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Download Now Cash Loan App Apk For Free

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NowCash Nigeria is not to be confused with CashNow which is an UAE loan app that is available only to Emirati citizens, and NowCash.in it operates as an Indian loan application that is available to exclusively Indian residents. Due to the increase in the number of lenders and borrowers across the nation, this problems could be anticipated.

What is Now Cash loan app?

Now Cash is an Nigerian fintech company that provides the borrowers with short-term loans via its mobile app. It has an intuitive and simple to use interface . Even those who don’t own an account with a bank credit card, NowCash makes instant loans available to anyone. Based on AI technologies and cloud-based computing NowCash performs a sophisticated credit screening and risk management, while offering a simple loan experience.

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How to apply for NowCash loan?

Instantly get a loan in just 5 easy steps:

* Download and download NowCash Loan App.

Download and install app NowCash available for download for free from the Google Play store!
Quick and simple advance loan application process.

 You can apply for cash loans in accordance with the amount you require.

* Give basic information and bank information

Send an application to get approval

* The amount you have approved will be credited to your account in 30 minutes.

What is the interest rate for Now Cash loan

The interest rate for NowCash loans ranges from 12 – 18 APR. For instance:
If a client takes out the amount of N9,000 over 180 days (6 months) The APR is 18%.
The total Interest is 9000 NGN. 18 percent180/365 equals 799 NGN.
The monthly installment will be (9000 NGN + 799 NGN )/6 = 1633 NGN.
The total amount of repayment will be the sum of 9799 NGN. Remember that your exact rate of interest may differ from these because every the interest rates are calculated in a different way depending upon your credit rating as well as other indicators.

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The loan term is 90 – 360 days, the amount of loan up to 300,000
There aren’t any long lines there are no long wait time There are no collaterals or guarantors required. All you need is your phone.

The advantages of the Now Cash loan app are:

1.Safe reliable, efficient, and confidential
2.Low cost of borrowing, long-term, flexible repayment plan
3.7*24 hour online reviews

Does Now Cash have a legit business?

Yes, the app seems to be legitimate. There are no scam claims in the reviews on the Play Store thou a lot of users complain about bad service and unsatisfactory loans that are sent directly to bank accounts. One user complained that they only application downloaded and did not agree to the loan they offered, but the loan was credited to their bank account regardless and they now have to be responsible for the cost of interest. Be cautious when you use this application.

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Read their privacy policies attentively to get a full understanding of the ways they collect or use, safeguard or handle your Personal Identifiable information.

Now Cash Contact and Customer Service

If you have additional concerns, please get in touch with the NowCash customer service at
Email: nowcash@gmail.com
Visit the head office address 52 IJIAYE ROAD IKEJA LAGOS, OGBA

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