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Download Easemoni Loan App For Your iphone

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If are you looking for an Easemoni loan app download for iPhone then you are in the right place, Easemoni Loan App Download is here and is available for download

EaseMoni loan application is a legitimate short-term loan service in Nigeria that functions as a stand-alone product under Opay. Opay is owned by China. The payment processing company has been regulating operations in a variety of African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya as well as South Africa.

Are you searching for an Easemoni Loan App Download that can loan you as much as 1,000,000 NGN for your company, with no hidden costs? EaseMoni could be the best choice for you. With an interest rate of 5 to 10%, The app is one of the most popular finance apps available on the Google Play store.

The biggest drawback that Nigerian lenders face is that they only lend you small amounts, often less than N100,000. However, With EaseMoni you can borrow the maximum amount of N1 million to help you start or expand your company.

What exactly is the EaseMoni loan app?

EaseMoni is a real loan app that can offer Nigerians as much as N1,000,000 in business and personal loans. The application is very simple to use and has a well-created user interface. All you need is your contact number as well as your Biometric Verification Number BVN to get the amount of N1 million. There is no collateral, there is no paper and everything can be processed online in less than five minutes.

The loan app EaseMoni makes use of AI or artificial Intelligence AI to evaluate and establish your creditworthiness based on your BVN as well as SMS data from your mobile. Make sure that the number and the phone you’re applying for are the same ones that you are using to receive bank alerts. They’ll look at how much money is going into and out of your account to figure out the amount they’ll loan you.

What is EaseMoni the loan app’s interest rate?

The interest rate for loans is at a minimum of 5-10% per month, it depends on the evaluation of your credit. The annual rate of interest for all loan applicants will not exceed 120 percent.

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For instance, 91-day terms for loan payments have an interest charge of 5% per month. If the loan is made with a principal of N3,000, the interest rate would be N273. The total amount to be paid will be N3,273. The first monthly payment would be N1091 and the repayment for the second month will be N1091 and the third month’s repayment, would be N1091.
There are no other hidden fees or additional charges.

EaseMoni tenure of loan You must begin the repayment process anytime between 91 days and 7 days*.

Sum of Loan: begins at NGN 3000 to a maximum loan value of NGN 1,000,000

Be aware that these rates and durations are only an estimate. your actual rates and duration will be significantly shorter when you’re first-time a lender, but you can increase it by making your payments promptly and keeping proper transactions on your mobile.

Easemoni Loan App Download
easement loan app download for iPhone

Why should you choose the EaseMoni loan application?

1. Up to NGN1,000,000. Pay out your bank account no more than 5 minutes

Minimum Interest Rate of between 5% and 10 percent, your credit score could save you quite a bit.
3.No requirement for deposit or guarantee.
4..Paperless and digital processes using your smartphone. The entire process is done online. They don’t provide your personal information to a third party without your approval. Your data is secure.
6. Don’t be worried about not making repayments. They’ll send reminders to you.

Easemoni Loan App Download

  • Make an account by entering your mobile number.
  • The preferred phone number that is connected with your BVN as a one-time password will be provided to the BVN for verification.
  • Complete your basic Know-your-customer KYC details, which include your address of residence, your next of kin, as well as the details of your job
  • You’ll also have to supply you with your Biometric confirmation number BVN.
  • The amount you pay will be N50 to connect an ATM account to the account to increase your chances of obtaining more money.
  • One-time username and password OTP is sent directly to your mobile to verify your information.
  • When you apply for a loan, the program will evaluate your credit score. The final results will be displayed in the app.
  • The results should be visible within less than two minutes. If you’re eligible for a loan, the amount will be paid directly into your bank account.
  • Be sure to use a quality phone with sufficient memory as you’ll have to snap a live selfie to prove your verification of your identity.
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If you have registered and the loan is approved, the service representative typically calls to confirm your details and inquire whether your registered number is the same one used on WhatsApp. The entire process should happen in under 5 minutes, so be sure to keep your phone in your pocket after you’ve registered.

The N15 that is charged to bind the ATM debit card in your checking account is refundable but it could take up to 12 days for the money to be returned to your banking account.

Your BVN is tied to your credit rating, therefore when you’re in the middle of a loan with another lender or failed to pay your other lenders on time, be prepared that your application will be denied.

A credit score is an account of your past credit card transactions, how soon or late you pay your bills, and cash transactions flowing into and out of your account. What are the other details?

If you download this application, you will need to agree to allow access to your phone book contacts which can be your guarantors. SMS for access to your bank transaction history, and applications on your phone that will show the way you interact with other loan applications. other data sources used to improve your score on credit.

Easemoni Loan App Eligibility:

  • You must be a legal citizen or a legal Resident of Nigeria
  • At the age of 18.
  • You should have a monthly income source.
  • Make sure you connect your ATM card to your account
  • Give the details for two immediate relatives including their contact numbers.
  • Have a credit score that is good and no unpaid loans with other creditors.
  • You must have a valid account in your bank.
  • Your phone number must match that of your BVN.
  • Be sure to have a valid ID issued by the government. card.
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Is the EaseMoni loan app legit?

Yes, the EaseMoni loan app is legitimate The app is operated and owned by Opay as a stand-alone lender within the financial product division. Avoid downloading apps from websites that are not affiliated with Opay Always download authentic apps from the Google Play store.

I have tested this application and EaseMoni is among the top loan applications in Nigeria with a reasonable interest rate and a professional service. The interface is simple to navigate and it also has a professional relationship with OPay which is a Chinese-owned financial services company.

Easemoni loan account number for the app

It is important to note that the EaseMoni Account number of every customer is unique and begins with the number 555. The account is housed with Wema Bank. Customers are advised to verify that their account number is identical to their name on BVN exactly to avoid paying to the wrong bank account. Account numbers are generated automatically for each customer. You must contact customer service to obtain your account number.

What EaseMoni loan application can you improve?

While this application is smooth and has an interest rate that is low in comparison to other loan applications but several areas could be improved.

While loan payouts are typically immediate, they could be delayed occasionally for several days. The app advises users to call customer support, but this can put them back in the event of the middle of a financial crisis.

A few customers have complained about receiving lower sums despite having paid their prior loans in full. Sometimes, the system gives lower amounts for no apparent reason.

The loan period for first-time customers typically begins at only 8 days. I received 8k to repay N8,320 within just 8 days on my initial loan. The rate of interest is great but the duration could be extended.

In the event of default, the app employs unprofessional methods to collect loans. Incessant calls to the phone as well as WhatsApp messages are employed to convince clients to repay loans.

We hope we have solved that easement loan app download for iPhone that you had before and if not kindly drop a comment below.

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