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Best jobs for SSCE holders in Nigeria

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Hello, readers! In this article, I will introduce you to the best jobs available to SSCE holders within Nigeria. It could be of interest to learn that there are a lot of SSCE job openings that are perfect to students at O’levelswho are carrying their SSCE results.

It’s no longer news that the majority of west African countries are currently facing a the highest unemployment rate, especially for certificate holders of the waec or Ssce holders.

These are nations where graduates graduate hundreds of graduates each year, yet there are there aren’t enough jobs available to support all.

Despite the struggle to find a employment and a better lifestyle I’ll inform you about the most current jobs you can get by taking the Secondary Secondary Certificate Examination irrespective of the country in which you live.

Many of these jobs are rewarding, satisfying as well as less risky. You could help you get a better job in the event that you hold a higher certification such as an HND, ND or BSc to present it. So ladies and gentlemen let me to provide you with the top jobs available to SSCE holders from Nigeria and they include:

The most lucrative work opportunities available to SSCE holders living in Nigeria

Don’t rush to read this article because slowly, I will explain:

  • Find the most recent jobs for holders of the waec or ssce in your region
  • The prerequisites to get that job
  • Where can I find the most suitable jobs for waec and holders of ssce?
  • 10 high-paying jobs that are the best for certificate holders
  • Closing around…

Okay, stay with me as I go through it one step at one time…

Find the most recent and top work opportunities available to SSCE holders within Nigeria

Similar to other professions as well, you must look into job openings and opportunities in your area. Do you know that the majority of jobs aren’t advertised?

For instance: Angel has a amazing number of opportunities that are specifically designed for holders of ssce and does not put up advertisements, instead she will talk to inform her closest friends and colleagues to inform them about the position and its requirements.

Use the following tips to learn how to get the job you want…

  • Don’t be arrogant even to the strangers you don’t even already
  • Don’t be shy or hesitant to declare your current employment status anywhere you go.
  • Be sure to tell your friends, neighbors and other religious organizations that you require to have a job that confirms your qualifications.
  • Be aware of job advertisements within your neighborhood or around the area
  • Learn new skills as you are looking for work, this knowledge along with your SSCE certificate could lead to an excellent job.
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The prerequisites to get the job you want with your Waec result

This is all you have to do to obtain the job you want.

  • You should have a CV as well as your SSCE certificate in hand
  • In this case, you have to be fashionable and stylish.
  • Are proficient in communication and have the ability to communicate
  • It is essential to be a confident conversator
  • At least, the level of basic

Where can I find the top job opportunities to SSCE holders of SSCE in Nigeria

There are numerous places you can get that job, both online and offline.

It includes:

10 high-paying jobs that are the best for certificate holders

1. Programmer / Graphic Designers

I’m sure you’re awestruck at this but you can find an acceptable job with SSCE and good programming skills. There are many possibilities to work as a blog administrator blogger, designer of blogs, website administrator front or backend developer graphic and web designer, or software or networking.

Do not be afraid to mention that you can master and master the basics of programming within a year or less. The fact is that all you need is your ability to program and not a certification; If you’re skilled in learning fast and are skilled at programming, since everyone has the ability to code, you are eligible to be employed by any business or organisation around the globe.

All you need to do is be proficient at programming, but the salary for this job is different however you will not go back empty handed, based on your experience and expertise.

Pay ranges from $35,000 to 800, 000 per month.

2. Construction Company

One of the things I like about construction firms is that you can pick from a variety of jobs available. You can work in the office departments, as a secretary or messenger, in the field, welding or carpentry , surveyor field.

You can also work as an employee driver or operate a heavy machine. Additionally, you have the chance to gain experience by top engineers, architects surveyors, surveyors, as well as surveyors. The majority of these are foreign-born expatriates to do the task. Your Salary is based on the position you hold.

Pay ranges from #25,000 – 100,000 per month.

3. Delivery Job / Driving:

This is among the most recent however not the most lucrative jobs available to SSCE holders from Nigeria in the present. You can work as driver, delivery person and dispatcher. This job will be responsible for delivering documents, letters, products or other items to Shipping Company, shops, online shops like Jumia, Postal Agencies like FedEx Firms, Banks etc.

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Deliveries are made by automobile or motorbike and you should be familiar with each state prior to applying, to make sure you avoid rush hour. You’ll also chauffeur staff members or high-ranking executives to the places they wish to travel. Your salary will be based on your skills and experience.

Pay ranges from #25,000 to #50,000 per month.

4. Jobs with blue collars e.g Electrical or Plumbing Job

One benefit of being a skilled professional is that you can be the boss of your life or work under contract work. It is a job that requires a lot of skill and some companies require their assistance every day.

Their task is to repair any electrical or plumping issues within the building. They repair and maintain defective ones, and are constantly closely monitored by the firm or company they work with.

The salary of this job is dependent on the experience of the employee and their the strengths of the company.

Pay ranges from #25,000 to #60,000 per month.

5. Domestic and cleaning jobs

This is the most flexible work for a ssce-holder. A lot of people avoid this specific job, but they don’t realize that they earn more per job for this type of cleaning. You don’t even require a higher certification to prove it.

Your role is to keep offices clean as well as the toilet, garden, and any other part within the facility. This job offers you the chance to work for Government Ministries, Agencies, Construction Company, Telecom Company, Oil and Gas industries, Firm, Banks etc.

The good thing is that you can perform this on a contract basis, which gives you the possibility of managing diverse cleaning services for various clients.

Pay ranges from #20,000 to $80,000 monthly.

6. Security Job

However, it might not be the best job for an ssce holder as it’s among the most dangerous jobs on this list. You could work for the following areas: Bank, Government Ministries, Companies, and Industries.

The possibilities for the security profession are limitless and more competitive due to its high risk nature. Thus, by working on a private or community property, you can make a lot of cash. Be aware that there is no risk, and therefore any reward!

Pay is based on the strength of the company and ranges from #40,000 to $150,000 per month.

7. Secretarial Job

This is among the most exciting jobs available to women. The job requires you to be a smart, strong and clean. You must also be outspoken and have computer skills such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point, Coral Draw etc.

The larger the company, the higher your pay however this job typically is located in smaller or medium-sized businesses. This is why it could be the perfect job for a waec SSC certification holder who is intelligent and smart.

Pay ranges from #20,000 to #30,000

8. Sales Job

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The job is divided into two sections, the second is for people who work in fast food restaurants, supermarkets commercial shops, or any job of a medium size that requires the help of a salesman or girl. These individuals earn between $20,000 and monthly, depending on the company capacity.

In the second group is the ones who generate sales for Telecom companies, beverage companies, Local Herb Drugs or any new product which has is just launched on the market.

They are able to sell or sign up sim cards, juices for fruit movies, local Drugs and home appliances They are usually in the street, and earn a salary based on the volume of sales they earn or the time of the item they sell which can range from $15,000 to #40,000.

9. Factory Jobs

This is among the most demanding jobs for those who hold the ssce. Even though they have to work in shifts (Day and night) You have the possibility of working in a manufacturing facility, manufacturing unit or sales unit.

the job you are assigned to could be packaging products and register products, store them in a warehouse or operate a few machines. Certain employees in food manufacturing factories get the possibility of receiving free meals or even a weekend treat.

Pay ranges from $15,000 to #30,000 per month, based on firm’s performance.

10. Fuel Station attendant

It is among the most sought-after job for SSCE applicants in Nigeria This job offers rewards if you’re honest and competent in your calculations. You must assist people who wish to purchase gasoline, diesel, or Kerosene. Being articulate, intelligent and analytical is essential to be successful in this position since it is a job that involves figures.

Your task is to promote these products to your client and then report your sales to your supervisor when you finish your shift. The job is a 24 hour period that two employees can share (Morning and night) At the end of your shift, you’ll be home with at minimum $1000 from customer tips and adjustments.

The salary in this job is contingent on the strength of the company which ranges from #15,000 to #25,000 per month.

The wrapping up…

I’ve taken the time to look into the different possibilities for jobs that a waec or ssce holders can pursue and become employed. The scale of pay for the top Jobs that are available for SSCE holders within Nigeria mentioned above could differ in accordance with the economic standing of the company.

Do you have to choose between learning to master a particular skill instead of working as a worker for somebody else else? Your choice is up to you, however, remember that there is no limit on what you are able to accomplish.

I think you’ve learned something from this blog. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section and then send it to your friends.

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