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Palmpay USSD Code To Transfer, Check Balance & For Airtime Purchase

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Are you looking for Palmpay used to code for transfer, checking balance, and or buying airtime then this post is for you.

I am very sure you know a reliable app that will save you a lot from daily bank dealings

It is lovely to know that with the Palmpay USSD code, you can easily make transfers, check balances and buy airtime anywhere around the world.

This post is all about Palmpay USSD Code to transfer, check balance & for airtime purchase

  • Send money between Palmpay users as well as other banks
  • Check your balance, without the internet
  • Also, for 24-7 airtime purchases with no hassle

Let’s look at how you can pay for your pal pay account using used codes.

palmpay ussd code
palpably used code

How to fund your PalmPay wallet using used code

To use Palmpay used code follow the steps below:

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Step 1: dial your mobile bank codes (read this article here to see your mobile bank codes)

Step 2: Type the amount you want to fund your account

Step 3: enter your Palmpay account number (your Palmpay account number is your phone number without the first 0)

Step 4: Search for pal pay bank

Step 5: Enter your pin

Step 6: Your Palmpay account will be funded 

PalmPay code to transfer money

I am going to show you how to send money without paying any bank charges, VAT, or Postal Duty Charges. In fact, instead of paying bank charges, you will learn how to make a profit from every transaction.

  • Step 1Sign up with Palmpay. Ensure you keep your pin safe as you will be needing it to process your transactions.
  • Step 2: Download the Palmpay app from Google Playstore
  • Step 3: After Downloading the app, fund your wallet by clicking on the fund.
  • Step 4: Fund your account by adding a valid Debit card. Note: your debit card detail is safe with Palmpay. And it’s free to fund your wallet.
  • Step 5: After funding your wallet, you can then proceed to the homepage where you’ll click on send money.
  • Step 6: After clicking on send money, you can either send to a bank account or other Palmpay accounts. To send to a bank account, click on the bank.
  • Step 7: Fill in the appropriate details of the receiver
  • Step 8: Confirm the receiver’s details. You’ll see that the fee is free of charge. No bank charges.
  • Step 9: Confirm the transaction by inputting your pin. The transaction would be confirmed and the receiver would receive the money instantly.
  • Note: Transfer to another bank is free for the first ten transactions. Use palmprints to avoid bank charges for the remaining transactions
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PalmPay Ussd Code to verify the balance

Similar to the way it works using USSD code to transfer funds, the adored FinTech application hasn’t yet introduced the use of codes to monitor your balance.

If you’re looking to check your balance on your palmpay you must access it via the app for palmpay. This requires you to have a phone with an internet connection as well as some mobile data on it.

PalmPay USSD for airtime purchase

After downloading the Palmpay mobile app try to look for the ‘airtime’ button. then you can buy the amount of time that you desire.

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We hope we have been able to provide you with meaningful information about Palmpay USSD Code to transfer, check balance & for airtime purchase


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