Speed loan app download, interest rate and repayment

An app called Speed Loan provides Nigerians with a quick and secure online loan service.

Download this APP to get immediate service right away.

Reviews from users

The best and most trustworthy app is this one. Getting a loan is a terrific idea. The next payment has a very variable amount and is very easy to utilize. The interface is also very straightforward and easy to use.

Borrowing money gets simple* really nice with microloans. With the loan APP, you can borrow money quickly and conveniently without needing to ask people for help.

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The speedloan app tackles the problem of capital turnover because it is easy to use, the process is straightforward, and the repayment speed is very quick. For office professionals and college students, it is the top option.

What Is It About the Loan With SpeedLoan ?

Amount of Cash Loan: $2,000 to $600,000
Cash Loan Term: 91 days (least amount of time, including renewal period) to 365 days (longest, containing renewal time)
Maximum annual percentage rate for a Speedloan is 20%. Transaction fees range from 0.1% to 0.35%.

Loan Illustration

The total interest that must be paid if a loan limit of 10,000 naira with a duration of 120 days is selected is as follows: The total service fee must also be paid: 10,0000.05%120=600. ₦10,000*0.3%=₦30,

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The amount of interest due each month is 10,0000.05%30=150.

The total amount to be repaid is 10,000 + 600 + 30 = 10630. The monthly payment will be 10,000/4 + 150 = 2650.

Why Speed Loan Is Your First Choice?

Many customers from Nigeria have benefited from SpeedLoan’s safe and quick online loan service, which also provides 7*24 approval cash loan service.

Speed loan Requirements

Age 18- 60
Have a working bank account and a valid government-issued ID
a Nigerian citizen

How to borrow money from SpeedLoan ?

1 Get the SpeedLoan app from the Play Store
2 Complete the APP’s loan application quickly.
3 Await a prompt assessment.
4 Select your loan.

  1. Await the loan’s approval.
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speed loan customer care contact number and address

  • Phone Call or whatsapp: 07017681069
  • email: [email protected]
  • Address:49 Balogun St, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria


Before moving through with a loan transaction, please carefully read the disclosure statement’s terms and conditions.

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