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Home Loan App Download Crowdyloan: App Download, Full Details

Crowdyloan: App Download, Full Details

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In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about Crowdyloan and the app download with the registration process, whether it is a scam loan company or not.

Do you know about a website known as Crowdyloan? Do you want to invest your funds in Crowdyloan, you can visit their website today. If so, I’ll explain how to take your money and withdraw it, as well as earn income from CrowdyLoan.


Crowdyloan review will give you a comprehensive review of the platform that will provide a complete view. It will give you all the information you must know about the forum. This review can assist you in making the right choice about the conference, and you can determine whether it is worth the effort or whether CROWDYLOAN is legitimate as-is! I was also skeptical; however, after reading the reports of the site’s detectors, I felt confident and decided to invest my N1000 because it was something that I could quickly lose. Now, I have two accounts that hold the combined funds that have not withdrawn N200,000! !

What is Crowdyloan?

Crowdy Loan is an online peer-to-peer platform that lets members lend money to each other in exchange for a fee. When this review was written, it cost,s N5000 to be a lender. According to its promises, each member earns up to 160,000 Naira monthly.

The previous paragraph stated that Crowdyloan is an online platform that lets members lend each other’s funds in exchange for a commission. Still, the commission won’t be given to you by the person who lends you the money but instead by the new member who is registered or an existing member who will provide an additional loan.

The platform is a third party and, therefore, not responsible for giving the loan. It is merely an online platform that allows people with similar interests to get together and aid each other.

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In simple terms, the Crowdy loan is a peer-to-peer Ponzi scheme that is similar to mypay247 was previously mentioned in the first section of this article. However, the loan model offered by Crowdyloan is different from mypay247 in that there are levels, and the higher your status rises, the more you earn through the platform.

Crowdyloan: is it legit? I know this is probably the most critical concern that is occupying your thoughts at this moment, but it is essential to take a moment to read the fundamental details as well as a brief description of the platform. While reading this, you can rate the forum on your own and determine whether or not it is an additional fraud.

To be a CrowdyLoan member, you must pay a sum of N1,000.

CrowdyLoan states that its members can earn as much as N160,000 in just one month of N1,000 membership.

How do you make that happen? We’ll explain the answer here. Let’s look at exactly how the CrowdyLoan platform operates, as well as how to sign up if you’d like to. You’ll also be able to tell whether the company is genuine or a massive scam.

How Does Crowdyloan Work?

As of the date when this review was written, Crowdy Loan review, the platform is available with six loan tiers, and to become a full member of this platform, you have to provide an initial loan of 5,000 Nigerians to an already a member who has lent you money and is waiting for your return. According to CrowdyLoan, it is possible to earn up to N160,000 within one month with a single payment of $1,000 and then move from tier one to the next.

Crowdyloan Lending Levels

The financial platform has six (6) levels; the last level is where you earn N160,000.

  • Level 1: Give N1,000 loan & Receive N5,000 in 5 minutes.
  • Level 2: Give N5,000 loan & Receive N10,000 in 2 days.
  • Level 3: Give N10,000 loan & Receive N20,000 in 4 days.
  • Level 4: Give N20,000 loan & Receive N40,000 in 6 days.
  • Level 5: Give N40,000 loan & Receive N80,000 in 8 days.
  • Level 6: Give N80,000 loan & Receive N160,000 in 10 days.
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Level Zero

It is the standard setting on the Platform. When you sign up, you’ll automatically become the level zeraarticipant on the forum until you decide to go to group one, 5000nairasa, to an existing user on the platform.

Level One

The first stage on the platform is required to raise N5000 and you’ll need to loan the above amount to an existing platform user. When they accept the donation, you’ll be elevated to the next level immediately. When you’re at the first level, you’re eligible to receive the 5000 amount from two platform members within 24 hours or whatever the situation.

Level Two

This is the next level on the platform of crowdyloan and to be upgraded to this level, you need to offer a loan of N10,000 to a user of the plforumAfter the donor has accepted your donation, you’ll be upgraded to level 2 immediately, which gives you a chance to get an enthralling amount of N20,000 within two days.

Level Three

It is the third level on the theCrowdyloann platform To be upgraded to this l, vel; you need to offer a loan of N20,000 to an existing forum member. After the donor has accepted your donation and you are upgraded to level three, you will get a massive amount of N40,000 within four days.

Level Four

The fourth stage is on the platform ofCrowdyloann, and for you to move to the next step, you have to make an N40,000 loan to a person who is a member of the forum. Once the donor has accepted your donation, you’ll be upgraded to the next level immediately, which gives you a chance to get the amount of N80,000 within eight days.

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Level Five

This is the fifth stage on the platform of Crowdyloan, and to be upgraded to this level, you need to make a loan of N80,000 to a forum user. After the donor has accepted your donation you are automatically upgraded to level 4, which is ggerstaggering0,000 within four days.

This is the full description of every level of crowdyloan and how they work, and the breakdown above illustrates that for only 5000 Naira, it is possible to make 160000 Naira in only 30 days. After you have received the first installment loan, you aren’t required to withdraw any funds out of your pockets, and you’ll use the money you earned from prior levels to get to the next stage.

Crowdyloan Referral Code

Crowdyloan also offers an affiliate program that allows you to joinatformjoinrecurringring Commis. Whenever every friend can lend you money, y; you’ll have a specific percentage until they stop providing Loans.

Today refer others and earn commissions on their activities; You will require the code to refer people to Crowdyloan. It will enable the procedure to know who was referred to whom and which account to pay commissions.

To obtain your Crowdyloan referral code, log in to your account at Crowdyloan. Go to the menu bar in the top left of the website. Select referrals, and you can view your referral code and link.

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