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Sidra Bank Mining

we are planting our Seeds to grow our vision in Digital Islamic Banking to create the world largest decentralized Islamic DEFI Sidra Bank.

There is a great value for money in Islam, and one of the five pillars of Islam is the third pillar is zakat. Therefore, many Muslims find it difficult to enter the world of digital trading in several respects:

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Is the acquisition of digital currencies halal or forbidden?

Is it permissible to speculate in it?

What are the prize currencies and what are the forbidden currencies?

How can we be sure of the currencies that we enter into trading with?

If a year is spent on these currencies, how is the zakat calculated?

And many questions about this topic, the Bank Sidra project is an Islamic project that aims to refine trades in this field. We seek to create a currency trading platform based on advanced technology and an alternative to those found in other trading platforms and provide alternatives that are legally permissible instead of prohibited or suspicious such as the lever Financial, margin trading, mortgage, borrowing and other Islamic alternatives.

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Download Sidra Bank Mining App

You can download the Sidra bank mining app by visiting

About Sidra Bank

Sidra Bank

Vertical: Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Origin: Estonia

Region: Europe

Headquartered: Estonia

HQ Address: Estonia

Countries in Operation: Estonia

Countries with Offices: Estonia

Founded: 2022

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