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In order to send clients promotional messages, SMS marketing (short messaging service marketing) uses permission-based SMS text messaging. In order to increase consumer loyalty, SMS marketing often aims to build a list of monthly subscribers.

This is accomplished by sending users brief text messages with information on impending consumer market offers and deals, as well as information about a certain good or service. These are the main advantages of SMS marketing:

What is Bulk SMS Service?

This tool is now widely used for improved communication and has transcended all geographic boundaries. The service providers in Bangladesh that provide bulk SMS services have developed some amazing plans that would undoubtedly benefit you and your business.

You must be certain of the service provider before choosing the plan because there is so much competition among service providers.

Bulk SMS API, Green MPLS, and Free SMS API are the three most well-known bulk SMS service providers in Bangladesh.

These providers offer plans that are precisely crafted to meet your needs. The key characteristics of these service providers in Bangladesh are bulk SMS messaging, masking SMS, and FREE MESSAGING.

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Any mobile phone owner can send and receive SMS messages using FREE messaging. If you want to conduct mass marketing for your good or service, you should use a bulk SMS API service.


The quick delivery speed comes in as the second most crucial feature. The source from which customers can get their SMS messages should be reliable and authentic.

Service providers in Bangladesh also take care of customers’ needs for free SMS messaging and masking SMS. sms marketing software

It is advised that you use the most recent mobile platform API to engage with clients on a regular basis in order to maintain your business exciting and expanding.

It’s time to look into the top bulk SMS service provider in Bangladesh if you want to use the aforementioned services for a very reasonable cost.


Radial Systems Ltd. created and developed BulksmsBD, an online database and platform for SMS short messaging services in Bangladesh.

This business is a private subsidiary of SNC Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd, one of Asia’s top companies for web communications and software development.

It is committed to provide its customers the highest-quality SMS services available both locally and globally.

With a robust connection infrastructure, this website offers the most trustworthy and legitimate SMS services in Bangladesh.

This website provides both bulk and non-bulk SMS marketing services, including personalization, planning and promotion of advertising campaigns, customer relationship management, SMS gateway, network messaging, multi-currency e-commerce, and mobile media optimization, among others.

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This website provides the best services in its category, and the technical know-how is unmatched. The company offers advanced and affordable bulk SMS service providers in addition to SMS management solutions.

This website’s primary goal is to dominate the bulk SMS market in the area, and it is actively working toward this objective by offering the best messaging services to users around the world.

Utilizing interactive features for customer service and marketing campaigns, such as SMS reminders, SMS referrals, and SMS promotions, is simple with the aid of SMS services.

This website continuously updates its infrastructure by incorporating the most cutting-edge methods and tools to raise the caliber of service it offers in an effort to boost its reputation and sales.

This website has earned a reputation as the most trustworthy and legitimate SMS service supplier worldwide.

Leading search engines have ranked it as the “World’s Number One Bulk SMS Provider.”

You can access all the information about their SMS gateway, bulk SMS service, and other services at any time by logging on to their website if you’re interested in learning more about BulksmsBD in full.


Utilizing an API or a WordPress plugin, you may send SMS from your website. The sending fee for each SMS is merely 20 paisa. The report of all SMS sent can be downloaded as an XL sheet. Additionally, you can send thousands of SMS at once.

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Voice Message, OTP SMS, Promotional SMS, and Masking SMS. Starting at 0.45 for masking SMS, 0.20 for non-masking SMS, 0.22 for OTP SMS, and 0.16 for promotional SMS.


corporate service opportunity with elitbuzz Highest Success Rate, Simple to Use, No Hidden Fees, Client Support, Free API; Location-Based SMS


There are various ways to employ SMS marketing for your company, but it’s crucial that you only do so if you feel comfortable doing so. Make sure you are ready for the challenge because SMS marketing need a lot more work than most individuals may be willing to put in.

Working with an experienced team will also help you set up your campaigns and gather data to improve their effectiveness. One of the simplest ways to connect with your consumers, SMS marketing is undoubtedly a terrific approach to attract new ones and build lasting relationships.

If you have any question on sms marketing software kindly drop them below and we will reply as soon possible.

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