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Download Lcredit Loan App APK for Free

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This post will help you with the Lcredit loan app download and all the requirements for the loan app to work perfectly on your phone. 

Credit is among the 25 loan apps that you can borrow money from in Nigeria. The app is an app that allows you to have access to loan any amount of money within 5 mins after registration on the loan app.

lcredit loan

The app is undoubtedly a very popular app on Playstore and App Store whenever you search for a loan on any platform. Credit offers loans for personal and business uses, and recently, they added student emergency needs to their why you need a loan.

Lcredit can grant you about 500,000 nairas depending on your credit score, calculated based on your financial record with the other loan application and your bank details, including your bank verification number (BVN).

Before we drop the direct link for the Loan App, it will be necessary to discuss some important things about the Credit.

How much can I borrow from LCredit Loan App?

The Lcredit loan app officially made it known to the public that the company can loan up to 700,000 to a loyal customer with a good credit score.

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Why is LCredit not on Play Store?

The Lcredit loan app is supposed to be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. Still, recently the loan app lost its app on the Playstore due to the reports the Nigeria Customer Commission received, which made the commission report the Lcredit loan app to Google, and it was removed.

The Lcredit loan app download can no longer be downloaded through the Google Play store when filing this report.

 The Google Play Protect removed the Lcredit loan app due to confirmed reports from users and customers for breaching the customer’s rights as stated in the Google Play Store terms and conditions.

Lcredit is known for calling contacts of their debtors just a day overdue, the reports got to the federal government of Nigeria, and their app was deleted or removed from Playstor and the app store. Most people do not like Lcredit manner of debt recovery which is against customers’ rights and playing Store terms of service.

The loan app has been tagged as a fake loan company because of the 2 weeks repayment plan and the calling and sending of WhatsApp messages to debtors’ contacts list.

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Is the LCredit app genuine?

The app is genuine and authentic, with several customers proving that they received their loan amount in their various preferred bank accounts after the application was successful. Lcredit loan app has been in the business of borrowing from several companies and people for over two years, and they will never steal your money as your card details, and bank details are safe with them.

Which company is LCredit?

The owner of the Lcredit is Cashigo International Limited, and they are in Lagos, Nigeria. You can contact Lcredit through these channels.

Facebook Page

Instagram Page 

Twitter Page

Does LCredit call contacts?

Yes, Lcredit will call or send Whatsapp messages to your phone contacts only if you fail to pay back your loan within two weeks after you have received the loan amount in your bank account.

How long does it take for LCredit to approve my profile?

Profile verification occurs almost immediately after a loan applicant has provided truthful information about themselves. The loan company is known for uptime registration and proof of loan applicants.

Who is the owner of the credit?

The owner of the Lcredit is AKINWANDE ADEMOSU– MD/CEO – Credit Direct Limited.

How does LCredit work?

The Lcredit application is so easy, firstly is to get the Lcredit app, then fill out an online application that takes a few minutes to complete.

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The company will review your information and determine the amount of money you are eligible to borrow on the same day of filling out the personal information form.

In less than 5 minutes, money is instantly deposited in your account once you’ve been accepted and conveniently payback through our wide repayment network.

Credit Loan App Download 

The Lcredit download can be done in three different ways depending on the kind of phone that you use, but regardless of your type of phone, we have made it possible for you to download the Lcredit app with ease when you are using an Android or iPhone.

Credit Loan App Download ( Android )

 Click here for the link to Lcredit App Download on the play store. The page will automatically download the Lcredit app to your Android phone.

Credit Loan App Download ( iPhone )

Click here to download the Lcredit app download on the app store. The page will make sure that the Lcredit app starts downloading immediately.

Direct LCredit Loan App Download 

The last chance to download the Lcredit app is to download it directly into your phone as a file and install it if you are an Android user, but iPhone users will still have to crack it before downloading. Just click Lcredit App Download.

after downloading

  1. Tap LCredit-Loan Online & Cash, Anytime.apk.
  2. Tap Install.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen.
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