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Home Banking Palmpay Recharge2Cash – how to convert your airtime credit to money

Palmpay Recharge2Cash – how to convert your airtime credit to money

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Palmpay has returned with a new and exciting feature. It’s called Recharge2Cash by PalmPay. In this article reveal all the details about it, and how you can make use of it.

Palmpay Recharge2Cash

Palmpay Recharge2Cash

What is PalmPay Recharge2Cash?

PalmPay Recharge2Cash offers a secure quick, simple, and fast method of converting your surplus airtime into cash.

There is a convenience charge to access this feature. Convenience fees are a modest cost that is charged from PalmPay for the conversion of your time into cash with Recharge2Cash.

There is a way to change anything between 50 naira to N5,000 or 100,000 naira in just a few hours.

How do you convert your airtime into cash using Palmpay?

To convert or sell your credit or airtime into real cash, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select on the Recharge2Cash symbol at the PalmPay homepage.
  2. Please enter the phone number that you would like to share with,
  3. Log into the page using an MTN OTP sent to your phone
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to share
  5. Verify the amount you’d receive following the deduction for service fee,
  6. You must enter your MTN Share Airtime pin, and watch for the funds to be transferred. are transferred into account PalmPay account.
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Palmpay Recharge2Cash FAQ

Why can’t I to convert my airtime using PalmPay Recharge2Cash after having set an Airtime PIN?

(1)If your MTN prepay account does not contain enough time to be able to cover the amount that you asked in order to make a transfer, your transfer is not successful and you’ll get the error code.

(2)The most minimal sum that is able to be converted into the cash market is. It is possible to make transfers between N50.00 to N5,000.00 in one transaction.

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(3)The time transfer feature was designed to let subscribers use airtime within their networks. i.e. MTN only MTN from MTN.

(4)You are able to transfer credit in whole Naira amounts that do not require kobo. i.e. you can only transfer N71.00 and not N71.99.

(5)If the account is a customer with a postpaid account, you’ll be allowed to transfer airtime if your account is in good standing. It will be impossible to transfer airtime if your account balance is negative. (-). In this case, for example, if your balance on your account is N-300.00.

There is a limit on the amount of time I can convert into money within a day?

To use MTN mobiles, you’re allowed to exchange between N50-N5,000 in one transaction, and up to N100,000 the course of a single day.

Is PalmPay Recharge2Cash function on every network?

In the moment, the recharge2cash service is currently only accessible to MTN customers. Other networks are coming soon.

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I successfully converted my airtime, however the money hasn’t been transferred to my account as of yet.

The payment could delay due to issues with the network. Contact a customer service agent with the full details of the transaction , and we’ll get it fixed within the shortest possible time.

Where can I get my cash after the sale of airtime? What time do I have to wait?

You can examine you PalmPay Balance to ensure the payment after you have successfully converted your airtime into cash. The payment will be processed within two hours after sale’s completion.


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