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Among NU academics, Ning Sheila is one of the best Lirboyo Islamic Boarding School daughters. Abdullah Faizin posted that on his Facebook page. First place in the Mhq 30 Juz Mtq Xiv Kapolda Jatim Cup was once won by Ning Sheila Hasina Binti KH. Hasan Syukri Zamzami Lirboyo.

Ning Sheila Hasina was exposed to the religious intellectual atmosphere of Islamic boarding schools from an early age, and nearly everything she heard in the context of religious studies was ingrained in her memory as a set of skills necessary for delivering da’wah studies and seminars on religious law.

He has the ability to clarify or address the difficult issues of today that not everyone is aware of. See the review below to learn more about Ning Sheila Hasina’s birth, education, and career.

Dawuh Ning Sheila Hasina To Santri

No matter how challenging or busy the situation is, keep forcing yourself to be in a hurry because lust will be more at ease if you aren’t. (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)

A successful individual “is not successful because he can, but because he wants to. Since many people can, but he chooses not to (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)

Sincerity is challenging since it involves the emotions. Sincerity must therefore be taught from a young age. (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)

Because vaginal discharge is impure, praying while having a period of discharge is ineffective. Therefore, if you want to pray, you must first use the restroom and tread on it. (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)

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“The requirement for genital covering must be able to conceal the color of the skin when talking to someone within takhatub range. It is still secure even if there is a hole that cannot be noticed from a conversational distance. It is not safe if it is large. (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)

“Read the Qur’an leisurely and with Tajweed. And read (Quality and Quality) out loud. (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)

Santri needs to have the ability to manage or share her time. (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)
Santri must exert all of their effort to memorize. (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)

Santri must regularly attend Murojaah between two and three Juz per day. (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)
Must have a Murojaah target. (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)

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Stay for the night prayer, please. (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)

“Sitting and reading with the Qiblah in mind.” (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)

“Santri must be able to maintain adab” when memorizing the Qur’an. (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)
Santri istiqomah, of course. (Ning Sheila Hasina Lirboyo)

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