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Looking for a Reddit neural cloud tier list? If so, just read this article since I mentioned the entire Reddit neural cloud tier list.

Five tiers make up the list, with Tier 1 being the best and strongest.
Strong and in the second tier.
tier 3 = passable (neither too strong nor weak).
Average is Tier 4
Tier S units are situational, which means they are only effective in specific circumstances.
Tiers of the neural cloud Guard character list on Reddit

Tier GuardAbout
Tier 1CroqueIt’s of class guard tank.
Skills and powers of this are • self-healing, taunts enemies, great durability, and shield effect. 
Tier 1EvelynClass = guard. 
Skills and powers are – Possess skills that can decrease DMG.Have the power to decrease DMG for the whole team. 
Tier 2BoneeClass = guard.
Skills are – Initially, it’s not a good unit. But as the player invests in OR, the shield stacking power can change the whole game. 
Tier 3ZionClass = guard. 
Zion is considered better performer in the game in comparison to croque. 
She can decrease the DMG taken. Although it’s not considered too good so it would be better if you invest in croque.
Tier 3SounchunClass = guard
These are less tanky, and that’s why they are on the lower-tier list. 
Tier SYannyClass = guard
It’s not the unit anyone wants to prioritize putting their money in. Although, she can pull an enemy from the rear line and can perform amazingly against PHY DMG. But still, it’s not considered worth investing in. 

Neural cloud fighter characters tier list 

TierFighter class characterSkillset
Tier 1AkiClass = fighter.
Performs appreciable in inflicting burst DMG and CRIT on opponents. 
Tier 1BettyShe has the ability to cause massive DMG on the foes. 
Not only this, but this character also has the power to grant immunity to crowd control effects. 
Tier 2ChelseaWell, Chelsea is difficult to use. But she can perform mind-blowing if positioned in a spot that suits her skillset. 
Tier SVeeVee is a ranged fighter and is considered a good versatile unit. 
The opponent’s evasion tricks don’t work on her. 
Tier 3CentaureissiShe can knock back foes’ effects. 
But she isn’t considered worth investing in because her ultimate skills can be blocked. 
Tier 3SolShe performs great in the early game and story mode. But she doesn’t perform well in the late game. 
Tier SFernYou can use this fighter character to displace the foe in the frontline. And it’s the only use of fern; other than this, it has no good service. 

Sniper character tier list 

TierSniper characterSkillset
Tier 1LamThis character is one of the top DMG dealers. After the player maxes her out, she can destroy the enemy easily. 
Tier 1HubbleHubble is another best characters in the game and has the power to cause AoE strikes on enemies. 
Tier 1TwigsTwigs have amazing skills in performing AoE strikes but lack the skills to hit a single target. 
One more thing, twigs aren’t easy to handle.
Tier 1EarhartAs the player raises the rarity, her performance can be boosted by a mile.
Have skills to inflict DMG. 
Tier 1SimoYou can consider this character worth using when you want to escape any difficult situation. 
Have impressive DPS. 
Tier 1MaxYou can use her skills to the best if you position her in front.
DMG and ATK SPD both are good. 
But Max has a slow travel speed, and skill casting takes time.
Tier 2FresnelHave decent basic attack skills, and DMG output isn’t great. 
Tier 3OctogenOctogen is an average unit. 

Specialist character tier list

TierSpecialist class characterSkills 
Tier 1SakuyaHave the skills to perform AoE and bleed DMG.
Tier 1AngelaAngela can decrease allies’ skill’s cooldown and improve foe’s skill’s Cooldown. 
She is considered a good supporter unit. 
Tier 1RiseProvide useful buffs but lacks in DMG.
Tier 1BanxsyHave skills that can nullify the opponent’s evasion. 
Owns a fine DMG but isn’t easy to use. 
Tier 2MaiMai is AoE blind, and you need to scale her up to use her true powers. 
Tier 2DushevnayaClass = specialist. 
Tier 2AntoninaAntonina’s DMG isn’t good, but she has valuable CC capabilities. 
Tier 3AbigailThis character can grant buffs. 
Low-range and position-dependent. 
Tier 3GrooveHave the skillset of dodging foes. 
Inconsistent RNG and have some compatibility issues. 
Tier 3WillowWillow’s blind effect can prove very beneficial in the early game. 
Ultimate is great. 
But her blind effect (the main strength of willow) isn’t that useful in the late game. 
Tier 3KseniaKsenia is an average unit. 

Medic characters list 

TierMedic class characterSkills
Tier 1NanakaHave the power to heal AoE.
Tier 1PersicariaHave the skills to restore the health of friends during the war. 
Easy to use in the game.
Tier 3GinHave ultimate healing skills. 
Possess abilities to counter DoT DMG. 
But, Gin lacks in preventing the spike in DMG.
Tier 3ImhotepIt’s difficult to use Imhotep properly and efficiently.  
Tier 4ChocoHave average healing powers. 
Tier 4PanakeiaInconsistent healing and also doesn’t perform well as a healer. 
Tier SFlorenceFlorence is a decent medic unit player that can be used to reduce and heal DMG. 
Tier SJessieJessie has many skills you can use at various stages, but you can’t rely solely on her for healing. 


The neural cloud tier list Reddit is the subject of this article, and I’ve included every character, their corresponding tier, and their skills. Have any inquiries about the same? Use the comment box to address them if you have any.

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