College scholarships dealing with sickle cell anemia 2023/2024

Are you looking for college scholarships dealing with sickle cell anemia 2023/2024 then this article is for you with all the necessary information.

Sickle cell disease is a congenital blood illness that impairs the body’s ability to produce enough new red blood cells to keep up with the body’s needs. The term “anemia” is used to describe a lack of red blood cells. The most vulnerable populations to the disease are those with Mediterranean, Saudi Arabian, Latin American, African, and Indian ancestry.

People of all ages are affected by the blood condition, which is linked to decreased life spans and complications like stroke and silent stroke. Scholarships for the condition help folks with Sickle Cell as well as others seeking a degree relevant to blood disorders.

These instances highlight some potential sources of funding for higher education for those with sickle cell disease.

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Kermit B. Nash Academic Scholarship

Each year, one $5,000 scholarship—which is renewable for up to four years of study—is given out. Applicants must be US citizens (permanent residents only), have been diagnosed with sickle cell disease, and be enrolled in four-year college programs.

The Scholarship Committee considers each applicant’s SAT scores, level of community activity, and GPA (3.0 or higher necessary) when choosing the recipients. Another aspect of each candidate’s life that the committee takes into account when judging them is how sickle cell has affected them. Additionally, each applicant must submit an essay (of no more than 1,000 words) that discusses both their own Sickle Cell issues and those that affect society as a whole.

The recipients of this scholarship must attend the National Convention to claim their award (airfare and one night’s hotel accommodations are covered). At the Convention, winners are required to prepare and give a brief presentation.

The International Association of Sickle Cell Nurse and Physicians Assistants, Inc.

The Sickle Cell Association provides $500 scholarships to those with the disease who have enrolled in or been accepted to a post-secondary institution (trade school, college, or university). Each successful application for this help is supported by a current organization member.

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The evaluation of applicants will take into account each applicant’s GPA performance, level of demonstrable financial need, level of involvement in extracurricular activities, and level of community service. On the Association website, applications are accessible.

The Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California Scott Zuniga Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Zuniga Fund accepts applications from sickle cell disease sufferers who reside in Ventura, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, or San Bernardino Counties. Based on their demonstrated need and the amount of cash available, successful applicants get grants of $250 to $500.

The Sickle Cell Disease Association of Illinois

For citizens of Illinois who have been diagnosed with sickle cell disease, the Illinois Chapter of the Association offers scholarship support. Scholarships are awarded depending on the financial need of each applicant and the overall cost of attending college.

Ohio Sickle Cell and Health Association

For the benefit of post-secondary students in Ohio who have been diagnosed with sickle cell disease, a scholarship fund has been established. Scholarships that cover tuition, books, living expenses, and legal/medical plans are available to students attending technical schools, community colleges, and four-year institutions.

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Four $250 prizes are designated for suitable applicants attending college part-time, while eight $500 awards are given to full-time students each year.

Candice’s Sickle Cell Fund, Inc.

This organization has been working to support students with sickle cell disease for more than ten years. Through grassroots initiatives focused on education, the group raises awareness and money, enabling the charity to award three annual scholarships for higher education. Each award is worth $1000 and can be used toward a range of post-secondary courses.

Taylor Delk Sickle Cell Foundation

Lesley Delk Sr. People with sickle cell illness are given academic scholarships. Seniors in high school who plan to enroll in authorized four-year academic programs are eligible to apply. The program honours outstanding academic accomplishment for citizens of the United States. Each scholarship award is worth $1000.

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