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How to apply for FCMB Fast cash loan

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We live in a time when loan and bank apps continue to release an exemplary loan product. FCMB isn’t out of the game of fast loans, they have created a loan offering known as FCMB quick cash loan that is specifically for those who require funds to cover an expense.

The best part about this loan can be that there is no have to offer collateral or other paper work. You don’t have to visit a bank. With the click of your phone the loan will be paid within minutes.

There is a requirement that you must meet to be able to get this type of loan. this is the main goal of this article. guide you on how to be eligible for FCMB fast loans and the other important things to consider.

What are the criteria to be considered for FCMB fast cash loan

Functioning bank account
Before you can avail this FCMB fast cash loan , you require a valid bank account with them . Also, the account must be open for at least six months.

The reason behind this is to increase your creditworthiness.

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The I’d issued by the government is a card issued by the government.

Fcmb’s fast cash loan is designed to be used by Nigerian so you must have an ID card that can confirm that you are the Nigerian. You may provide your NIN when you have one.

Bank Verification Number
Are there any people who has no BVN in Nigeria If so, you should acquire one since you require it to establish a fcmb bank account in the event that you don’t own one.

You haven’t defaulted on your loan before.
You should not have been in default on any loan in the past in order to be eligible for the loan. If you’ve done this, you’ll be unable to apply for the loan.

Benefits of FCMB quick cash loan

Maybe you’re thinking of taking a look at a different loan option check out the below information to reconsider your decision.

Fast payout

Fcmb cash loans are swift in its disbursement, so you do not have to wait forever. The loan will be available within 24 hours of application.

You can avail up to $200,000 of loan at FCMB.

Fast cash loan, but as a new borrower, you will not be able to take out this amount. However, as you begin to utilize the loan and pay it back frequently, the amount that you are able to borrow will increase.

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There is no paper work or collateral like NAPO loan, which requires collateral, with this loan you do not require any form to fill in

Fcmb fast cash loans are not biased and is aimed at both salary earners and non-salary earners, so even in the event that you don’t earn a salary , you are still eligible to apply.

You are able to apply multiple times in the event that you have a an outstanding records

the interest rate plus USSD codes for FCMB quick cash loan

To obtain the loan, dial *329*11# on your sim that is connected with your Access bank, and follow the prompts.

The rate of interest varies. for those who earn a salary, it’s 8.8%, but for those who are not salaried workers it’s 15percent per month. it also depends on the amount needed for

Other kinds of loans from FCMB

Premium salary of Fcmb

This offer is aimed at employees of large and well-known organizations with a positive rating on the Moody scale, and at least BB rating.

The loan comes with a long repayment period but the amount depends on the amount of the loan. You can get up to $2000,000 loan using this product.

FCMB auto loan

This offer is for those who would like to buy a car but do not have the money. FCMB offers a loan that you can use to purchase any vehicle you wish, but you must be able to pay at minimum thirty percent price of the car you wish to buy, this will demonstrate the seriousness of your purchase.

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Fcmb Credit Card

For this type of loan, you’ll receive credit card that is able to be used purchase items and services at anytime time. Before you can apply for this kind of loan , you should have been with FCMB at minimum for six months.

The FCMB salary and loan

This is only for those who have a salary account at fcmb. If you have a salary-based account with them, you are qualified to receive at minimum half of your income in the form of the laon.

For instance, if your monthly salary per month is $100,000, you can get #50,000 in credit


Here is how you can be eligible to receive FCMB quick cash loan as well as how to apply. The way we advise our readers: take loans that you are sure you will repay in order to avoid the problems I’m sure.

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