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Home Loan Get Easemoni USSD Code To Borrow Money Faster

Get Easemoni USSD Code To Borrow Money Faster

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Easemoni USSD code provides the most convenient way to apply for a loan and reap the benefits offered by the trusted loan provider.

It’s an online lender who provides personal loans to people who do not have employment in Ghana with reasonable rates of interest. The concept behind Easemoni USSD code is that they provide fast and easy access to loans. In particular, it’s not requiring documents which require collateral, or a guarantor.

All you have to do to be capable of doing is go to their website then click the “Get A Loan” option that opens a chat box that allows customers to complete an application. Once you’ve completed this, they’ll guide you through the process in completing your application.

What is USSD?

USSD can be an abbreviation that stands for U.S. Supplementary Service Data. It’s also known as”quick code.

The name is a reference to these are codes that allow users to access choices via your mobile telecom service. USSD can be used for a variety of options like callback service and information, mobile money and content, or to provide the network with options for configuration. In this case, we will explore the use of USSD for banking .Easemoni Loan App USSD Code and Easemoni USSD code

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What is Easemoni USSD code

To apply, just dial *347*334# and follow the instructions. The number that is connected to your bank account must be phoned and supplied together with the code.

PlatformUSSD Code for Loans
AB Microfinance Bank*389*755#
Access Bank PaydayLoan*901*11#
Accion Microfinance Bank*572*6#
Airtel Quick Cash*561#
ALAT Loan By Wema Bank*945*100
Aledin Nano*903#
Carbon Loan*1303#
Ecobank Xpress*326#
Fairmoney Loan*322*2#
First Bank First Advance*894*11# or *894#
Glo Cash*322*1*04225701*Amount#
GTBank Soft Loan (QuickCredit)*737*51*51#
Migo Loan*561#
MTN Cash*606*4#
Trader Moni*540#
Paylater USSD Code*1303#
Quickteller Loan (Airtel, MTN & 9mobile)*322#
Quickteller – Glo Users*805#
UBA Loan Code*919#
Unity Bank Loan Code*7799#
Zenith Bank Loan*966#

How to Apply for Easemoni USSD Code

The steps to apply to apply for Easemoni USSD Code is easy. The only thing you have to do is

  • Find out the institution you’re borrowing money from.
  • Find the valid USSD code.
  • Meet the specifications specified.
  • Enter the code
  • Follow the directions.
  • Get your loan
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Repayment of loan Easemoni loan using USSD Code

The Easemoni USSD Code comes with easy repayment terms. It is only required to pay back the loan within 7-30 days. There are a few advantages it provides. It is important to repay the loan as soon as you can.

Easemoni Loan Interest Rate

The interest rates for the loan range between 5.6 percent to at 24 per cent. Because of the speed with which the process of applying for the loan is not a negative rate beginning at a certain point. There is a certain fact that they will offer the best rates of interest in effect throughout the loan application process. Customers have the option to accept or reject the loan.

What is the deadline to apply for a Easemoni loan?

The whole process of applying for a loan can take less than 15 minutes. There are some conditions you need to meet before you can apply for this type of loan.

Other benefits of Easemoni loan

Easemoni loan has a lot of distinctive features that include the ability only provide loans to people who are unemployed. The borrower can start investing his money with Easemoni loan by logging into their Easemoni P2P account.

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Easemoni P2P is an application for money lending which allows you to borrow your investment as well as earn interest in doing so. The average interest rate is between 12% and 40% each quarter, or bi-annually. It is it also allows you to invest in business loans and loans.

What are the pros and drawbacks of a Easemoni loan?

They include:


  1. The process of applying is simple and cash can be transferred within just minutes.
  2. It doesn’t require any documentation of any significance.
  3. The application process is free of geographical limits so you can apply from any location.


  1. It is supported by a processing cost
  2. The last thing to note is the fact that maximum amounts you’re allowed to borrow is extremely minimal.

What is the time frame for Easemoni time to distribute loan funds?

Capital is paid immediately into the account number at the time of the expiration of the loan term, with the possibility of a maximum of 7 days ‘ delay. Because it isn’t an option for withdrawal or deposit the borrower does not have to request withdrawal. Funds are automatically transferred into the account at the time of time of loan’s maturation.

Is Easemoni a loan app?

Easemoni is a money lender that offers personal loans in direct form with flexible rates. They will also match borrowers to individual or corporate lenders, at mutually-agreed rates. They provide loans ranging from N10,000 to N200,000, with the minimum period of 7 days, and the maximum period of 30 days.

Conclusion On Easemoni USSD Code

if you’re looking for the most convenient loan to meet your requirements, then Easemoni USSD Code to look into. If you’ve earned credit points with the course of longer periods of time, and you’d like to get large loans. All you have to do is go to their website and complete the required forms and they’ll evaluate your loan application.

If you have any questions concerning Easemoni USSD Code, drop your comments and questions below.

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