Zedvance Loan: Download App, Code And Requirement

This article will help you on how to apply for zedvance loan and also best way to download the app with USSD code, the salary loan and requirements.

The process of getting one of these immediate online payday loan Nigeria isn’t always easy. The process of getting loans is an occupation that could be full-time. There are rules to meet and forms to fill out as well as a string of cross-checks to make because, to be honest, nobody would like to find themselves in a position where they loan money and never receive a repayment. That’s why it’s complicated to secure.

It’s not always as difficult It’s not always that difficult, however.

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Zedvance Loan
Zedvance Loan

In this post, we’ll examine how to obtain loans from a particular kind of loan provider. This article will provide the details on Zedvance.

About Zedvance

There’s a huge array of loan providers today and it’s difficult to differentiate them as many claim to offer the same services, Zedvance stands out. Zedvance is an organization which offers outstanding loan services that are not secured by collateral and with low rates of interest.

Pros And Cons Of Zedvance Loan

There are no shortage of pros and cons. The rule of thumb is that if there is an effect there is a good chance it has the potential for side consequences. Zedvance isn’t exempt in this regard. These are pros and cons



  • The loans could be that have a large capacity. This means you can get the most substantial amount of money from these loans. It’s not easy to obtain a large amount of credit at any other provider However, with Zedvance it’s much easier to manage. It’s almost like a natural.
  • The company boasts of having a fast loan approval processthat is much more quickly than typical. That means you’ll obtain your loan almost when you need it.


  • Zedvance’s operations across the country are not available nationwide. The only place it operates is Lagos at present, so it means applicants or applications made that come from outside the state are null and void.
  • There’s too much paperwork involved. It is a lot of documentation to be filled in and submit during the process of applying, and at the point where it gets tedious, it may become frustrating.
  • It’s required to show the proof of employment and quite a bit of it, too, when you’re self-employed or a freelancer who may be difficult to show.
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What is the maximum amount you can take out from Zedvance?

Zedvance loans let you take out loans amounts up to N5 million.

What are the rates of interest for Zedvance?

Zedvance loans are able to attract rates of interest ranging from 12 percent to 45 percent.

Are there any additional costs for Zedvance?

There are no additional charges.

What is the most important thing you have to know to apply for the Zedvance loan?

The following are the documents required to submit the Zedvance request for a loan:

  • Identity means; passport or national identity card driver’s license
  • It is the Request for Account statement form that you must fill in and take to the bank to be confirmed by the loan officer.
  • Your Employee Identification Card to verify your work status
  • Direct Debit Mandate
  • The Tax ID Number, or pension statement or letter of employment
  • A passport photo clearly displaying your face.
  • For contract term or freelancers employees, to ensure security, you’ll need to supply the guarantors as permanent employees at your workplace.
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How fast can funds be released?

Zedvance boasts fast approval processes. Once they have approved the loan, you can receive the loan in a matter of minutes.

What are the terms of repayment in relation to Zedvance loans?

Zedvance loan loans are repaid over durations up to 18 months.

Zedvance Rate of Interest

Zedvance loans are able to attract rates of interest ranging from 12 percent up to 45 per cent.

What do I do to repay the Zedvance Loan?

You can pay back your loan by paying it into the virtual account that is displayed on your dashboard. Or, by linking a debit or credit card into your bank account, and then making payments through that card.

How do you reach Zedvance?

Contact us now on 07001001000. You can contact us via mail at 9f******e17@3*** or visit our website at to apply today.

Who is the owner of Zedvance?

Adedayo Amzat currently holds two jobs as the Founder and CEO of Zedvance Finance Limited and Group Director of Zedcrest Capital Limited. Zedcrest Capital Limited .

What year was Zedvance established?

Zedvance was founded on march 2014 and has a staff number of five, however, in its half-decade of existence it has grown to over 300 employees. According to the CEO/Founder Zedvance, the financial company for consumers has changed the game in the field, pushed boundaries and improved the quality of life of its clients.


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