PesaPap Loan App Download and Loan Application 2022

PesaPap Loan App, an online banking application by Family Bank, is available. Family Bank developed the Wallet app to make banking simpler for its customers. PesaPap allows customers to make transactions from their bank accounts using their mobile phones.

This program is available for Android, Windows and iOS. It allows users to pay their expenses automatically from their bank accounts, such as water and power bills. The app doesn’t require a Family Bank account. Once you have enrolled, the software will create a virtual bank account using your mobile number as the wallet number. You can also apply for a loan from a bank through the app.

This article explains the steps involved in applying for, registering and requesting a loan through the PesaPap app.

Register on the PesaPap Loan App

First, download the PesaPap App on your phone and install it. Here’s how to download the app.

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • In the search box, type “PesaPap”.
  • After the app has been found, click on the Install button.
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After installing the App, you will need to create an account. This account will be where you conduct your transactions. This is how to register.

  • Open the PesaPap App on your device
  • Select Open wallet account
  • Get your m-pin
  • After all other details have been verified, your account is activated immediately.

It is important to remember that your wallet number is also your mobile number.

PesaPap Loan App – Borrowing

After you have completed the registration, the app will review your credit history and other parameters to determine what loan amount you are eligible to apply for. Follow the below steps to apply for a loan via mobile.

  • Open the PesaPap App
  • Log in to the PesaPap App
  • Choose PesaPap wallet
  • Select my loans
  • Find out your loan limit. This is the maximum amount you can borrow.
  • Click here to request a loan
  • Enter the amount that you wish to borrow. This amount must be equal or less than the loan limit.
  • Submit

After the loan approval has been granted, the funds will be sent to your PesaPap wallet immediately. If you wish to transact offline you will need to withdraw the funds from your MPESA account. Alternatively, you can use the money directly to pay the bill from the wallet. Below is the procedure to withdraw money from your MPESA account.

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How to withdraw money to MPESA using the PesaPap App

  • Open the PesaPap App
  • Log in to your wallet account
  • Choose MPESA
  • Choose from Family Bank to MPESA
  • Get your own mobile
  • As the source, enter your wallet account number
  • Enter the amount
  • Submit

Instantly, the request will be processed and money will be sent to your MPESA account.

You must repay the loan on time to avoid having a bad credit rating. Repaying your loan on time will increase your loan limit. This means that the larger the loan amount you can obtain, the more you borrow.

How to repay a PesaPap app loan

  • Open PesaPap app
  • Log in to your wallet account
  • Choose PesaPap wallet
  • Select My Loans
  • Repay the loan you choose
  • Select source (Loan account).
  • Select the amount you wish to repay (partial, complete).
  • Proceed

To repay the loan, the amount you have selected will be taken from your wallet. You can transfer money from your Family Bank Account into your PesaPap wallet if your PesaPap wallet becomes empty. You can deposit funds directly to your wallet via MPESA for those without a Family Bank Account.

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MPESA allows you to deposit money into the PesaPap Wallet

  • Visit the MPESA menu
  • Select Lipa Na MPESA
  • Select PayBill
  • Enter 222111 PayBill number
  • Enter your account number (Enter mobile number in the format +254)
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter pin and then press OK.

Below is all the information you need to register for the PesaPap loan app, request a loan and repay the loan. These steps will allow you to access the app without restrictions.

If you are having technical difficulties with your PesaPap account, please visit a Family Bank branch near you. Or call them at +254703095445

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