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Top Loan Organizations In Nigeria To Borrow In 2022

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Loan Organizations In Nigeria are growing however, with many that charge high interest rates, it’s worthwhile to look at those that offer higher rates, based on reviews by users.

The option of borrowing money is one the methods to fulfill your requirements even if the money you have isn’t sufficient. It’s not too bad when you consider the power it has to improve your credit bureau’s profile.
With numerous institutions offering different interest rates for the credit you are offered and borrowing money which has the lowest rate will go well, particularly with the total amount you’ll be able to repay easily.

There is no better option than not to be the victim of more, being slammed by SMS, and other negative effects of late payment than to look into one of the most reputable Loan Organizations In Nigeria with positive reviews from customers.

Loan Organizations In Nigeria
loan organizations in Nigeria

The majority of the credit facilities that are easy to access are personal loans with high risk companies with interest rates that range between 7% and 40% based on the lender and the length of time you borrowed the money.

There are organizations that offer low-risk loans for both business and personal use . The rates are better, ranging from 2 to 10 percent subject to your earnings, your employment type and the nature of business size and total amount.

However, you are able to find what you need in an emergency situation no matter if it’s for personal or business requirements.

Below are the top Loan Organizations In Nigeria according to customer reviews and our tests:

1. Credit Nigeria

CreditNigeria is among the top Loan Organizations In Nigeria with an innovative model of services.

The service lets you request a loan with ease by filling out a form that will be sent to a variety of lenders that meet your creditworthiness according to the information you provide.

It combines the offers of Loan Organizations In Nigeria which includes Baobab Microfinance Bank, Renmoney, Page Financials, CSAdvance and many more.

CreditNigeria is a completely web-based application that needs only your browser to connect to its services, regardless of what operating system your device is running.

A credit line from this lender requires a high credit score and taking into account the needs for its partner companies, having a steady source of income can give you the chance to get an instant loan.

The turnaround time is contingent the partner that the application is sent to, but if you are able to view the views of its partner companies’ websites you could be credits within one day and two days following submission.

While there’s a minimum of N 10,000 that you could apply, your total amount does not exceed N 5 million. This will suffice for the majority of credit needs.

When you look at the websites of its partners on their websites, the interest rates will vary from 2% to 5 percent per month, which is a good deal in comparison to the personal loan organizations that are popular in Nigeria.


2. Carbon

Formerly (and often) called PayLater, Carbon Loan is an online loan application that lets you access loans in Nigeria within a matter of minutes.

The loan app, which has been in operation for three years, boasts of it’s “simple digital finance management platform” which provides immediate online loans to satisfy unexpected and immediate cash demands.

Cabon uses Your bank’s verification numbers (BVN) to calculate your credit score. The loan amount can be all the way up to N 20,000,000 whereas the interest rates can vary.

Carbon is accessible online and also in mobile applications (Android as well as iOS). It is thought to be among the most reliable loan organization in Nigeria.

The rates of interest range between 5 to 15 percent. It’s based on the duration of loan repayment as well as the amount you’d like to get.

Carbon is also one of the leading lending organizations across Nigeria, Carbon provides a platform to its customers to increase their airtime, transfer funds, and even pay their bills.

To apply for a cabon loan,

  • You must download and install the Carbon application.
  • You need to have the Banking Verification Number (BVN)
  • You have to provide basic information like name, telephone numbers and other details.
  • A picture of you that you might need to snap in real-time using your smartphone using the application.
  • Account details.

Get Carbon is no doubt one of the most reputable loan companies in Nigeria.

3. Fairmoney

In terms of credit to use for private purposes, Fairmoney is one of the loan organizations in Nigeria that you can avail of.

It’s a microfinance organization along with other services, including bills payment and purchase of airtime which are potential causes for an increase in credit value assessment.

With Fairmoney you can get access to an amount ranging from N1 500 up to as much as 1 million naira in order to meet your requirements.

To get a loan from Fairmoney it is necessary to download the mobile application that is available for Android and iOS users.

Fairmoney is an acceptable credit history comparable to Carbon and a few other loan organizations in Nigeria. The more you make use of Fairmoney, the more the amount of money you’ll be allowed to access.

The process of obtaining the requested funds takes just a few minutes, with the use of a few checks when you’ve added the bank information you have, including your bank account, card information and bank verification number.


4. Branch

Another loan organization which offers fast loan online in Nigeria. You can access loans ranging from N1,000 to N200,000 in less than 24 hours with a repayment term between 4 and 40 weeks.

It is widely believed as one of the most trusted platforms through which allow you to obtain an online loan due to how it operates.

The rate of interest is between 15 to 34 percent. As an unsecured borrower, you don’t require any income-producing assets or collateral in order to obtain an loan.

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The rates of interest are determined by a variety of aspects, such as the history of repayment by the lender and what the costs of loaning the branch.

This branch makes it easier for Nigerians to obtain loans anywhere in the country without physical commitments or collateral.

It’s very simple to make an application for a branch of a loan just follow the steps below.

  • Download Branch. Download the Branch application. Utilize an Android smartphone to install Branch through the Google Play store.
  • Register your account. Fill out a straightforward form in less than 30 seconds. Submit to be reviewed quickly.
  • Request the amount you require.
  • The loan will be deposited into the account of your choice.

It is not a surprise that Branch International is one of the top loan organizations in Nigeria as well as Africa.

Download the app and then provide the following details:

  • Your bank verification number(BVN)
  • Your personal details
  • Number for phone
  • Valid bank account details.
  • Your occupation information.
  • Then you can get the loan within just a few minutes.

5. Renmoney

Renmoney is among the most reputable loan organization in Nigeria offering micro-business loans that can reach N6 million.

For the Renmoney SME loan it is necessary to have an accurate income statement for your company and be able to show regular monthly income to repay.

The minimum amount for a loan is N100,000. The rate of interest is 2.8 percent per month.

Renmoney Microfinance lender that is proud to be the most efficient lending company in Nigeria with innovative products that provide great customer service.

Requirements for RenMoney Loans

  • You need to have an active and current account at the commercial bank of Nigeria.
  • Business owners and employees must prove their monthly income and must be able to show a clean credit report.
  • You must be in the between the ages of 22 and 59.
  • The statement must be valid for a period of up to 6 months. necessary, and there should be no issues with a cheque returned.
  • You should have a current passport photograph as well as an identity card to prove you are a member of your business.
  • Your earnings must be at a high level as an employee or have a flourishing business

6. Lidya

Lidya is among the top loan organizations in Nigeria. It was founded in November of 2016 in order to bridge the gap in credit in Nigeria and in emerging markets.

Businesses looking to obtain an loan through Lidya can apply via the internet or their mobile phones and take a decision within couple of hours after all conditions are satisfied.

The amount of the loan in Lidya can be between N 150,000 and greater with an interest cost of 3.5 percent per month.


In order to be eligible to request a loan from Lydia the following requirements must be met:

  1. You need to upload your six-month bank statement.
  2. You need to have an active account that is registered with Bank Verification Number (BVN)

If you’re seeking a company or business credit, you need to provide proof of ownership of the company that has been operating for at least six months.

Additionally, Lydia only provides loans for established companies, not for new businesses. The good thing is that Lydia’s loan doesn’t need collateral to be used to provide the loan.

Application procedure;

  • The first step is to sign up to be a Lydia on the Lydia website.
  • Select the loan type you’d like to use
  • Transfer your loan in your Lydia account

7. KiaKia Loan

KiaKia Loan is a platform that allows you to get an loan from Nigeria for yourself or an entity.

Its lending system, backed by Sterling Bank Plc, also allows savers to take out loans via negotiated interest rates through simple conversations.

Minimum loan amounts begins at N50,000, with the rate at 3.5 percent per month.

Application procedure;

  • Visit the website to create an account using your correct information.
  • Create an application chat on the website.
  • Upload a valid form of identification.
  • Enter your desired loan amount.
  • Select the loan term.
  • Send a picture of your three most recent salary or income-related alerts for business.

8. Social Lender

Social lenders is one lending organization that was established in 2014. It’s based on the reputation of a person’s through social networks, on the internet or mobile apps.

It is a great option to those who are in urgent need of cash but do not have access to formal credit.

Social lender rates each user in accordance with their social profile, using its own algorithm designed to perform the social inspection or scrutinization of the user’s social media and on online platforms.

To apply for loans through a social lenders, follow the steps in the following steps;

  • The first step is to download the social lending application.
  • After downloading the application, and then sign for an account.
  • After you have completed the sign-up process, you can submit an application for the loan will be submitted.
  • You must wait for the an answer from the lender
  • Get a loan

It’s uncomplicated.

9. QuickCheck

QuickCheck can provide up to NGN 500,000 in instant loan online from Nigeria within minutes. For those who are first-time users you are only able to access as much as 10,000 N for a month.

The terms of repayment for quick check stipulate that loan repayments made early ensures lower interest rates as well as larger sums.

In addition, the interest is paid only for the period that you take the loan. Like many other lending platforms, QuickCheck needs your BVN for verification and security purposes.

A bank account number is required for the repayment of your loan.

10. Fint Loan

The Fint Loan is loan platform which connects lenders with customers. Investors can register as loan lenders via the site and then connect lenders with borrowers in need of loans.

The loans are backed by an agreed-upon interest rate based on the amount of loan. If you’re an investor or someone who is looking to boost your earnings by borrowing this is best platform for you.

Individuals are able to borrow as little as N 20, and a maximum of N one million whereas businesses can take out loans all the way to N 20million. It is among the most prominent loan organizations in Nigeria.

You can get loans by asking your business to apply to receive a payday loan. Or you can search through the businesses that are in partnership in partnership with Fint Loans.

A few of the companies that are that are in partnership with Fint loan include: Thrive Agric First Registrars, Farm Forte, Vetiva, Paystack, Old Mutual.

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The best thing about fint loans is that it includes calculators that aid you in calculating the loan’s repayment plan. To calculate this, select the category that is applicable to you, as well as the amount you’re taking out, and the length. It will then calculate the amount you’ll be able to pay back every month.

Fint loans, however, have its own requirements, which are set out below.

  1. You must be able to establish an existing Nigerian bank account
  2. You need to be carrying the number BVN (bank confirmation number)
  3. The minimum age is 21 or older
  4. You have a copy of your statement of account
  5. Photocopies of your valid Nigerian ID card is required to be displayed

11. C24 Loan

Are you an area that is eligible for bank loans as a result of your weak credit file and are searching for an alternative to obtaining a loan beyond the bank?

C24 is the best option because it is the best choice for students and those who require a personal loans for consumers. C24 offers retail loans to customers looking for quick financial solutions.

C24 loan comes with the minimum amount of N40 000, and the maximum limit for a fresh client is 750,000. Old or existing customers the limit is set at N1,000,000, based on the borrower’s capability to repay the loan based on a the verifiable income level along with other criteria for selection. The loans are generally intended to be short-term and for bridges until the next paycheck.

The rate of interest typically is between 12% and 60%, and the repayment schedule can be adapted, meaning that you won’t have to file for bankruptcy in order to repay.

12. Jumia Loan

Established through Jumia, Jumia loan organization is a fast cash lending platform that allows users to get immediate loans the hours or in a matter of minutes after filling out the form.

It’s easy to get a loan because it doesn’t require lengthy forms. It also has very low interest rates, and it takes just a few minutes to obtain the loan after the loan application has been accepted.

The loan doesn’t require any collateral. This loan is accessible through the Jumia application.

In order to be eligible for a loan through Jumia Platform, you must follow the following steps. Jumia Platform, there are procedures to follow

  • In the beginning, you must access JumiaPay’s Android app.
  • Then, go to ‘loans under the ‘Financial Services section.
  • Complete the required information needed of you.
  • The process of approval can take a few minutes following when you receive an email asking to know your details to be disbursed.
  • Once you have provided your information, immediately, the loan is deposited into your account.

13. Okash Loan

Okash loan company, which is controlled by Opera One of the giants of technology operates an online lending platform located in Nigeria.

The organization has proved to be among the most reliable organizations that offer loans in Nigeria All you have to do in order to receive a loan quickly from this organization is to

  • Get the Okash mobile application
  • Make an account on their site.
  • Complete your information as is appropriate.
  • If you wait for approval, within 24 hours, you will be able to get your credit.

14.Specta Loan

Specta Loans is a lending platform that is owned by Sterling Bank, which provides users with an emergency loan in Nigeria.

The company offers three different loan options that include Specta4Business that allows access to loans for businesses MySpecta for fast loans up to 5 million NGN within 5 minutes, and then the SpectaScore tool for assessing your creditworthiness, forecasting your network’s performance, and finally.

It doesn’t need any paperwork or collateral.

15. Lendigo

Lendigo provides an SME credit facility provider with interest rates ranging at 3.5 percent to 4.75 percent, it’s one of the top loan organizations in Nigeria for business.

The amount you are able to access is contingent upon what you do with your business , with distributors having access to upwards of 20 million naira. E-commerce merchants with as high as 10 million naira. This also applies to businesses that are POS-based and other SMEs with a qualifying.

As a high-value money provider, it’s necessary to have a company for at least 6 months and have a steady income prior to being eligible to obtain credit facilities from Lendigo.

The application process is easy through this lending company, that allows you to choose between its website-based portal or to make your application by signing up through its mobile app.


16. Creditpal

CredPal is among the loan organizations in Nigeria which incorporates the credit card model in its services.

With various plans for credit card plans you have access to as much as a million dollars with an additional million naira in loan.

Its approach is different in it is that interest paid based on the running credit that is used up from your total available credit. This means that if your account is able to access the maximum amount of N 40 000, and at the close of the month you’ve only used N15 000, you’ll only be charged interest on that N 15 000.

CredPal requires a steady source of income being considered to apply for their service, therefore, it is this is not a place for the not working.

Due to its structure it is not necessary to make an application for credit. Once you’ve registered and received the balance, you can utilize it any time so long as you haven’t used it up.


17. Baobab Micro Finance Bank

There is no list of loan organizations for business in Nigeria without including Baobab Microfinance Bank, thanks to their partnerships that are growing with other businesses that help them reach a wider customers.

With the SME credit line, you can avail your company and yourself an amount that ranges from N 20 10,000 to 10 million Naira.

With regard to tenor it is possible to have loan for as little period of 6 months and up to 24 months to pay back the credit.

Furthermore the interest rate decreases when you pay a greater amount over a longer time, but when you default to six-month period, you’ll be faced with a 4.7 percent interest on a the monthly basis.

The process of requesting a loan from Baobab MFB requires you to visit their website to complete your application.

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18. CoolBucks

At 3.5 percent monthly interest for a specific loan, CoolBucks’ credit is one of the top loan oragnizations in Nigeria.

When you work with this loan provider you are able to request credit for up to 5 million naira , which you are able to repay over 12 months.

If you require money for only 2 or 3 months CoolBucks may not be the best option since you’re required to pay for an minimum duration of three months.

CoolBucks is among the loan providers in Nigeria that makes use of technology to facilitate its service delivery . Therefore the application process will be handled through its mobile app and website and you will not have to visit any office.

Its requirements are flexible , and it is expected that you easily provide the required information when applying for the form.


19. Bridge Credit

Bridge Credit is one of the most reputable loan oraganizations in Nigeria with regard to its interest rates.

With its credit facilities for those who reside in Nigeria it is possible to access five million naira over between two and the maximum of 10 months.

The initial step of a loan application process is completed via its website. You may be required to visit their office in order to complete the application based on the specifics of your request.

Like CoolBucks the requirements for this program are flexible. With details such as BVN, identity cards as well as banking information being the important element for the application, you’ll be able to start with ease.


20. X3 Leasing

X3 Leasing is another provider of credit for individuals and organizations in Nigeria.

This lender permits you to get credit facilities ranging from N50,000 and 5 million naira, with an tenor that is not more than 12 months.

Applications are made via the MyX3 portal. It is possible to submit your request simply by filling out the necessary information along with each required document to be considered in the process for your application.

With 5% monthly rate of interest of borrowed cash, X3 is worthy of being listed among the top loan companies in Nigeria.


21. Credit Direct

Credit Direct is one of the most well-known organizations for non-bank loans in Nigeria.

With its credit facility it is possible to apply for a minimum amount of N100 000,000 that will not exceed N2.5 million Naira.

It is an interest rate of 5% that is repaid on a every month until the expiration date of the loan’s tenor.

Although you can easily fill out your application via its website, an office visit may be necessary if certain documents are required.

But as is the case with many loan institutions in Nigeria typically, statements, documents, banking details , and so on may also be required.


22. Credit Financials

Page Financials is one of the most reputable loan organizations in Nigeria that caters to the needs of credit-conscious individuals and businesses that have a verified earnings source.

Through this service you can get an amount of five million Nigerians that must be paid back within a maximum that is 12 months.

The credit facility offered by Page Financials starts from a minimum of N100 000. If your needs are less than this amount, your request could not be considered.

With an interest rate of 3.75 percent on a monthly basis, Page Financial is one of the loan providers in Nigeria that you must have in your consideration when you are looking for an option for credit.


23. Zedavance

At 3.5 percent, Zedvance is one of the loan organizations in Nigeria with a great annual interest.

This financial institution is able to provide credit between N50 5 million and a mere N50, 000 Naira for you if work within the private industry. It can also provide between N20 3 million to 3,000 Naira for workers in the public sector.

The group that works for the government sector is in a position to get the credit facility in place for up to 24 months. Those working in the private sector can avail up to 18 months of tenor.

Requesting a loan from this company is through its website. Alternatively, you can download the MoneyPal application and sign-up to make your request.


24. L Money

LMoney is among the loan organizations in Nigeria which allows you to take out the funds you need to pay for your requirements.

Through this financial institution you are able to get an amount of loan that ranges from N50 000 up to a max of two million Nigerians. It is contingent on how strong your credit score is.

While the available credit facility can be granted for a variety of reasons, you have to show a valid sources of earnings on a a monthly basis in order to qualify. Thus, a salaried person has a higher chance of being approved.

The loan application of LMoney can be found on its website and includes an easy to use application form to fill in your personal details and then submit to the company to register your interest for a credit.


25. Easy Loan

EasyLoan is a different lender who offers between the amount of N100 000 and 10 million Nigerians as credit facilities that you have to repay within the limit of 24 months.

Like other low risk loan organizations in Nigeria in this listing, amount you can borrow is contingent on the source of your income per month and how much it is.

At 5%, there’s no doubt EasyLoan is an option to look into as being among the loan organizations in Nigeria.

You can easily apply for the credit by visiting its website.


26. Rosabon

Rosabon is among the loan organizations in Nigeria that you should consider looking for business or personal-targeted credit requirements.

The lender will give you an amount of loan that starts from N 50,000. to 6 million naira that you can keep for a term not to exceed 15 months.

The criteria for this low risk loan include having an income source as well as a functioning bank account which you need to confirm by providing your most recent few months ‘ account statement along with your bank verification code.

To apply for the credit facility, you must make an application on the website.


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