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Self Employed Loan in Nigeria

Are you a self employed in Nigeria and you are in need of a self employed loan in Nigeria then this post is for you.

Today, many are opting to be self-employed in Nigeria. This is a great way to achieve financial freedom. Self-employment is becoming more popular thanks to the emergence of freelancers and the presence of traders and investors. Due to the uncertain guarantee of your income, obtaining a loan for self-employed in Nigeria may be possible.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of Nigeria’s self-employed loans and explains everything you need to know.

Who are self-employed?

An individual who is not employed by any employer. This means that he or she does not receive a regular salary. You trade directly with businesses and make income from these transactions as a self-employed person. Most employers do not withhold taxes. This means that it is your responsibility to pay them.

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It can be difficult to find work as a self-employed person, even if you are highly skilled in one particular occupation.

What are self-employed loans?

As the name suggests, self-employed loans Nigeria are loan services that you can access as a self employed individual. Each microfinance institution has a different loan scheme.

It is designed for self-employed people to alleviate financial constraints, whether they are executing a contract for business or personal reasons.

Self Employed Loan in Nigeria

Is self-employment the same thing as business owners (SMEs) or are they different?

Not necessarily. One, self-employed people have different tax rules than business owners. Although a business owner may hire employees to supersede the operations, technically they are an employee and get a salary. The self-employed, on the other side, is most often the sole and primary operator of the business.

Where can I get a loan for self-employment in Nigeria?

While the definitions of self-employed and business owner are different, most financial institutions offer loan services. This is especially true in Nigeria where self-employed are usually classified as SMEs.

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Any financial institution that offers a loan for self-employed can provide it. This includes all financial institutions in Nigeria. This includes all financial originations in Nigeria, including microfinance and commercial banks, as well as fintech-based companies and individuals.

What are the conditions to obtain a loan for self-employment in Nigeria?

There are different conditions that can be used to obtain a loan for self-employed in Nigeria. Microfinance bank loans, for example, are easier to obtain, require less paperwork, and have lower eligibility requirements. They do not offer the same loan amount as commercial banks, which have lengthy and tedious procedures.

In Nigeria, self-employed loans are not available to individuals or corporate investors. Many would rather invest in equity than offer loans like traditional banks.

With almost no requirements other than your bank details, Fintech digital platforms are the easiest way to obtain a loan for self-employed in Nigeria. They offer the lowest amount of all other loans.

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All that said, you will need the following documents to get a loan for self-employment in Nigeria:

  1. Functional bank account and bank verification numbers (BVN).
  2. An acceptable means of identification.
  3. Request for a loan

Other documents, if requested by the institution


A self-employed loan can be a quick and easy way to get out from financial debt. You can get a loan for your business, or to finance contracts in a trade as a self-employed person. There are many institutions that will offer one. You can apply for a loan now if you meet the requirements.

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