Reasons condo association insurance rates are going up

The best method to safeguard your property and the occupants is with a condo association insurance coverage. Here are a few causes of the rising rates:

What is condo association insurance?

Some tenants are curious as to why condo association insurance premiums are rising.

In the event that a claim is brought against them by someone other than the condo board, condo association insurance is intended to shield its members from possible financial damages.

This kind of insurance may protect against a range of occurrences, including contract loss, property damage, and personal harm. Depending on the kind of insurance selected, the cost of this coverage will vary, but it is normally relatively reasonable.

Condo association insurance is a special kind of insurance that condo organizations often obtain to protect them against potential financial losses brought on by claims made by its residents.

Liability claims, physical damage to the association, and court costs are all frequently covered.

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The rise in condo association rates: Reasons for the increase

There are various causes for the rising cost of condo association insurance. Condo associations are growing more susceptible to financial losses, for one thing.

A 2017 research indicated that compared to other types of homeowner’s organizations, condo associations were more likely to file for bankruptcy. This is due to the fact that condo association debts are often difficult to repay and that related legal costs may be high.

The fact that the sector is changing is another factor contributing to the growth in condo association fees. Most condo associations in the past were established by a collection of homeowners who pooled their funds to purchase a structure.

Since many condos are now marketed as separate units, each owner is responsible for their own insurance expenses. Condo associations are now more susceptible to risky investments, such as changes in the real estate market. Additionally, financial issues are in play.

Rising claims costs

More extreme weather events, like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, have resulted in higher claim expenses for insurance firms. The policyholders pay higher premiums as a result of these elevated expenditures.

State insurance regulators’ new rules

Condo associations must now have property insurance and comprehensive general liability insurance (CGL), which may increase the cost of the coverage.

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Changes in state law

Condo associations are now required by several jurisdictions to have insurance in case of liability or property damage claims.

Court decisions

There is now greater litigation against associations as a result of many high-profile court decisions that have raised questions regarding condo members’ legal rights.


More insurance providers are providing coverage for litigation and settlements resulting from association activities, such governing bylaws and member meetings, in addition to property damage.

How keep your association rates low

1) Check the condition of your property. Increased insurance costs may result from poorly maintained structures.

2) Verify that all of the stairways, windows, and doors are operational. Without adequate access, it will be tough to address anything that goes wrong on your property.

3) Maintain a current inventory of all the equipment on the property. This will assist you in finding any missing parts that could need to be replaced and, if unaccounted for, might result in higher rates.

4) Prior to signing on the dotted line, make sure you comprehend your policy’s terms and conditions completely.

Why rates are going up

Several factors account for the rising cost of condo association insurance. The most important factor is that condo associations are now more vulnerable as a result of new threats that have surfaced.

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One example is the rise in the frequency of wind and hail damage. Climate change has increased the frequency of these meteorological occurrences, which were formerly quite unusual. Condo associations are now more likely to suffer these types of losses as a consequence.

The fact that insurers are growing more pessimistic in their evaluations is another factor contributing to the premium increases. Instead of expecting that everything would be alright in the case of a loss, people are now more aware of possible problems that may occur.

When everything is taken into account, the growing cost of condo association insurance is not unexpected. Actually, it’s probably a good thing—at least in terms of insurance.

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