Top 5 seo tips 2020 allbdjobscircular

Top 5 seo tips 2020 allbdjobscircular

Top 5 seo tips 2020 allbdjobscircular Businesses that need some online presence to get new customers need to work on search engine optimization (SEO).

Below are the 5major tips that you can work on your business website so that people can find you so easy and it surely increases sales and turnover from far and near.

Website speed

No user is ready to wait a minute for a web page to open, To get your business website to be fast and reliable, you will need the following things.

  1. Get a good hosting company
  2. Connect your website to cloudflare
  3. Get a good or paid caching plugins
  4. Host videos and photos externally
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Keyword Research

For ranking on a search engine like Google to be possible, you need to do some basic keyword research, Keyword research is all about getting to know what people are looking for on the internet.

If your website is fast but your content do no match what people are looking for on the internet then it will hard to get new customers online.


90% of internet users access the internet using a mobile device, so making sure that your website theme or template is responsive is a key to your SEO journey.

Web pages that are not mobilize find it hard to rank on even target keywords

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Helpful Content

Content is king, and until now, the kind and type of content you put on your business website has determined how quickly and easily people can find you. It is very important that you put up content that are related to the kind of service or product that you sell

Long tail keywords

Knowing how to look for keywords is as important as focusing on long tail keywords, which are keywords that are longer than four words.

Some internet users even ask questions that consist of ten words and the beauty of long tail keywords is that it is less competitive live normal keywords.

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We hope the above information on “Top 5 seo tips 2020 allbdjobscircular has helped you give your website an SEO advantage over your competitors.

We expect you to start seeing new audience and customers which will turn out to massive sale son the internet.

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