UBA loan code for non salary earners

Are you looking for uba loan code for non salary earners then this article is for you with all the details on uba loan code for non salary earners.

Utilizing this UBA loan code for non salary earners, you will be able to cover the entire cost of medical bills, create improvements to your home and give your side business some extra motivation or pay for a class to boost your performance or take a trip with your family , and many more things.

UBA loan code for non salary earners

Dial the Uba Loan Code *919*28# to apply and have premium access to loans without collateral security or documentation through the Uba Loan Ussd Code.

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How To Apply With Uba Loan Ussd Code *919#

Utilizing the Uba mobile banking number as well as Uba Quick loan code *919#, you can apply online for simple loans that do not require collateral for your registered number at Uba Bank.

You can also download the app for uba loans through the Playstore and access your account.

Utilizing using the Uba Loan Code, application and online application, you will be able to make a money transfer into your account when you have met the terms and conditions of their loan to N2 million.

uba loan code

how to borrow money from uba

1. Current salary account

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2. Completed daily loan application form

3. A valid means of identification ( internationally issued passport, driver’s license of the national or national ID card, as well as voter’s ID card ).

4. Daily accepted offer letter or employee inquiry form ( The offer letter should contain employee name, employee job description/position, nature of employment ( permanent or contract ), employee job status ( confirmed or unconfirmed ).

5. Copy of the staff member with the obligor’s ID

How To Apply For Uba Bank Loan

1. Start by submitting a complete request for loan along with any supporting documents to any branch.

2. Create a loan agreement that details the terms of the loan and conditions after the loan’s approval.

3. The loan will be paid out to an account for salary that is a part of the bank.

Uba Loan Eligibility Status

To be eligible for an loan from Uba the following requirements must be met:

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You must be on the employee of your company

You have to maintain an Uba pay account

Your employer has to be listed on the approved list of institutions to lend personal loans.

We hope the above information has helped you with UBA loan code for non salary earners and if not kindly drop a comment below.

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