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Lapo loan for salary earners

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Are you looking for lapo loan for salary earners then this article is for you with all the necessary information that you need to know.

With LAPO Microfinance Bank, you also have the opportunity to advance your finances as a salary earner.

To enable your loan to be withdrawn from your paycheck at the end of each month when your salary is paid, all you need to do is make sure that your salary account is domiciled with your bank.

LAPO; Meaning and All You Need To Know.

Dr. Godwin Ehigiamusoe founded LAPO, which stands for Lift Above Poverty, as a microfinance institution in 2007.

Prior to being registered as an MFB in 2007, it was operating as a Non-Governmental Organization in 1987, before growing to become a Microfinance Institution in 1990. It is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing microfinance institutions since, in the short time it has been in operation, it has opened over 327 branches in 26 states, allowing it to offer its services across the whole nation. It is currently considered to be among the best microfinance organisations in the nation.

In March 2022, LAPO participated in Save to Scale, an event put on by the WSBI (World Savings Banking and Retail Institution), together with other financial institutions from the nation. This programme was organised to aid in the creation of a mechanism to improve the financial standing of the average Nigerian citizen.

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At the 9th edition of the BAFI (Businessday bank And other Financial Institutions) awards, LAPO, one of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions, got the “Microfinance bank of the year” honour.

The current headquarters of the LAPO Microfinance bank are in Benin, in the Edo state.

How To Open A LAPO Account

It is your active actions that assure your advantages from something; simply knowing about it does not make you a participant in it.

All you need to do is open an account with the LAPO microfinance bank in order to take advantage of their wonderful services.

How can I register for an LAPO account? Easy. Simply carry out these actions.

Visit an LAPO branch in your area.

Complete the account opening form completely.

Take two passport photos.

A recently paid utility bill.

An acceptable form of identification.

When you tender these to the nearby LAPO Microfinance bank, an account will be opened for you right away.

Can I Borrow Money From LAPO Online?

Lapo has not been left out of the financial sector’s adoption of technology to provide consumers with better and more convenient services in Nigeria and around the world.

Lapo is extremely involved in the technological industry. Everything can be done conveniently from the convenience of your home or anywhere you may be. Lapo is present in the technology sector since it wants to provide highly and easily accessible services to its clients.

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Without having to deal with the hassle of going to a branch, you may apply for loans with LAPO by visiting their website, filling out the loan application form, and submitting the necessary information.

LAPO Salary Loan Applications & Requirements

You’ll need the following to apply for a loan with LAPO:

• A letter requesting a loan.

(2) two guarantors.

A recently paid utility bill.

A legitimate form of identity, such as a passport, national ID, driver’s licence, or voter card.

A properly completed loan application.

Four most current passport photos.

Now to apply, just present the loan application materials at any LAPO branch in your area. Your paperwork will be examined, and if you’re qualified, you’ll be given a loan.

You could also submit an online loan application by going to the bank’s website and entering the required information. Your account will be reimbursed as soon as your eligibility is confirmed.

Currently, Lapo offers a variety of loan types to meet a variety of borrowers at various levels, and each loan type has specific conditions.

LAPO Microfinance Bank salary Loan  Interest Rate

Loans are available from the Lapo Microfinance Bank to both small and large businesses. They also provide financial support for construction projects and other kinds of initiatives. You might obtain loans with interest rates ranging from 0.75 percent to 6 percent for amounts ranging from #10,000 to #5,000,000.

LAPO Loan Customer Care

Because LAPO is only a phone call away, you don’t have to worry about being unable to handle or oversee your accounts.

You can reach LAPO customer service by calling this number: +(234) 813 984 0230 or by sending a WhatsApp text to +(234) 815 055 3264.

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These lines are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Additionally, you can stop by any LAPO location in your area and be sure to get the best support available.

LAPO Loan App Download For Android and iPhone

If you have the Lapo loan App on your phone, you may easily use their services whenever you need them without having to deal with the hassle of finding and waiting in line at the bank.

Simply search for the LAPO loan app in your Apple Store or Google Play store, depending on the device you use, and download it.

Install it on your phone, run it, then proceed to enter the required data by doing so while according to the on-screen directions. And presto! With LAPO, you are prepared for countless opportunities for financial security.


You can take advantage of LAPO’s fantastic packages without going to a branch. Within the confines of your home, you can do this with ease.

You only need to dial the LAPO USSD code *371# to access LAPO services.

With this code, you can complete any transaction, including loan applications. Simply adhere to the prompts and directions that appear later when it comes to the transaction you want to complete.

Also keep in mind that there is a #6 fee associated with utilising the LAPO USSD code.

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