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How To Get Loan Faster On CreditPro Loan App

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Personal loans are now a common method to borrow money and with an excellent reasons. The money from a personal loan to pay for any purpose you’d like to such as consolidating the burden of debt, make your home more attractive or to purchase an event like a wedding. The best personal loans typically have lower interest rates than you’d pay for credit cards or other high-interest consumer debt like payday loans. This is where the CreditPro loan app can aid.

CreditPro  loan app
CreditPro loan app

CreditPro loan app is an Nigerian loan application that allows you to get short-term loans that range from N3000 to N50000. It is designed with a an easy and smooth interface for users and utilizes AI to evaluate your credit score on the basis of the information you provide . CreditPro will transfer money into your account at the bank in under five minutes.

How do I apply for a loan through CreditPro loan app?

The process of getting a CreditPro loan app is possible conveniently online using:

  • Install and download your CreditPro loan application via Google Play Store.
  • Give some details about yourself including your current employer number, ID card or BVN number , etc.
  • Check the accuracy of the information you’ve given
  • Make sure you have money in your account after you’ve been cleared. The entire process should not exceed 10 minutes.
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CreditPro loan app interest rate

Expect the interest rate on your loan will be between 5 and 30 percent monthly and a one-time origination cost ranging from N1000 to N6000.
A representative example of the total amount of the loan:
If you are able to apply the amount N 4,000 and total 91 days (45 day 1st installment and second installment 46-days) the loan will be due on 22 March 2021.
The amount of loan N 4000 on the 22nd day of Mar 2021.
The due date for the first installment is May 5th, 2021. the amount of N 2,000, interest N 90, origination fee N 810, the due date for repayment is 2,000+90+810=N2,900
The 2nd installment due date is June 20, 2021. It has an N 2,000 in the amount, Interest N 46 and origination fee N 414 due for repayment is 2,000+46+414=N2,460
The total amount to be paid is 1st installment due due repayment N 2,900 plus 2nd installment due payment N 2,460, which is equivalent to N 5,360.

Take note that the amount of your loan and timeframe to be much shorter due to the fact that individual interest rates the loan amount, as well as the loan duration are determined based on the credit score of the applicant and creditworthiness. Your initial loan will last less than seven days. Maintain a credit score and pay back the loan on time in order to qualify for bigger amounts. Learn how loan applications decide on lending for first-time borrowers, and how you can raise your loan limit.

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The advantages of CreditPro loan app

  1. Amount of loan up to N50,000.
  2. 5 minutes online for loan approval
  3. The loan is not secured by collateral. Registration is free. Calculation of loan limits is free
  4. Line of credit that is not revolving
  5. Easy loan in just three steps

Get revolving credit limit

Revolving credit implies that CreditPro loan app will lend you a greater amount each time you pay back your prior loans. Just make sure you repay your loans on the due date to qualify

Is CreditPro app legitimate or is it a scam?

CreditPro loan app is genuine. Many of their customers have confirmed that they received the loan they requested from CreditPro loan app. Check out other reviews of customers at Google Play. But, this application will contact your contacts and humiliate the person who is in default of the credit. CreditPro loan app will require authorization to gain access to your camera storage, location as well as your phone’s contact list. The requested information is designed to provide KYC details (part of it is required to assess your creditworthiness) because of a lack of an centralized data base for verification of addresses in Nigeria.

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What happens should I fail to pay my loan?

Repayments that are late automatically result in an interest rate of 2percent per day. Therefore, it is recommended to make sure that you do not go over by the date of due. The loan that is paid back by the due date lets you get larger loan amounts. The late payment will limit the ability of you to obtain additional or larger loans. If you’re extremely in arrears with your payments, you will be reported your situation to the First Central Credit Bureau. The blacklisting of the First Central Credit Bureau may hinder your ability to obtain loans from other lenders.

CreditPro loan app requirement

  • The loan is only available to Nigerian citizens or those who are legal Nigerian residents.
  • The age range is between 20 and 60 years old.
  • You must have a valid monthly income source.

CreditPro customer care number

If you need to contact customer service , please call:

  • E-mail: creditpro@gmail.com
  • Mobile: +234 09122739946.
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