PalmPay Flexi Cash, Invitation Code, Benefits, how to Withdraw

Recently, PalmPay has made a decision to change names of two of its products: Ok cash. It’s now Flexi and Flexi Cash.

In this article you’ll learn all about this product , as well as the benefits you could derive from it.

Palmpay Flexi

Flexi is a product from Palmpay which allows users to purchase immediately and pay later using the application. It is possible to access an amount inside the app, which allows you to purchase data, airtime television subscriptions, or bet on games.

Palmpay Flexi
Palmpay Flexi

One advantage of this product is that it doesn’t charge for interest if you pay back prior to or on the date of due.

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It can help sort out your needs today and later making payments.

One drawback to Flexi is that the funds is not able to be transferred directly or withdrawn from account savings account.


But, there’s a formal method to cash out the Flexi money. Transfer all Flexi funds onto your web-based bat account (eg Bet9ja) and then transfer the money to your bank account from there.

In the event that you do not have an an account on one of these websites, you may create one to serve this for this.

Flexi Cash

Flexi Cash, on the other hand, is an alternative PalmPay loans product which can be utilized to cover your immediate needs. You can take out up to 50,000 naira , and repay quickly with a low and affordable interest rates.

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Invitation Code

If you are looking for my invitation code for flexi Here is the code 9YX2H5. It can be used to sign up today or at anytime.

If you’d like to join the referral programme and make cash, you can request a PalmPay Flexi invitation code from the application.

All you have to do to earn money is to share your inviting code. When people sign up or register to your account using your hyperlink, you are the money.

Flexi anniversary

PalmPay will be offering a 100 million Nigerians to the lucky winners of its one-year anniversary. To take part, you have to log in into the application and then collect some badges.

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You can finish a few tasks to increase your chance of earning more money. The tasks can include paying bills, purchasing of data or airtime and inviting your friends.



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