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Write 3 reasons why chairman, matsushita konosuke succeeded.

Are you looking for write 3 reasons why chairman, matsushita konosuke succeeded. then this article is for you.

The largest Japanese consumer electronics firm, Panasonic, was founded by Japanese industrialist Knosuke Matsushita (, Matsushita Knosuke, 27 November 1894 – 27 April 1989). In Japan, Matsushita is known as the “God of Management.”

Knosuke Matsushita was born in Wakayama Prefecture on November 27, 1894. His father was one of the richest persons in the farming village of Wasa, which is now a part of Wakayama City. He was a wealthy landowner.

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Youth is a mental condition,
Beginning with the poem “Youth,” Konosuke Matsushita’s Message to Youth describes his lifelong commitment to fostering the development of young people, from his founding of the Employee Training Institute to his personal funding of the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management just before turning 85.

Konosuke was interested in the growth of the young, but he himself always yearned to remain youthful. In 1965, at a coming of age celebration in Kadoma City, the location of Matsushita Electric’s headquarters, Konosuke told his audience, “If I could, I would give up everything to be your age again.”

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Despite the difficulties he encountered, the founder persevered and paved the way for success after serving his apprenticeships in Semba and working for the electric light company. He started his business when he was only 23. What did Konosuke, who started down the path of becoming an industrialist at a young age, teach the following generation about his way of life and thinking? What did he expect of them?

Let’s examine the philosophy and outlook of the youthful Konosuke Matsushita, as well as the advice he frequently gave to aspiring businesspeople and new hires.

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