Personality Quiz Gran Hermano

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The eighth season of the Argentinian version of the truth show Gran Hermano is the personality quiz.

With the help of Liliana Parodi, the community’s head of government, this season debuted in December 2014. After previously airing on Telefe, it was América TV’s first season to carry it.

The premiere is now scheduled for Wednesday, April 29, 2015, one week after the original debut date.

This season will start three years after the most recent one ended. After a total of 155 days, this season ended on September 30, 2015, making it the second-longest season ever produced by the United States, behind the seventh season.

Announcement About The Show

After quitting the place midway through the previous season due to personal difficulties, Jorge Rial stated he might return to the show’s most important web hosting responsibilities.

Pamela David, who is regarded as one of the most influential people in America, gained control of the website that hosted the debates and daily highlights of the show.

A new version of Gran Hermano stunned Telefe on October 17, and it is without a doubt a huge success.

Social media platforms no longer prohibit users from commenting, expressing their opinions, and sharing content related to the most contentious reality seen on Argentine television. The race’s rematch, which still has eleven participants, is drawing near.

Telecasting Details

The public may watch what happens inside the house all day long thanks to the networks and Pluto TV, and the “little brothers,” which are popular with the public, are increasingly taking shape.

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The names that stand out the most are Julieta Poggio, a 20-year-old dancer and actress from Italy, and Salta native Marcos Ginocchio.

There are many rumors about the repechage possibility that is about to take place, and Angel de Brito is convinced that five to six competitors will enter.

The manufacturing might choose from the replacements chosen during the Gran Hermano casting and those already removed.


Twitter is the social network of choice where users of the Internet frequently discuss Gran Hermano. Recently, a check that uses a series of questions to determine which player you have the best personality matches with has become very popular.

It is a 33-question form that inquires about anything from personality to how regularly you exercise to whether or not you enjoy being in the middle of meetings.

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Users Who Already Attempted The Test

Internet users even weigh their impacts on the networks and express agreement or disagreement.

The studio where the house is located was previously utilized by El Trece for a program called La Casa de Los Artistas, which was broadcast in 2013.

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