HMP Human Meat Project Com, Hoax, Donation, France, Magyarul & 2022

The HMP Human Meat Project Com facilitates the donation of human meat. By donating corpses, it is possible to lessen global overpopulation. However, doing so causes climate change and the greenhouse effect, which in turn fuels the mass production of livestock used to feed the world.

Everyone and every life are given top priority at HMP Human Meat They choose the source and origins from where they obtain the human meat that is shipped to the various regions of the world, which lessens their concern about the disparities in standard of living throughout the world.

HMP Human Meat Project: The donation of human meat Viral TikTok videos are spreading across several platforms. The film suggests that human bodies can aid with other people’s hunger relief.

According to the website, human body donations can help end overpopulation and hunger. Isn’t it odd that other living things use human bodies?

The human meat project, however, is regarded by many experts and media as a fictional work of art. Let’s examine the program in greater detail and learn more about it.

Every country is helped and secured by the Human Meat Organization to reintegrate into the global community.

Human Meat Project Com
Human Meat Project Com

They hold the view that by uniting as a global community, we can contribute to improve living circumstances and, in turn, protect the environment.

The organization’s goal is to assist people since, in their view, humans no longer exist in isolation on earth and must work together to survive. By doing this, they hope to build a more cooperative and humane society.

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What is the meaning of the word Cannibal?

The Spanish term by which they brought the Caribs gave rise to the word “cannibal” (Cannibals).

Although the Spanish had actually accused the Caribbean tribe of ritually digesting their enemies, it is now questioned whether such a thing had ever happened.

The fact that the Caribs took part in a battle against colonialism with European forces is a curse. It’s also claimed that these actions are only a propaganda strategy used by the Spanish group to sow panic.

Therefore, according to the HMP Human Meat Project Com, we must change the concepts we are integrating as well as our dietary choices in order to protect the Earth from the effects of current society and lifestyle.

They also contend that issues with waste, pollution, deforestation, and overpopulation are to blame for climate change.

What is the HMP human meat project com?

The initiative urges participants to offer their deceased bodies so that the flesh can be utilized to feed other living things.

In other words, they encourage eating one another’s flesh and meat in order to survive. The full process is documented on the website

Any component of the body, including those that other living things would eat, can be donated.

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The website includes every detail as well as an online donation option. According to the website, in order for mankind to exist, human corpses must be donated in order to stop starvation.

Although it is difficult to understand, a TikTok video based on it is attracting attention, and people are searching for the website.

Is the human meat project com real?

It is difficult to imagine that people can eat other real humans, despite the fact that numerous studies have been done on the subject. According to the reports, it is not genuine but rather a “conceptual artwork.”

The stories and films about people eating people are untrue. The artist is merely attempting to come up with an idea that excludes humans in order to show thoughts above actuality.

People are arduously looking for the same things to discover reality. Additionally, the website’s terms and conditions make it plain that the program is only an idea and not an actual thing.

The information provided upon contribution is retained for the artist’s future use and to acquire a more in-depth understanding.

Why is the human meat project com getting viral?

The renowned and well-liked video network TikTok features clips that demonstrate the consumption of human meat to sate hunger.

On many platforms, video snippets are in demand, and many people seek for them. People have been forced to face the truth and come clean because of the rising demand.

The program is deemed to be phony and does not use the human body as food, according to the conclusion. It is merely a mental notion from an artist who displays imagination in relation to any thing.

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What does the human meat project com do?

The organization solicits donations of entire dead bodies or select body parts for use as human nourishment. It implies that individuals devour the flesh of other people to sate their appetites.

Does it deal with the dead human body?

No, the program is simply a conceptual piece of art by a creator that demonstrates acceptance of survival. In an imaginary world where people are utilized as food, there is no such thing as reality.


The videos are pure fiction, and the program has no sense of realism. Nobody begs for deceased people to be used as meat for other people.

The material found online and on other social media sites is false and was just utilized to generate awareness of the video.

It is a conceptual piece of art in which the creator expresses his difficult-to-understand imagination. Do not register on such sites and do not believe this false information.

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