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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is the practice of using text messages to send promotional and transactional messages for marketing objectives. Customers who have agreed to receive these texts will be informed about promotional offers, meeting reminders (for Zoom meetings), and other updates.

Because more individuals are checking their phones daily, SMS has evolved from fax and email marketing and is becoming more and more popular. SMS marketing enables businesses to instantly connect with their customers because nearly all consumers own a cell phone.

Since SMS marketing has been shown to improve foot traffic to businesses as well as overall sales and client base, its effectiveness speaks for itself. Don’t trust us? See the full potential of SMS marketing by reading these enticing stats.

Customers and the company forge closer ties because to SMS’s immediate communication capabilities. Customers will not only be able to keep up with their favorite brands, but they will also receive timely information.

It can even be a helpful tool to supplement other marketing tactics, as SMS marketing initiatives have been shown to increase the efficacy of email marketing tactics when used in tandem with them while adhering to the rules for SMS marketing. For companies that prioritize multi-channel marketing, this is a great way to maximize ROI.

What Is an SMS Marketing Platform?

A combination of tools called an SMS marketing platform enables you to deliver text messages to contacts on your phone or email list. You can set up a number of messages on the platform to be sent out repeatedly throughout the day. The platform will also contain analytics that will enable you to comprehend which tactics are most effective. sms marketing software

1. SimpleTexting

The SMS marketing service from SimpleTexting provides features for text messaging that are straightforward, easy to use, and accessible—exactly what the name suggests.

A list of contacts can receive text messages from businesses. Each one can have images and other marketing materials added, and they can even keep track of who clicked on each link. It enables users to smoothly facilitate two-way conversations using new numbers or utilizing ones that have already been generated.

The features of SimpleTexting are extensive, allowing users to send bulk texts while also automating follow-up texts with drip campaigns. It is simple to manage customer data and send customized texts.

A dedicated customer support team and a wealth of resources are also provided to assist inexperienced developers in learning the ins and outs of SMS marketing.

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Additionally, it offers Mailchimp integrations, enabling users to transfer their contacts from that service to SimpleTexting. By connecting all of your relevant applications with Zapier, you can automate additional time-consuming tasks.

Users can also monitor clicks and engagements by looking at their clicks, the number of unsubscribes, and comprehensive campaign breakdowns. If they don’t have access to a computer, you can send bulk texts using SimpleTexting’s mobile application.

2. Omnisend

A potent marketing automation tool created with eCommerce businesses in mind is called Omnisend.

There is no easier way to set up. Omnisend automatically imports your brand assets, such as your logo, fonts, brand colors, and any associated social media links, once it is connected to your online store. Every time you create a new email, these will automatically appear. Additionally, you can import products into your email along with their associated prices and descriptions.

Customizable pop-ups, ready-made templates, and automated workflows to help expand the list, send welcome emails, and recover abandoned carts are a few specific features that will really benefit eCommerce owners.

Site owners can cross-sell to customers based on their prior purchases using these features.

3. Mobile Text Alerts

James Pelton founded Mobile Text Alerts in 2011 in response to the communication needs he observed in his neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska. The company developed from scratch before being purchased by Vimbly Group in September 2020. Its current location is New York City.

Mobile Text Alerts has developed into one of the top hosted SMS marketing software products available today. Mobile Text Alerts are used by more than 20,000 companies and organizations to send mass SMS marketing campaigns. They have created software specifically for everyone from business owners to directors, leaders, pastors, consultants, and coordinators. Regardless of your level of experience, Mobile Text Alerts has the tools and support you require to interact with your audience through automated text messages.

4. TextMagic

With more than 14 years of experience helping businesses improve communications and mobile marketing through online text message sending and receiving, TextMagic is a UK-based SMS provider.

With the help of TextMagic, you can text your customers to send them notifications, alerts, reminders, and SMS marketing messages.

You can send group texts online through TextMagic using their desktop, browser, or mobile applications. Additionally, they provide two-way communication with clients. Through your email, you can even send and receive texts.

In addition to a team-sharing feature, TextMagic offers API gateways and Zapier integrations to help you automate and improve your SMS marketing campaigns. Through their reporting and analytics features, you can also keep tabs on your leads and general outreach.

5. ClickSend

With ClickSend, businesses can send tens of thousands of text messages from any location without having to download any proprietary software. Through their email accounts or their SMS service provider, users can send large numbers of text messages.

Through a cloud-based application, users can manage various digital marketing campaigns, switching instantly between email, text, fax, and even non-SMS channels like Facebook and WhatsApp. Even though these features make ClickSend a much more versatile service, it is probably better suited for seasoned marketers and programmers.

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To enable integrations and make their services compatible with other apps and programs, ClickSend offers APIs. The features of ClickSend make life much simpler for many marketing agencies and businesses by simplifying tasks like event management, customer support, and general reminders.

6. UltraSMSScript

An enterprise-level, self-hosted group text and SMS marketing tool, UltraSMSScript was established in 2012. With it, you can enter a market that is rapidly expanding and start your very own lucrative SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) SMS marketing company. Ad and media agencies, marketing service providers, and businesses with their own local customers can use UltraSMSScript as a white label solution because it is the ultimate turnkey group text and SMS marketing platform.

UltraSMSScript is also used by nearby brick and mortar businesses to run their own text message marketing campaigns. UltraSMSScript doesn’t require a recurring commitment, in contrast to other service providers. The software is purchased once for one time. You only pay the wholesale cost of texts because they are directly connected to the text-messaging gateways; there is no additional charge.

What to Look For in sms marketing software?

Due to the effectiveness of SMS marketing, businesses have a wide range of options when it comes to SMS programs or service providers.

To ensure that your text-marketing strategies are unfailing, it is crucial to obtain the best SMS marketing software and services. We identified the top four characteristics of a successful SMS marketing strategy.

Ease of use

While this may differ between companies, many organizations want to incorporate SMS marketing into their strategies but do not have the necessary technological resources to do so. This is why usability is crucial, as having the right tools will make it much simpler to build a useful SMS service with little development or coding experience.

If you have experienced coders and in-house developers on your team, they should be able to learn the SMS marketing software and quickly create the perfect service. All employees in your company should be able to use these programs without any issues once the software is installed and the service is up and running.

Integration with other apps

It’s likely that your company uses a variety of other applications and third-party programs to handle its needs. Your SMS strategy will need to be integrated with other applications because those features shouldn’t be mutually exclusive with your SMS strategy.

The ability to connect with other crucial services will be crucial for carrying out your SMS strategy, whether you need to link your text-marketing program with Google Calendar, Outlook, Salesforce, MailChimp, or another application.

Mass texting and 2-way communication

SMS marketing is essentially used to send your company’s most recent marketing information to thousands of people at once. The trick is locating the program or service that enables you to do this.

However, texting is all about having interactions. Programs that enable businesses to contact customers after a text has been sent are crucial for fostering healthy relationships.

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How Can I Promote My SMS Marketing?

There are a few straightforward guidelines you should abide by if you want to use SMS or short message marketing to market your good or service:

Create concise messaging. – People’s attention spans are limited. You don’t have much time to get people’s attention, either. People should therefore understand the main point of your message within the first few words.
Have a clear call to action; after reading your message, people should know what to do. This activity might involve visiting a website, placing an order, getting in touch with a team member, or taking a survey.
Make sure to send the SMS message at the appropriate moment by paying attention to timing. For instance, it is not advisable to convey your message at 3 AM while your audience is asleep.
a split test Segment your audience and test several messages to determine which is most powerful.

When Is the Best Time to Send SMS Marketing?

Depending on the type of business you are in, the best time may change. However, between the hours of 5 PM and 9 PM is generally the best time to send SMS messages.

What Is the Best Day to Send SMS Marketing?

In general, Fridays seem to be the best day to send text messages. This is most likely a result of Friday payments for many workers. So now is a good time to advertise to people who might be inclined to spend their hard-earned money.

Is SMS Marketing Expensive?

The cost of a text message can range from.01 to.05 cents. Therefore, you can anticipate paying anywhere between $10 and $50 to send one text message to 1,000 recipients.

An SMS marketing campaign typically costs less than other types of marketing.

What is the Best sms marketing software & Service?

An highly flexible tool for a range of enterprises is SMS marketing. All of the programs and services that we featured in this article are reasonably reliable and have affordable prices.

It all comes down to cost and utility in the end. ROI is, after all, the foundation of marketing. After evaluating each service provider on our list, we have concluded that SimpleTexting offers the best SMS marketing software. A campaign and account setup take less than 30 minutes to complete. Additionally, they have a broad API and pre-built Zapier integrations that make it simple to put up marketing automation workflows.

The best part is that you can roll over monthly credits and they only charge for outgoing texts. The price drops the more SMS you pre-purchase. There are no setup costs, contracts, user limitations, and a limitless number of contacts.

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