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Home Banking Palmpay Loan App, Code, Interest Rate, Repayment, Loan Extension

Palmpay Loan App, Code, Interest Rate, Repayment, Loan Extension

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If you’re searching for Palmpay used loan code review, application review or review, interest rate or the loan’s repayment, or other information, you’re at the right spot.

Interest on loans from PalmPay

PalmPay loan interest rates are between 3 to 10 percent of the loan principal. This is an acceptable amount considering the risk for the business.

Additionally, you might have to confirm their interest as it could be different from time to time and particularly at the date of this article.

palmpay loan code
pal pay loan code


Repayment of PalmPay loans is very simple. Log in with the app and pay it. You’ll see a choice to repay right in the app.

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You could also pay the payment directly through your bank, instead of utilizing the app initially. The options are accessible within your Palmpay loan application.

App apk download

The application can be downloaded and installed via the play store for Android users or the Apple App Store for iPhone users.

PalmPay app doesn’t take up the entire smartphone, therefore you don’t need to be able to use a lot of available space before downloading it.

PalmPay Loan extension

You might be thinking about prolonging my PalmPay loan. Is it even possible? The positive is you can extend the loan straight in the application.

Log in, and then select the loan tab. Below on the home page of the app. There you will see your overdue loan. Below you will find the option to extend the loan.

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Click on the button, and follow the directions that follow.

app review

The Palmpay application is super simple to use. The distinctive user interface (UI) is well-designed by skilled developers.

Furthermore, it has been the 5 stars of 4+ over 5 on Google Play Store and this means that users are pleased with the app.

On nairaland

The only reliable and safe source to borrow money from Palmpay is via their app, not through Nairaland or any other website.

Be wary of anyone who claims to be a PP agent in Nigeria to avoid falling for fraud.

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The Palmpay loan code

The moment that Palmpay is in operation, it is not able to offer the use of USSD code for its customers. The company has yet to provide used codes for accessing its services. To get cash through the Palmpay platform, go here

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