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8 Loan Apps Without BVN In Nigeria 2023

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If are you looking for a loan put even in Nigeria you are on the right page as we will give you all the necessary information.

There are a variety of loan apps even in Nigeria that provide loans with ease to everyone, whether you’re a student, a salary earner, or self-employed. In this article, I’ll present to you 8 reliable and legit loan apps withoutbinsn in Nigeria.

Noting that having a positive credit score is great however, some of the loans that I present to you will cater to your immediate financial needs by giving you the money you require. However, you need to be careful by making sure you pay in time to alter the credit report from poor to good.

loan apps without bvn in nigeria
loan apps without bin in Nigeria

This post discusses:

  • Which app allows you to get a loan immediately?
  • Trustworthy loan applications that don’t need Bvn
  • Apps for loans for students that are instant and instantaneous
  • Simple and quick loan applications in Nigeria 2021

List of 8 Loan Apps Without BVN In Nigeria

  1. Carbon loan
  2. FairMoney loan
  3. Branch loan
  4. Gtworld
  5. EaseMoni
  6. Social Lender
  7. Renmoney
  8. Aella Credit

1. Carbon Loan

Carbon is an online platform that grants loans apps without bins in Nigeria. Carbon is a basic digital finance management system that offers instant online loans to help you meet urgent and unexpected cash requirements.

Carbon is not only focused on loaning to Nigerians It also provides its customers with a platform to deposit and transfers as well as payment on bills.

Carbon is available on the internet and in mobile applications, both Android and iOS. Carbon has been in the system for quite some time and has been providing loans to Nigerians.

The rates of interest range between 5% and 15%, based on how long it takes to repay the loan as well as how much you’d like to take out.

The platform uses your BVN to calculate the amount of the loan. Carbon allows you to take out up to 20 million Nigerians.


1 Download the app
Download the Carbon App from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store to download for iOS.

2 You can register within minutes
Start the app, then fill in the signup form. The process usually takes less than three minutes.

3 Begin banking
You’re now ready to go. You can now request a loan or complete any other banking transactions in the app, including payment of bills and purchase of airtime.

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Other Features

In addition to getting credit from carbon, there are various other bank transactions that you can carry out Some of them are listed below.

  • Open an account for your bank
  • Make Payments
  • Get ATM Cards
  • Make Investments
  • Check your credit report

Join Carbon today

3. FairMoney

FairMoney is among the loan apps witevergeria.

While Fairmoney needs BVN to obtain a loan, you could effortlessly get as high as one million Nigerians without difficulties, and I believe that’s is worth making sure you submit your BVN.

FairMoney credit rates begin at 5% and increase to 28% based on the amount that you borrow. The loan also comes with an interest-free period of up to 26 weeks.

If you repay the loan before when the FairMoney deadline, you’ll pay it back at a lower rate of interest

How much Fairmoney can you borrow?

Fair money can provide loans of up to one million Naira. The repayment time is flexible since you have up to 18 months of repayment time based on your amount of loan.

Your history of lending will determine what the amount of your loan offer will be. When you’ve got a reliable credit history, you’ll be offered a large loan.

What makes Fairmoney superior?

  • Instant delivery – Getting a loan through Fair Money is so quick and easy since you can receive your loan fast in only 5 minutes, in a   d the comfort of home your.
  • Your Flexibility – You can pay on your due date, or earlier.
  • There is no collateral or document needed
  • No hidden fees No hidden charges – With Fair Money, all interest and charges are clearly stated. There is no hidden cost. You’ll always know what offer you’ve been offered and the amount you have to repay and the length of time.
  • Excellent customer service Fairmoney is a well-trained team, and they treat the customers they serve with respect.
  • Extension of loan duration – if you’re not able to keep up on the due date You have the choice to extend the duration of your loan. To do that, go to the Fair Money app, and just click on “Manage loan”. Then, you can check if this loan is available to you.

I’ve written a much more in-depth article on all you should learn concerning how to obtain a FairMoney credit. You can check it out for more details.

3. Branch

The Branch app is an alsexcelan lenlentennt loan app without bin ia n nigeriaThe process of getting a loan fast from Branca h is as simple as eating a slice of cake. All you have to do is download the branch app and send your loan application.

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Your privacy with the branch is protected and you will not be criticized in the event of default on repayment. The staff is well-trained to talk to customers with respect and will do this.

But it is essential to pay back the loan in full when it is due so that you keep your credit report free of errors.

4. GTWorld

Gtworld will be the GTBank mobile banking app. It allows you to apply for a loan and obtain it quickly. Through the app, you can apply for fast credit and payday advance loans. You’ll likely be approved for a loan in a matter of minutes if you’re eligible.

5. EaseMoni loan

EaseMoni is among the loan apps wien in Nigeria. According to their website, the company offers Nigerians the possibility of N1 million in business and personal loans. Their application is easy to use as the interface is well-designed.

With the Easemoni application, no paper or collateral is required. The loan can be processed in less than 5 minutes, and the funds are deposited directly into your bank account.

There are only four things that must be met for obtaining credit from Easemoni and these include:

  1. Age range from the 20-55 years old
  2. Your phone number
  3. Number of the bank account and
  4. Your Bank Verification Number BVN

Three easy steps

1 Apply for credit
Open EaseMoni Application, Apply for credit
Identity, complete registration card
authentication, and swiftly obtain
Amount of quotas, up to 1,000,000.

2 Initiate a loan
Choose the loan amount and duration,
Click “Apply Now”, and then confirm
the bank account of the loan.

3 Money transfer to a bank account
The account will be credited within three days.
minutes at the minutes at the. Check
Your bank account.

Repayment Options

Auto Repayment

If you have granted your EaseMoni APP to do so it will take the payment at the date of repayment. Be sure to verify that the bank has been authorized to do so.

The balance on your card is enough. If the card is not successful you can repay the balance by hand in the time that you have it.

Manuel repayment

You can make payments manually using the application. This will stop the EaseMoni loan application from being able to automatically make repayments on your behalf.

Bank Transfer

If any of the two options above aren’t for you then you can arrange your payment by sending your money directly to the EaseMoni banking account.

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EaseMoni Contact

EaseMoni Customer care Phone numbers:
090876141 50
01 700 1276
01 888 5577

Ease Moni Whatsapp phone number:


My suggestion:

Easemoni isn’t the most reliable and their rates aren’t exactly the highest however they can provide fast loans.

Be aware that lenders can give you a quick loan, but you must ensure that you’ll be capable of paying back the loan by when the deadline. In the event of a late payment, the cost can be astronomical (even as high as 100 percent of the loan principal) within one month.

More Loan Apps without biBinn Nigeria

Try one of them if you are unable to obtain a loan from the previous loans.

6. Social Lender

Social Lender Social Lender is a loan solution that is based on the social reputation in mobile, online, and social media. This provides quick access to funds for those who are not able to access credit cards.

Employing its proprietary algorithm to conduct social audits on users’ profiles who use social media on the internet and other websites, Social Lenders evaluates the social profile of each user.

Social Lender partners with Starling Bank, Bincon, Techstars, and Barclay Accelerator to provide loans to Nigerians who have a good social media profile.

Social Lender works in 3 steps

  1. Utilize your mobile, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts to reach out to social lenders. You can also get your reputation score on social media.
  2. You can apply for a loan based on your requirements. It’s simple and quick.
  3. Once you have been approved, you’ll be able to receive financial services or money in your bank account normally in less than 10 mins.

7. RenMoney

RenMoney provides SME loans of up to 4 million nairas for qualified Nigerians. To be eligible forana SME canit, your company must have a strong income statement and make regular monthly payments.

The minimum amount of the loan is 100,000NG. The annual interest rates are 2.8 percent per month.

8. Aella Credit

Aella Credit is a Nigerian loan app that seeks to provide Nigerians working in the country with loans that are easy to access with interest rates of between 4% and 29 percent per month.

Similar to other loan apps, BVN is one of the prerequisites to get access to Aella loans. The loan duration is one to two months

Thank you for taking the time to read. If you’ve got any questions about loan apps without bin in Nigeria feel free to drop a comment.

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