WWDC 2019: The 12 highlights for the pros

Several significant announcements for enterprise IT were made at Apple’s most recent Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2019), which was held June 3–7 in San Jose, California. These announcements include a Mac Pro with an XDR display, a specific operating system for the iPad, and an updated version of iOS 13.

Apple made a number of announcements on Monday, June 3 at 2:30 a.m., including a new Mac Pro, a significantly updated iOS 13 operating system, a new iPadOS, and planned updates to macOS “Catalina.” Here is a list of the most significant ones because many of these are relevant to enterprise users.

WWDC 2019: The 12 highlights for the pros

A supercharged Mac Pro with XDR display

Power users are incredibly drawn to Apple’s Mac Pro. The Apple company still aims to demonstrate that its platform is capable of supporting everything despite the anticipated technological specs (28-core Xeon processor, 1.5TB of memory, 8 PCIe connections, new graphics architecture, etc.). For instance, it enables Logic to manage more than 1,000 audio tracks and handle three 4K video streams concurrently and in real time. Even Mac Pro installations for rack space are feasible. Apple correctly asserts that their ecosystem includes every aspect of the environment, from production to consumption. The entry-level Mac Pro with the accompanying Pro Display XDR, which is also highly powerful, will cost about $12,000 before taxes. We can conclude that it isn’t truly a Mac for leisure at this price.

A high-end combination may cost more than tens of thousands of euros, while the entry-level Mac Pro with accompanying Pro Display XDR (above) would cost roughly $12,000 excluding tax. (Award: Apple)

Mac applications running on iPad

With Sidecar, an iPad may function as a second screen for a Mac. The key innovation with Sidecar is that it now works wirelessly as long as the devices are within 10 meters of one another, which is in addition to the fact that screen sharing can be incredibly helpful. It enables the use of the iPad as an additional screen or the mirror duplication of the Mac desktop. This implies that it is feasible to run macOS software, including the potent apps of a Mac Pro, while controlling what is happening using an iPad. The ability to run Mac apps on iPad will be useful for people who utilize numerous Apple devices, studio engineers in particular, as well as researchers and anyone else. The iPad can be used with the Mac as a graphics tablet thanks to Apple Pencil support.

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A dedicated iPad OS

The iPadOS operating system was developed specifically for the iPad. This powerful operating system is loaded with tools that increase the device’s productivity. In particular, iPadOS inherits a better version of Split View, lets users to navigate between apps in Slide Over while still using the main program, and – at long last! – supports external USB devices. (USB drives show up as a file server item in the Files app, similar to data stored there.) Mouse support will be an option in the Accessibility settings, even if Apple didn’t insist on it during its lengthy opening address.

Apps certified for macOS Catalina

All applications, even those sold and distributed outside the App Store, will need to be approved by Apple in order to function on macOS Catalina, adding still another layer of security. By permitting the usage of Catalina on their fleet of Mac computers, enterprise users will need to verify that their own applications are certified.

Performance improvements for iOS 13

Along with adding new features, Apple keeps working to make its iOS system’s architecture better. Due in part to 60% lighter applications, the company guarantees 30% performance gains and substantially faster application launches. The ability to save more photographs and videos on iPhones is just one benefit of this size reduction. Apple’s machine learning models, which now function across all of the company’s products while ensuring privacy, will examine the apps. Apple also said that although only 10% of Android devices are currently running Pie, 85% of current iOS devices are running iOS 12.

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An Apple Sign-In to strengthen security

Most companies should think about Sign-In with Apple. Users will be able to securely authorize the usage of services and applications without giving up privacy thanks to this California-based company’s reaction to Facebook and Google’s login systems. Given Apple’s privacy assurances, it appears that the functionality is primarily targeted at users of technology and services and is intended to directly compete with these rivals. But it also goes farther than that because so many businesses are now using Macs and iPhones, and Apple authentication may soon replace other methods as the de facto norm for extremely secure access to business software and services.

Swift gains speed

The new Swift UI was created to simplify the process of creating apps. By reducing the amount of code needed and accelerating UI development, deployable apps for all Apple platforms may be created more quickly.

A new “Find my Tool” tool

Apple has updated the Find My Mac software with a new feature (which itself combines Find My Friends and Find My iPhone). Since it uses short-range Bluetooth to send its location to any nearby iOS device, this function even when the Mac is off. Apple asserts that this procedure is private and secure, although a T2 chip is required on the Mac. As a result of this functionality, Activation Lock is also possible. It should help safeguard corporate data and make Macs far less appealing to thieves.

Voice control for all Apple platforms

With voice control, the user will be able to answer verbally and recognize the sender of any messages received through AirPods. Consider using this voice command on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. The new accessibility tool will be made available on all Apple systems starting this fall. For the majority of users, it offers greater ease, but voice control might be a game-changer for individuals who, up until now, had access to technology. Although voice control is nothing new, Apple’s method looks extremely logical. On Mac, iOS, and iPadOS, voice control will be available. Even simple actions like tapping, swiping, and scrolling are within your control.

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Augmented reality in the pipes

ARKit 3 and an augmented reality version of Minecraft were on display at Apple. The capability of placing a person in a virtual setting is one of the advantages. Field service technicians might be interested in this technology. Before going to the actual location, they can see how to handle and handle issues in the virtual space. It can still be used to foresee how crises, emergencies, and any other situation in which real people must face their response to situations in the actual world will be handled. New Common Object Libraries and the Reality Kit seem to be a blatant sign that Apple is preparing the foundation for some eagerly anticipated augmented reality (AR) glasses.

A dedicated store for the Apple Watch

Through its own App Store, Apple Watch will be able to run existing apps and add new ones without using the iPhone. The well-liked accessory becomes even less dependent on a smartphone. The Apple Watch is eventually replacing the iPhone as a practical alternative for some tasks. Enterprise users will also be impacted by this increased battery life.

Bad news though

Apple has acknowledged that some outdated iPhone models won’t be supported by its iOS 13 operating system. You do need an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus or newer to operate the new mobile operating system. Therefore, Apple’s new mobile operating system won’t be compatible with the enduringly popular iPhone SE.

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