indoors can also harm nails in addition to making them extra brittle in cool, dry weather. Nail cells may repeatedly contract and expand when exposed to cold air after being in a heated environment, which can weaken the bonds between the cells and cause breakage, according to the expert. To protect your hands’ skin and nails this winter, it’s a good idea to wear gloves at all times. You should also moisturize frequently.

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Rethink your products

Nail files: Choose a glass or crystal nail file rather than the antiquated emery boards, which, according to Dr. Stern, “produce microscopic tears in the nail that contribute to splits and peeling.”

In the ideal situation, you would stay away from nail paint remover entirely. However, since the majority of us won’t completely give up on the pleasure of a great manicure, it’s preferable to use nail polish removers that don’t include acetone and instead contain moisturizing oils and chemicals.

Nail brush: Dr. Taylor advises against using instruments like a filer to remove dirt from under your nails; instead, use a soft nail brush to do so. Alternatively, you may use an extra toothbrush you happen to have sitting around.

Nail growth supplements: Feel free to skip these. According to Dr. Stern, the majority of treatments marketed as “nail treatment” or “nail growth” are actually clear nail polishes with marketing ingredients that have no basis in science.

Be patient with nail growth

If you have a history of biting your nails, you understand the satisfaction of having your nails grow past the tips. In terms of nail care, patience and healthy habits pay dividends. But rather than trying to figure out how to grow nails quickly, the main goal should be to learn how to make your nails stronger. If you take proper care of your nails, you can grow them longer and stronger, but it takes time. Keep your nails short until they build strength if you struggle with brittle nails and frequent breakage; once they do, you’ll provide them the support they need to grow longer.

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