Rastreamento Correios 2022

Are you looking for Rastreamento Correios 2022 then this article is for you with all the necessary information.

Monitoring applications supplied utilizing Rastreamento Correios are crucial for anyone who shops online.

At various points, we were required to regularly check the official website of the national organization for news. Today, however, we have a number of services and products that go beyond the Rastreamento Correios app to make life simpler.

We’ve included seven apps for monitoring Rastreamento Correios programs that are compatible with iOS, Android, and some web-based options. Three methods for evaluating your orders devoid of using your molecular phone have been indexed by us.


With little doubt, the top spot on the list is the most well-liked. In Brazil, Muambator was one of the first companies to use iOS, Android, and the internet.

Prior to anything, it was blocked by utilizing the post office, in an incident that was never satisfactorily explained. It currently conveys the precise idea of being simple to apply and has one of the nicest user interfaces among its peers.

As Muambator requires a user account, it enables synchronization between the programs and the online version, has a separate tab for taxed orders, offers tags, labels, and classes to help users find applications using a form, and can email users about popularity changes to orders.

Muambator is free and not connected to the online version. Any browser could access tracking.

Rastreio Rastreamento Correios

Rastreio Rastreamento Correios, an exclusive Android app, is simple to use and has a slick interface with respectable features.

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allows for the inclusion of orders in chronological order, displays the amount of time that has passed since the posting, and has tabs to separate introduced applications from those that are still active.

It’s a great option for people who need to keep things simple, and interestingly, it’s one of the professional app’s fastest methods of receiving updates from Rastreamento Correios.

The PRO version of Rastreamento Correios costs BRL 4.99 and offers extra features like no advertisements, the ability to import data from Muambator, a barcode reader, a subject for querying the zip code, and a useful transport calculator with entry fields for starting place and destination zip codes, package type, length and weight, and declared value.

With these details, Rastreio Rastreamento Correios PRO is prepared to explain why tracking should be highly compensated for sending out packages.


17Track iOS and Android are wonderful options if you need to display international packages. It provides the most data from about 220 courier companies, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS, and many more.

It offers a simple user interface, provides a list of carriers, allows batch apps to be included, and provides a widget for tracking your orders.

The actual track is loose. Interestingly, it does have a store where AliExpress products are sold. It therefore offers in-app purchases.


The Posted! is unique to iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad. For people who no longer need to deal with similar headaches while monitoring their applications, it is an incredibly simple option.

It provides a choice for information access and regularly notifies users via push notifications when an order change is popular.

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Nothing more, but the app does have a target audience and is well-rated on iTunes. In other words, it fulfills its promise.

It Was Posted! I

t’s very sloppy.

Rastreador de encomendas

Don’t let it come across as foolish: Rastreador de Parcels is a highly customizable iOS and Android app, similar to 17Track, that focuses on Brazilian couriers like TotalExpress, DirectLog, TNT, TransFolha, and JadLog while also allowing you to track the delivery of courier services;

Although the consumer frequently goes straight to the shipping company’s website, it gains points for centralizing searches. Since the app doesn’t store anything locally, it uses OneDrive to sync data between devices.

Tracker for packages is missing.

Mercado Livre

It is possible to use music Rastreamento Correios programs on the platform’s app or website if you frequently buy and sell goods using Mercado Livre iOS, Android, or the internet.

Just have access to the transportation information. Without going into great detail, it provides information about departure, displacement, and function.

However, it is much more practical to use the option to immediately verify the information at the expert Rastreamento Correios website, only inside the web version.

Free markets are unregulated.

SRO Mobile

Additionally, Rastreamento Correios offers a monitoring app: SRO Mobile iOS and Android don’t currently have great user interfaces, and neither do they offer features that most of their competitors do, but because it’s a professional app provided by a government-owned company, it has access to information that other apps do not.

They guarantee that Tracking can only pick up the package by using the recipient, with the aid of using affirmation of identity. SRO Mobile informs the kind of cargo PAC, SEDEX regular or collect, the load of the order if it changed into despatched with Acknowledgment of Receipt AR or now not, or inside the Own Hand PM regime.

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Additionally, the app displays the deal and provides a path if the package needs to be picked up at a business that is subject to tax or not.

There is no SRO Mobile.

Other Post Office package deal monitoring alternatives

You can use different services and obtain comparable results, in addition to apps and websites that let you consult and music applications sent using Rastreamento Correios. Below, we’ve listed three of the most useful ones.

RastreioBot Telegram

RastreioBot is a fantastic option for people who don’t want to install anything on their mobile device and need a simple and practical option.

This Telegram on the spontaneous messenger bot only recognizes orders in the entire country, so if you sign in a purchase from outside Brazil, it will start updating its popularity when it gets there.

Simply enter your order. You can enter the code and an outline inside the bot, and it will update you whenever the information on a package changes.

Telegram is accessible through apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, laptops running Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as the web version; the service is free.

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