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AllCredit Loan: Apply And Get Loan Now

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AllCredit loan application is an Nigerian personal loan service that provides fast and secure small and medium-sized loans. The app for smartphones allows users to get loans of up to N600,000 in unsecured loans with no collateral or documents.

Unsecured loans are an unsecured loan which doesn’t require collateral or a down payment to get. It’s usually short-term and has extremely high interest rates.

allcredit loan
allcredit loan

AllCredit will be able to assist entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses and aid individuals in urgent situations such as utility bills that are not paid or car repairs emergency situations in the family. You are able to take care of these urgent requirements with the immediate credit they provide.

With AllCredit There is no lengthy wait, there is no long line, and there is no need for collateral. You just need an iPhone to be able to access the instant money that’s deposited right in your banking account.

Do not take out an online loan application to finance your daily expenses. The short-term loan is useful for times of need, but they are quite expensive when compared with long-term loans , and must be handled with caution.

AllCredit loan application lets you get a personal loan easy by making use of the information on your phone with your details to confirm your identity and establish your credit score.

A loan in Nigeria via banks or other sources of funding can be long and time-consuming. It requires documentation such as collateral that most people do not have. That’s why services like this are extremely beneficial especially in times of need.

While the app is fairly new, the feedback from customers is positive. The app has received over 100k downloads from the Google play store , but with mixed reviews. It utilizes a loan software to gather customer information such as phone numbers, bank alerts for transactions, BVN to build the credit score of every borrower.

In order to be eligible for greater amounts, ensure that you keep your bank transaction information on your mobile and don’t have any outstanding debts from loans from other lenders!

How to download Allcredit loan APK and apply for Allcredit loan

  • Download the personal loan application AllCredit available from the Google Playstore and install it on the back of your Android phone.
  • Create an account using your mobile number.
  • It is recommended that the number you have linked to the BVN as a one-time password will be provided to it to verify.
  • Input your basic Know-yourcustomer KYC details, which include your address of residence, your next of kin, and the details of your job.
  • You’ll also have to submit you with your Biometric confirmation number BVN.
  • It will cost you N30 to connect the ATM debit card on your bank account to increase your chances of receiving an amount that is higher.
  • One-time security code OTP can be sent via your mobile to verify your information.
  • When you submit an application for a loan, program will evaluate your credit score. The final results will be displayed in the application.
  • The final result should be available within less than 2 minutes. If you are eligible for a loan, the amount will be deposited into your bank account within around five minutes.
  • You must ensure that you’re using an appropriate phone with sufficient memory as you’ll have to take an authentic live selfie for identification.
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It is important to note that affixing your ATM card with N30 doesn’t ensure that you’ll receive a loan. However, you still must be able to pass the credit score test.

The N30 charge to tie to your ATM credit card with your bank account is refundable however it could take between 7 to 12 days for the money to be returned in your banking account.

Your BVN is connected with your credit rating. So should you have an outstanding loan with another lender or failed to pay any other lender in full when they were due you can expect to be denied.

Credit score a summary of previous loans and the time you pay your bills cash transactions coming into as well out of your account and other details.

After downloading this app, you will need to agree to it in order to gain access to the contacts in your phone book that can act as your guarantors. text messages to view your bank transactions, and apps on your phone to track how you interact with other loan applications as well as other data it uses to improve the credit score.

While AllCredit offers loans to certain customers, some have complained that the app took funds from their accounts after they had bind their ATM cards. Be cautious when using this loan application.

Are AllCredit loan app legitimate or fraud?

It is true that AllCredit Loan app an official loan app that offers micro and medium term loans of 600,000 dollars to customers, however, it comes with very high interest rates and bugs that hinder seamless registration. It is important to be cautious prior to making any online loan. Make sure you read the reviews of other customers prior to applying for loans in Nigeria.

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It is important to know that these loan applications aren’t licensed or regulated through CBN, CBN or any other government organization in Nigeria. You are accountable for the safety of your transactions through them , and there’s no recourse to redress poor customer service.

Its availability as a feature on the Google Play Store does not ensure that transactions made on it are safe. The store only provides the possibility of downloading but you are ultimately responsible for your own security making use of loan applications in Nigeria.


  • Registration is simple and effortless.
  • It is not a way to denigrate customers who fall short of their loan repayments unlike the majority of loan applications that operate in Nigeria.
  • Students may use it in the event of an emergency
  • It’s real, it’s been confirmed by the admin that they actually offer loans.
  • Absolutely online, no collateral needed.
  • A large loan amount, as high as 80000.


  • A short loan period, specifically for those who are new to the loan, begins with just 7 days.
  • High interest rates for very small amounts of loans.
  • A high rejection percentage.
  • The app works only on Android smartphones.
  • Problems with networking that could hinder card binding.
  • There is no functional customer service

When you take out a loans, you should be aware of the repayment schedule. If you are taking an 60-day loan with two installments of repayment The app could attempt to automatically debit your account when the due date is the first installment, and may charge you for overdue fees before the expiration date of the 60 days.

You can modify your ATM card’s password to avoid auto debit. This application has been found to purposely auto debit customers, even after they’ve completed transactions through bank transfers.

There is no regulation in Nigeria the majority applications are more like loan sharks that could threaten to send out messages to your family members , calling you a fraudster when you fail to pay your loan. Avoid these apps if you do not have other alternatives.

If you’re being harassed or bullied by a loan sharks in Nigeria Check out the following facebook group where you can seek assistance and learn about the experiences of others who have been victimized by loan applications.

What do other borrowers have to say about the app? Allcredit loan app

ISAAC MOSES wrote, “The amount I was interested in was not the one I was offered. I refused the offer, I clicked on something else, and within minutes, my account was debited with the amount I wasn’t interested in, and. They transferred the money to me, and they are now asking me to make a payment for interest on the loan that I was not initially interested in. I certainly wouldn’t, as there is no customer support available to get a an answer. I am still adamant on my word that I will not be paying the amount of interest.”

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Francis Abah wrote, “Very terrible application! The app credited your account without receiving your approval, no customer service to communicate with.Gave me a loan that I did not apply for as I downloaded the app to check the interest rate and was a credit warning. The app uses a poor payment system, the app is not to my taste when compared with other loan apps. In overall, the app needs a lot to work.”

Emaimo Omoregie wrote, “I have paid my loans for more than 2 days, but it’s still showing. There isn’t a Customer Service number. Update the app to provide better service to customers. They don’t let you to review a loan prior to simply transfer it to your account.”

Allcredit loan interest rates

The credit limit ranges from NGN 3000 to NGN 600,000
* Service cost: ranging between 1% and 10 percent
* Maximum interest rate: APR is 30 percent each year,0.41 to 2.5 percent per month
The late fee is a one-time charge equal to 3% the outstanding amount due
* The minimum period of repayment offered is 91 days
* Maximum period of repayment offered is 180 days

 Examples of Fees: Four months loan repayment terms, the month’s interest rate is at 2 per cent. the service charge is 1%. If the loan with a principal in N6,000, interest rate would amount to N 6,000 22%4=N480 The service fee is N6,000 1 %4=N240 The total amount to be paid would be N6,720. You can pay a monthly payment of N1,680.

Be aware that this rate of interest and loan period is just an example. Expect your actual loan amount and duration to be much shorter However, you can enhance the quality of your loan by repaying the loan in time and maintaining a positive credit rating.

AllCredit Loan App customer support number

 Customer service phone: 08168505208
1.Email: allcreditsupport@gmail.com
2.Address: 85 Ojuelegba Rd, Surulere 101230, Lagos, Nigeria

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