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Zedvance Loan USSD Code

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Zedvance Loan USSD Code gives you access to get a loan from Zedvance by dialing a used code from your mobile phone and money will be sent to you.

Finding one of these quick online credits in Nigeria isn’t always an easy task. Getting a loan is an occupation that could be full-time. There are regulations to meet and forms to fill out and a series of cross-checks. To be honest, nobody would like to find themselves in a position where they give money away and never receive a repayment. This is the reason it’s complicated to secure.

It’s not always that difficult using the Zedvance loan used code.

In this post, we’ll examine how to obtain loans from a particular kind of loan provider. Here is the low-down on Zedvance.

Zedvance Loan USSD Code
Advance Loan USSD Code

About Zedvance

There’s a huge array of loan providers today and, while it’s difficult to distinguish them because they all claim to provide the same services, Zedvance stands out. Advance is an organization that offers outstanding loan services without collateral, or with low rates of interest.


Pros and cons of the Zedvance loan app

There is no devoid of pros and cons which is why is always good that loan applicants like you make use of the Zedvance Loan USSD Code. The rule of thumb is that if there is a positive effect, it will certainly have negative side consequences. Zedvance is not exempt in this regard. The pros and cons are as follows

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  • The loans are usually that have a large capacity. This means you can get an enormous amount of money from these loans. It’s difficult to obtain a large amount of credit through any credit institution however, with Zedvance it’s easier to manage. It’s almost like a natural.
  • Their website boasts a speedy loan approval process that is faster than other lenders. This means that you will obtain your loan almost when you need it.


  • Zedvance’s operations in the nation are not available nationwide. The company is only operating in Lagos at present, so it means applicants and applications submitted that come from outside the state are null and void.
  • There’s too much paperwork involved. It is a lot of documentation to be filled in and completed during the process of applying, and at the point where it gets tedious, it may be a bit overwhelming.
  • It’s a requirement to provide evidence of employment, and quite a bit of it for self-employed people or freelancers, which could be difficult to prove.

How much do you have to take out from Zedvance?

Advance loans let you take out loans as much as N5 million.

What are the rates of interest for Zedvance?

Advance loans have interest rates ranging from 12 to 45 percent.

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Are there any additional costs for Zedvance?

There are no additional charges.

What is the most important thing you have to know to get the Zedvance loan?

The following documents are needed to submit the Zedvance credit application

  • Identification means: passport or national identity card driver’s license
  • This is the Request for Account statement form, which you fill out and bring to your bank for verification by the loan officer.
  • The Employee Identity Card to verify your work status
  • A Direct Debit Mandate
  • The Tax ID Number, pension statement, or letter of employment
  • A passport photo clearly showing your face.
  • For contract term or freelance employees, to ensure security reasons, you’ll need to have guarantors that are permanent employees in your workplace.

How quickly are funds released?

Advance boasts quick approval procedures, and once they approve the loan you can receive the loan within a matter of minutes.

What are the terms for repayment of Zedvance loans?

Zedvance loans can be repaid for periods up to 18 months after obtaining a loan using the Zedvance Loan USSD Code.

Advance Whatsapp Number

The new Zedvance WhatsApp number is 09095017151, which can be used to apply for and pay back loan loans.

Advance loan USSD code

The Zedvance loan USSD code is *561#, dial the code and the step is easy just follow the prompt.

Advance Salary Loan

We are all aware that wages nowadays don’t cover it all. There are occasions when where you need fast cash flow to cover an urgent need. Waiting for your paycheck to cover your needs can be stressful. If you’re looking for a solution to make money quickly before the much-anticipated alert for salary sounds on your mobile Do not stress, Zedvance got it all in our salary advance package.

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In recent times, many companies have been unable to pay workers their salaries because of the current economic uncertainty. Imagine a person who has eagerly awaiting their monthly wages and receives an email advising that the payment has been delayed and how would that person feel? These kinds of disappointments are common when you don’t seek out potential sources of assistance. However, the most needed financial solution isn’t further away and is within your reach. This Zedvance Salary Advance is designed exclusively to provide you with the requirements at the perfect time.

Advance Salary Advance is a temporary, salary-based overdraft service that gives employees of private businesses and government agencies the chance to get 50 percent of their monthly pay in the form of an advance. It will certainly assist in meeting some of the urgent financial demands. The Advance Salary Advance is intended to give you rapid cash flow to make things easier while you wait for your salary to be paid at the close of the next month. There is more you can do by using the Zedvance Salary Advance.

Advance Loan Top Up

Yes, you can apply for a top-up on your existing loan. This would be granted if your repayment has been seamless.

Zedvance Customer care

You can call our customer service center via 07001001000 or send a mail to help@moneypal.ng for support.

We hope all the above information has helped you get your loan using Zedvance Loan USSD Code and if not, kindly drop a comment below

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