ustadzah halimah alaydrus biodata

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Ustadzah Halimah Alaydrus was born in Indramayu on April 2, 1979, to Utsman Alaydrus and Nur Assegaf, a couple who valued and placed a high emphasis on religious principles. His family history is mentioned in Rabithah Alawiyah and is related to Rasulullah SAW.

Uthman Alaydrus, his father, was significant in his life. “The fate of humanity is held by Allah SWT; if you want to be good in the future, don’t be far from Allah,” was one of the father’s sayings that he constantly utilized as a guidance. The father is a character who cherishes scholars and enjoys reading the Qur’anic verses. When there were scholars to pray for, such as Ustadzah Halimah Alaydrus, he frequently called his children.

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Syarifah Halimah Alaydrus’ mother, Syarifah Nur Assegaf, is a very unassuming person who has a significant impact on her life. His basic wish was for his children and sons to pray for him after he was gone.

Ustadzah Halimah Alaydrus’ advice

Don’t allow retaliation and resentment poison your heart; instead, love it. For God, His Messenger, and all of His servants, you better fill it with love.

Allah wants you to succeed in the future, thus He creates every challenge and every tear for you to endure. So that you might be thankful and realize that no effort is in vain and that there is no peak save for those who desire to climb it when you reach the top.

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Regardless of how good you are, someone must not like you. There must be someone who loves you, no matter how awful you are.

To be on the positive side of life, draw nearer to the Light.

If you keep attempting to claim anything in this life that has never been recorded as being yours, you will eventually get weary of it.

Without elevating oneself or belittling others, the lofty will be perceived.

The most precious gift Allah gave to his people, the Muslims, is Prophet Muhammad. I don’t want to avoid him.

It is God’s way of introducing you to His total love when human love rejects you.

The issue is not “where” you become noble, but rather “what else.” Anywhere will witness your goodness if you act in accordance with your values.

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Do not react violently if someone insults you. Listen! It might be God’s way of telling you what you need to work on.

How can you seek for anything other than Allah when you are aware that He controls both the bliss of your suffering and the outcome of your life and death?

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