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How to earn money by uploading free copyright videos on youtube?

A great place to share your story with the world or perhaps just to check out what others are sharing is YouTube. It’s possible to make money by uploading videos, but it’s difficult. Here are some advice that can assist you in making money on YouTube using these simple steps.

What is free copyright videos?

Videos with no copyright restrictions are those that can be downloaded for free from the internet. These videos are not copyrighted, so anyone is free to use them however they please.

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Where to download free copyright videos?

You can download free copyright videos from the following sites:

  • Mixcut.co
  • Pixabay
  • Envato

Select your topic for YouTube video

Prior to beginning to post your films, it is crucial that you choose a subject that interests you and your viewers. Try publishing some of the most popular videos on YouTube if you are unsure of the type of video content that would appeal to the viewers. You can also look at other channels in your industry to see the kinds of videos they have already released. This will assist in establishing whether or not the platform has a need for this kind of content.

After completing all of these processes, it’s time to look at the revenue generated by the channel of our favorite comic (we know he makes lot more than us).

Download your topic related free copyright videos

Utilize videos with copyright that are available for free online in your productions.

Look for a video on a comparable subject on websites that host free copyright videos. Enter your search term and press “Search” (or press enter key).
When you receive search results, choose one or more videos to include in your video background music with text overlay that will be used as bumper clips at the end of each video clip by playing sound bite 1-3 seconds before starting each clip so that viewers who are unaware of copyright issues won’t be bothered by any copyright message or warning message and won’t know why they are being asked not to copy&paste this part into their own videos but instead should watch the video in question.

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Edit a full detail video

Make sure your video complies with YouTube’s requirements once it has been edited and is prepared for upload. The most crucial step in doing this is making sure that your video has been expertly edited before being uploaded. As a result, when someone views your content on YouTube, they can see an appealing, understandable, and expertly edited rendition of their original work.

Upload your video onYouTube and earn money

Your YouTube video can be uploaded, and you can make money off of it. You must create a YouTube channel and start posting videos to it in order to accomplish this. To display ads in your videos, you must also have a Google AdSense for Content Management account. The simplest way to monetize YouTube without having any prior technical expertise is through this method.

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YouTube is the best way to share your story with the world or maybe see what others are sharing.

It’s a fantastic technique to put your material in front of readers who would find it interesting and the other way around. You can also utilize YouTube to increase your knowledge of video creation, editing, and other related topics.


In conclusion, making a YouTube video is the best way to tell your story to people all over the world. How can you do it if you want to make money while doing it? The solution is straightforward: post free videos with copyright to YouTube. You can download some videos that are relevant to your topic and edit them to your liking without having any prior experience or expertise in filmmaking.

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