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Home Loan Mint Loan: How To Apply, Reviews On Mint Nigeria Loan

Mint Loan: How To Apply, Reviews On Mint Nigeria Loan

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Mint Loan Nigeria is not to be misconstrued for Mint Loan which is a UAE based loan app that serves only Emirati citizens and Mint Loan.in which is an Indian loan app and serves only Indian residents. With the surge in the number of borrowers and lenders in the country, such complication can perhaps be expected.

What is Mint Loan Nigeria loan app?

Mint Loan is a Nigerian fintech that offers short term loans to borrowers through its mobile app. The app is designed with a smooth and easy to use interface that even if people don’t have a bank credit card, Mint Loan makes instant loans possible for everyone. Powered by AI technology and cloud computing, Mint Loan conducts sophisticated credit check and risk management while provides people a simple money lending user journey.

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mint loan
mint loan

How to get a Mint Loan?

Get an instant loan in 5 simple steps:
● Download and install the Mint Loan App for FREE now from Google Play store!
● Simple & fast advance loans application process. Apply for money loans based on the amount you need.
● Provide basic information and bank details
● Submit an application for approval
● The approved amount will be credited into your bank account within 30 minutes.

Mint Loan loan interest rate?

The Interest rate on Mint Loan are between 12% – 18% APR For example:
if a customer borrows ₦9,000 for 180 days (6 months), the APR is 18%
So the total Interest would be 9000 NGN 18%180/365 = 799 NGN.
The monthly payment would be (9000 NGN +799 NGN )/6 = 1633 NGN.
The total repayment amount would be 9799 NGN. Note, your actual interest rate might differ from these as each interest rate is calculated differently based on your credit score and other indicators.

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Loan Term:  91 – 360 days ,  Loan Amount:  Up to ₦ 300,000
There are no long queues, no long wait times, no collateral or guarantors needed. Just your smartphone.

Mint Loan app advantages:

1.Safe, confidential and efficient
2.Low interest rate, long term,flexible repayment plan
3.7*24 hours online review

Is Mint Loan legit?

Yes, the loan app appears to be legit. No scam claims on their reviews on Play Store thou a lot of customers are complaining of poor customer service and unacceptable loans sent to their bank accounts. One customer complained that the only downloaded the app and didn’t accept the loans they were giving, but the loan was disbursed to their bank account anyways and now they have to pay the interest. Be careful when using this app.

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Please read their privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how they collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your Personally Identifiable Information.

Mint Loan CONTACT and customer service

If you have further questions, you can contact the Mint Loan customer service via
Email: sumuel.cleb.business@gmail.com
Or visit the head office Address: 52 IJIAYE ROAD OGBA-IKEJA LAGOS

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