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According to a recent study, a chemical found in nail polish that may be harmful to health would breach the skin’s barrier at the level of the nails.

Our nail polish contains triphenyl phosphate (TPHP), right? This odious name conceals a substance that may interfere with hormone production. According to a study done by environmental scientists at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and released in the journal Environment International. It is possible for TPHP, which is used to soften the varnish’s texture, to enter the body.

Passage through the body via the nails

The authors of this study state that “the concentration in varnishes and the extent of human exposure following its application have never been studied.” Since two of the ten commercial varnishes did not indicate the presence of this molecule on their label, they were interested in the other eight, which contained up to 1.68% of TPHP. The researchers then asked 26 volunteer women to apply these varnishes. The urine of these women, which was examined before and after varnish, was used to measure the passage of this compound through the body. Result: Ten to fourteen hours after varnish application, participants’ urine samples significantly increased in diphenyl phosphate (DPHP) concentration, a TPHP metabolite. Since these women applied the varnish to gloves, the level of DPHP in their urine remained low, the most likely route of exposure to the varnish would be through the nails and not by inhalation.


Our findings suggest that nail polish may be a significant short-term source of TPHP exposure as well as a chronic source for frequent users or professionals. Identify the writers of this work. A petition asking varnish makers to stop using TPHP in their products has been posted online in response to this study. Indeed, this chemical has been linked in a number of scientific studies to the possibility of acting as an endocrine disruptor, altering hormone control, metabolism, reproduction, and fetal development.

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Your Nail Polish Could Be Disrupting Your Hormone System

After the spa party, my 10-year-old daughter handed me her sleeping bag and pillow and I noticed that her nails were painted with several different colors of stickers. She claimed that she wouldn’t want her to get her nails painted because she knew I worked in environmental health.

I grimaced while simultaneously beaming. I had now earned the title of “that mom”—the parent whose child refused to wear nail polish because it might be hazardous. When I read the most recent report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the nonprofit research and advocacy group for which I serve as executive director, I felt very relieved.

The decision my daughter had made to forgo nail polish was supported by an article titled “Nailed: Endocrine Disruptor in Nail Polish Gets in Women’s Bodies.” It described the findings of a scientific study co-authored by Heather Stapleton of Duke University and Johanna Congleton of the Environmental Working Group, which revealed that all 26 of the women who volunteered to paint their nails for the study had ingested a chemical added to nail polish to make it more flexible and chip-resistant. Within a day and a half, the proof was detected in their pee.

These findings may have significant repercussions for people who use nail paint, particularly kids, tweens, and teenagers. Triphenyl phosphate, or TPHP, is the chemical in question, and scientists believe that it disturbs the hormone system. Researchers have connected hormone disruptors like TPHP to obesity, neurodevelopmental issues, and early beginning of puberty. Girls shouldn’t put anything in their bodies that could mess with their hormones because they are still rapidly developing.

What’s worse is that the vulnerable age group is totally into nail art. Nine out of ten girls between the ages of 12 and 14 are thought to use nail products, sometimes daily, according to the nail business.

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These girls were probably exposed to TPHP over a long period of time from various sources. It is frequently integrated into foam furniture as a fire retardant. It and other fire retardant substances travel from furniture into home dust and then into people, particularly children. 2008 EWG biomonitoring experiments revealed that children who play on the floor, such as infants and toddlers, often have three times as much fire retardant chemical in their bodies as their mothers. According to a Duke and EWG study from 2014, children were exposed to TPHP on average roughly three times more than adults were. All 26 of the study’s 26 tested children tested positive for the toxin in 2014.

What are the effects of prolonged exposure to fire retardants like TPHP known to scientists? Too little. However, I am concerned that it is bad for my daughter and everyone else’s.

This investigation also taught us that not all nail polish manufacturers are transparent about their TPHP content.

Eight of the ten polishes that Stapleton’s lab at Duke tested for TPHP contained it. Even though they mentioned additional substances, two of those failed to mention the chemical’s inclusion on the label.

Nearly half of the roughly 1,500 nail paints and treatments in the database, according to EWG’s Skin Deep, identify TPHP among its components. Here is a list of some popular brands that use TPHP.

However, unless cosmetic businesses confirm their components, our list won’t be complete. The Duke-EWG study revealed that additional polishes may contain TPHP without disclosing it.

The obvious conclusion is that any girl who paints her nails runs the risk of being exposed to a hormone disruptor. (The Duke lab did not examine specific kid-friendly nail paints available at toy stores.)

How is it possible for the cosmetics business to get away with putting TPHP in well-known goods? Federal legislation intended to control the use of hazardous chemicals in cosmetics and other consumer goods are ineffective.

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However, in April of last year, Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) filed S. 1014, the Personal Care Products Act of 2015, calling for Congress to reform the federal law governing the regulation of cosmetics. Since it was passed in 1938, this law has not undergone a significant modification. This bipartisan compromise bill has tremendous momentum, despite the prevailing paralysis on Capitol Hill. You can find out more about the proposed legislation here and take action to urge Washington to back changes to the law governing cosmetics. You can use this link to request that nail polish manufacturers remove TPHP from their offerings.

The “mani-pedi” lifestyle puts manicurists and salon employees in danger. Last May, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shocked the salon industry when he issued emergency orders to safeguard nail salon employees from harmful chemicals, require salon management to pay back wages to their staff, and make sure that staff members were aware of their rights. Some organizations, like California’s Healthy Nail Collaborative, are dedicated to bringing healthy and equitable working conditions to salons while educating both clients and employees.

As my kid transitions from a tween to a teen, I’ll continue to wish she makes wise decisions. I’ll keep my breath held until the following EWG report. Who knows what substances the stickers she applied to her nails may contain?

It’s time for all of us to speak out to guarantee that “self-care” rituals, goods, and services honor women’s wellness while also being, above all, secure and equitable.

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