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Home Loan Download Tingo Loan App APK for Free

Download Tingo Loan App APK for Free

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Tingo loan is a lending application explicitly designed for Nigerians over 18 and allows you to apply for a cash loan.

The loan can be used for a maximum of 90-180 days.

The app that was previously known as the Tingo loan app has been rebranded with the title TLoan app

The loan application process is simple and hassle-free. It is a fast and simple online loan that requires no paper! And no collateral is required. You can get a revolving loan with a higher sum each time you pay on the previous loans.

If you require a quick loan to fund an item, you simply cannot wait to make or avail of a good deal before wasting the opportunity. Maybe you’ve had an unexpected expense come to the forefront, and you do not want to risk your life.

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TLoan application uses software that calculates a client’s credit score before offering them a loan. Your credit score is an account of previous loans, the amount of time you pay your bills, how quickly or late you pay your bills, the amount that you transfer and withdraw from your bank account, and other data. Credit scores are linked with your BVN number and can be accessed whenever you open them for loan applications.

Download the Tingo app loan.

To obtain the loan app, you have to do is

  • Install and download Tingo Loan App. Download and install Tingo Loan Application via Google Play Store.
  • Sign up for an account with your 11-digit BVN number
  • Please provide some details about yourself.
  • Check your identity and confirm that the data you’ve entered is accurate.
  • Connect your ATM card to your bank account using N20.
  • Please provide the contact details of three friends and family members that can be verified.
  • Transfer money directly to your account at the bank.
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Tingo app Loan requirement

  1. It would help if you were a Nigerian citizen or a legal resident.
  2. Age between 20 to 55 years old.
  3. You should have a monthly income source.
  4. Attach your ATM card to your account
  5. Give the contact information of three of your acquaintances or family members that you want to be verified.

Tingo Loan Code

There is no loan code to apply for a Tingo loan; all loan applications and repayments are made solely on the loan app.

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