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Aje loan is an Nigerian loan application that provides you personal loans for short periods starting at N5000 up to a maximum of N100000.

AJE LOAN is a technology for financial transactions firm that is aiming to offer financial services that are accessible to the people of Nigeria.

The loan is completely online and there is no collateral requirement and you can apply anytime and any time of the week.

AJE LOAN offers a loan online through an app that is registered under AJELOAN Customers are able to complete an efficient loan application using the AJELOAN application.

AJE LOAN strives to meet the needs of financial institutions of our clients to aid in maintaining the stability of their finances.

How to Apply for Aje loan

To qualify for an AjeLoan All you have to do is to:


  1. Install and download the Aje Loan application via Google Play Store.
  2. Create and complete your Personal Profile
  3. Please provide some of your personal information such as your BVN.
  4. Make a Loan Request
  5. Receive a loan offer that is based on your personal information
  6. After you have accepted the loan, your Account is then credited.
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Aje loan interest rate

Expect the rate of interest offered on the loan to range from 5-30% per month.
An Example of the Total cost of the loan:

If you are able to apply the amount N 4,000, with a total of 91 days (45 first days and 2nd installment of 46 days) loan due on the 22nd of March 2021.
The amount of the loan N 4000 on the 22nd day of Mar 2021.
The due date for the first installment is May 5, 2021. It has an the amount of N 2,000, interest N 90 and origination charges N 810, the due date for repayment is 2,000+90+810 = N 2,900

The due date for the 2nd installment is June 20, 2021. It has an the amount of N 2,000, interest N 46, origination fees N 414, due payment is 2,000+46+414=N2,460
The total amount of repayment will be the 1st installment due due repayment N 2,900 plus 2nd installment due payment N 2,460, which is equivalent to N 5,360.

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Be aware that the loan amount as well as the length of your loan to be considerably less as the individual interest rate as well as loan amount and duration are determined based on the credit score of the borrower and creditworthiness. 

Maintain a good credit score and pay back your loan in time to get a higher amount. 

Download Aje Loan

Knowing fully well that before you can enjoy all the benefits that comes with Aje Loan, you will need to download the loan app on your phone and start the registration process as it was well explained above. Download Aje Loan

Why Choose AjeLoan

The amount of the loan is N5,000 to N100,000. Easy and flexible payment program
Interest rate ranges from 0.013 percentage to 0.05 0.013% to 0.05%
One one-time charge for processing of up to 10 percent
Loan duration 90 days to 180 days
Annual rates of interest range between 14% and 20%.

Is Ajeloan legit?

AjeLoan loan is legitimate. A large number of customers have confirmed that they received the loan they requested from AjeLoan. Check out other customers’ reviews on the Google Play Store. 

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The app does contact your contacts and humiliate you if you fail to pay the loan. AjeLoan requires access to the camera of your phone, its location storage and phone contact list. 

The content requested is intended to provide KYC details (part that is required to establish your creditworthiness) because of a absence of a central database for verification of addresses in Nigeria.

Aje Loan eligibility

The loan is only available to Nigerian citizens or those who are legal Nigerian residents.

Age should be between 20 and 60 years old.

You must have a valid monthly income source.

It is recommended that you have your 11-digit BVN number on hand

Aje Loan Contact

For more information or enquiries, kindly call the official Customer service hotline:09039162704
WhatsApp: +234 903 916 2704
Head Office Address: 10 Adebola House, Off Salvation Road, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos.


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