Sadlye Com Whatsapp Virus : How To Remove It

Sadlye Com Whatsapp Virus
Sadlye Com Whatsapp Virus

Sadlye Com Whatsapp Virus Several people have shared links to on their personal and business WhatsApp. That is the major reason why a lot of people are worried about the website. Some Whatsapp users also feel that it might be a virus.

If you are one of the very few people who has wondered if the WhatsApp virus is real or not, then this article has all the information and steps on how to clear the virus from your system or phone.

Is a virus?

The website is a platform at which friends and family members have the access to send instant messages . The website also provide surprise messages, audio messages and some smileys with just one click.

Sadlye users and visitors has increased lately and users are afraid that the manner at which the platform provide the surprise message could be a virus

To be candid with you, it is hard for us to tell you that the website is a virus because we did a check on the platform and we could not lay our hands on anything malicious .

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Sadlye could later turn to a virus after it has gaining the users trust because of the increase in traffic and users in the last few months.

Some users also use it to send congratulations to friends. After conducting some background checks on the website, we discovered that there was no information about the owner, which leads us to believe it is a scam.

Not to mention the annoying ads on the platform as you visit the website; those annoying ads indicate that the website owner is only interested in making money from the users by having them click on the ad network placement.

Sadlye installed a lot of unwanted attachment the attack the device that you use to visit the website. We have receive several reports concerning the platform saying they took over some files on their system regardless of the browser that you use.

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How to remove 

If you want successfully remove from your device or browser then follow the steps below.

For Chrome users

  • Open Chrome > click on three dots ( you will see it at the upper right of Chrome)> click settings
  • Click on advanced then proceed to site settings
  • Click Notifications
  • Carefully look for list unwanted websites you don’t wish to get notifications from and remove them by blocking them
  • To checkmate all you have done to know if it alright, go back to site settings and look for pop-ups and redirect.
  • Just block all pop-ups and redirect from the browser
  • Go back to site settings then find ads
  • Turn on the Block ads on sites that show intrusive on misleading ads

For Firefox users

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser> click on three horizontal dots at the lower right corner
  • Click settings then go on privacy and security
  • Then “site permissions.”
  • Now, flick on notifications from the site permision
  • block them. 
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Remove Adware from the Device

Advertising aware is one of the major causes of unwanted or annoying ads on any device, i could understand how frustrating are these ads and majority are always adult related advert.

We strongly advise you to delete any form of malicious app on your phone or system, these malicious apps cause damage to your device of could slow down your device performance and worst case it could infect your device with virus.


A lot of technical gurus has regarded Sadlye Com Whatsapp Virus as a very deadly virus even if it has not affect you yet, kindly stay away from it .

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