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UBA Loan For Self Employed

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Are you looking for the best UBA loan for self-employed like you, here is the list of the best UBA quick loan for non-salary earners.

There are many loan packages available to different types of workers. UBA loan packages can also be availed for the self-employed.

They provide support for owners and their immediate business needs.

You can apply for a UBA loan to self-employed using USSD Code, internet banking, or a mobile app. Or, simply visit any UBA Branch in Nigeria.

To increase your chances of being approved for a loan, make sure you have regular income from your business.

UBA loan for self-employed (Savings account)

This savings account can be used to help you achieve your personal and business goals. This type of account has several benefits.

  • You can withdraw money anywhere and anytime in the world using a UBA ATM Card, POS, or online banking.
  • Send money quickly and pay bills easily
  • 24/7 Banking Services on all UBA digital channels
  • Chat with LEO to manage your expenses.

How Self Employed Can Apply For UBA Loan

  1. Valid Identity Card such as a National ID, international passport/voter’s card/or Driver’s license
  2. A utility bill less than three months old
  3. Photograph of passport
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Before deciding on a loan, business owners need to assess their financial needs. This allows business owners to determine the best type of loan for their company.

You should also consider the terms and conditions of the loan, as well as the interest rate.

Application for UBA SME loans

It is important to get the best interest rates for your loan before you apply for a loan. Both short- and long-term loan options can be obtained. They vary in terms of amount and tenor.

You, the borrower can choose the loan you want based on the estimated calculation. These loans are:

UBA Personal Loan

This loan is a great choice for self-employed people who need to fund their expenses. UBA Personal Loans can help you realize your dreams and cover more urgent expenses.

UBA Loan For Self Employed

UBA Personal Loans: Features and Benefits

  • You get 60 months of the convenience of repayment in comparison to other packages
  • Maximum loan limit of #30 million, a minimum of #100,000.
  • The low-interest rate of 18%
  • Management fee of 1%

Eligibility for UBA Personal Loan

These are the requirements to meet to be eligible to receive this loan package:

  • Your organization must have a legitimate staff member.
  • You can open a UBA account that is active
  • Registering your business is essential

UBA Personal Loan Requirement

  • Completed loan application form
  • A copy of the payslip or bank statement showing the money inflows over the past six months
  • Account for Functional UBA
  • Valid means for identification
  • A copy of the Identity Card for staff members of the Obligor
  • Accepted offer letter
  • Take on
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Application for a Personal UBA Loan

You must complete a loan application form and attach the necessary documents to obtain a personal loan from UBA.

UBA Auto Loan

UBA also offered an auto loan package to current UBA account holders or functional savings. UBA offers auto loans for Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Honda as well as Nissan, Suzuki, Volkswagen, Volkswagen, Kia, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Suzuki, Volkswagen, Nissan, Suzuki, Volkswagen, and Ford.

UBA Auto Loan Benefits and Features

  • 48 months convenient repayment terms
  • Competitive interest rates
  • The maximum auto loan amount is #15 million
  • Vehicle tracking and compulsory detailed insurance
  • Access to well-respected auto dealers

Eligibility for UBA Auto Loan

  • Your organization must have a legitimate staff member.
  • You can open a UBA account that is active
  • Registering your business is essential

UBA Auto Loan Application

  • To obtain a pro forma invoice (PFI), you can visit any authorized auto vendor shop.
  • To complete your loan application, visit any UBA branch near you

UBA Asset Finance

This package was specifically designed to help you purchase household appliances, furniture, and other accessories that will make your life easier.

Asset finance comes with a 24-month repayment period and a competitive interest rate.

UBA Asset Finance Benefits and Features

  • The maximum loan amount is $ 3 million
  • The minimum loan amount is $35,000
  • Minimum equity contribution of 30%

Application for UBA Asset Finance

  • Pro Forma Invoices (PFI) are available for asset finance loans. These invoices can be used to purchase preferred items from registered vendors.
  • To complete the loan application, visit any UBA branch
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UBA Click Credit

There is also the UBA Click Credit package, which is a quick loan product that can be accessed via any UBA digital channel, including mobile/internet banking or USSD.

You can apply for a loan of up to #5 million, regardless of whether you are a salaried worker or a self-employed individual. The interest rate is 1.58% per month and the repayment time is less than 12 months.

You can get a loan amount as low as #500,000 without any collateral or other documents.

UBA Click Credit Requirements

You will need a UBA account that receives at least #25,000 in regular monthly money.

UBA Click Credit Application

  • Call *919*28#
  • Chat with Leo on Facebook or WhatsApp using the keyword “Loan”.
  • Click credit can also be applied on UBA’s internet and mobile banking platforms

UBA SME Finance Loan

UBA created this loan package specifically for small and medium businesses (SMEs). Business owners can obtain financing to buy assets or expand their business.

You can borrow as little as $ 4 million for every successful applicant and up to #50 million for the most successful.

However, the loan can be granted to owners of businesses that are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

UBA supports the following types of businesses: Entertainment, Agribusiness, and Recreation, Food and Drink wholesale/Retail trade and key distributors, professional firms and service providers, and any other viable Business Segments.

To apply for a UBA SME financing loan, please visit any UBA branch or get in touch via the bank’s online channels with their customer service agents.

However, the bank may request certain documents to be approved for the loan.

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